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  1. When my dc were all elementary and younger we got together with a couple of families once a week for nature study, 4-H projects and field trips! It was great. BUT as children got older each families priorities changed and the group no longer met everyone's criteria. As my children have gotten older I feel like the time I have with them is so limited. So the one day a week that we might do a co-op we reserve to use as a family learning day. Everything we do on that day is together - free-writes, movies, art and music appreciation, poetry readings, nature study, field trips, communit
  2. :iagree: Great thoughts, Julie. Thank you. This does look really good. Have you begun to use it? What are your thoughts so far?
  3. This is what we used for Freshman year. I thought it was quite rigorous and my son LOVED it! Earth Science, Holt McDougal 2010, ISBN-13: 978-0-55-400579-9 or ISBN-10: 0-55-400579-4
  4. Candid, Yes, I agree with everything you've said! And I definitely want to head in the WTM direction. That's a skill we all need for life in our reading and listening and watching. I think, however, our family needs some sort of primer to help us get started with questions and examples. At a glance, it looks like Starting Points might offer that. Not sure, though. ;)
  5. Thank you for those threads. Good reading. And I completely agree with the thread that speaks of the term "worldview." I'm intrigued by Starting Points, it sounds like it might be a good jumping off point for book list and possible discussion starters. I'll have to check it out. I had emailed Jeff Baldwin of Worldview a question or two and his very gracious and thoughtful response led me to believe that his books and study guides might not be the way to go. It would be icing on the cake if I could find a book or two with my own bias thrown in - seeing the world through a Wesleyan le
  6. Laura, Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your comments are helpful. I'm leaning towards selecting some books by classic authors for him to read and for us to discuss around the dinner table. I think for me personally the hesitation about using packaged worldview materials is they are primarily published and made available by only one facet of the Christian community due to George Barna's initiatives in this area. OF course, I really respect Barna's work, but I'm hesitant to jump on what looks like a bandwagon, if what we're aiming for is "thinking independently." Just mulling
  7. Hello all, I'm interested in my Sophomore doing some study of Worldviews this fall. However, I'm completely overwhelmed by the materials available. My primary concern is I would like a course that expands his thinking and helps him discern viewpoints and and where they are coming from. I do not want to use materials that attempts to indoctrinate a certain viewpoint. We are Christian, but in our particular tradition the viewpoints on issues are wildly varied. Although we don't necessarily agree with all the viewpoints, I would like for him to have understanding on why people think as th
  8. My 13 yo son is making progress in his Math...at last. We are using Singapore and have finally made it to 4B. I think we'll be fine through 5B, but then what? I anticipate he'll finish up 5B this summer and I'm at a loss as to where to go from here. It just takes him a lot of time to understand concepts. And, yes, he is college bound.
  9. I'll have to give all these a look. My main desire is finding a program that works for a highly visual 13 yo boy student - who gets overwhelmed easily.
  10. Hello, My 13 yo has a great deal of interest in learning languages. He's dabbled a bit with several, but he's eager to go deep. What is a good choice for learning German?
  11. Thank you. That is very helpful. Did you use the tests? How long does it take per day? How many days a week on average?
  12. Hello - We are looking at doing our 2nd year of Latin using the Cambridge materials. We are currently in a tutorial. What would we need to do this on our own AND how easy or difficult is it to do on your own? We've finished book 1 and are part way through book 2.
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