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  1. The numbers are worse in Mississippi I dread the Fall season, considering that is when the predicted wave was supposed to happen and it is still only the end of summer. Roughly 1 of every 320 Mississippians have succumbed to the coronavirus. https://apnews.com/article/health-pandemics-coronavirus-pandemic-mississippi-acf7115c4992cd29af82495ed522ea3a
  2. 10 minutes in smaller places like Trader Joe's and ethnic grocers. 20 minutes at Whole Foods and Costco. This is mostly because I make a list, plan my routes inside the store mentally, start moving fast when I hit the store. I don't make discretionary purchases in the store anymore - so, no buying snacks that look good, stopover at the bakery section etc. I save the browsing and buying fun stuff for online shopping!
  3. I understand and I am a lot like him because of how infectious this virus is and in my case I decline to eat around others but that is unsustainable for an athletic kid. Talk to his teacher and get permission for him to move away from the table and sit at least 20 feet away in the sunshine (lots of UV rays) and eat by himself. He could still talk to his friends if he wants to carry on a conversation. In my local middle school, I see many kids using the football field to spread out to eat lunch and they are more than 12 feet away from each other while still talking to each other. I feel sorry for your son. These are circumstances that are hard to navigate even for adults, let alone a 11 year old.
  4. This is correct. It is pretty extreme to throw 1 TBSP into a smoothie on the get go. I eat chia daily and consume it in moderate quantities but I mostly only eat soaked chia seeds. I always soak them in water for 6 - 12 hours in the fridge before consuming them. If you eat raw chia seeds, then you should drink copious amounts of water as they will swell up in your stomach. Here are some delicious ways for you to consume that costco size bag of chia: - keep 2 TBSP of chia soaked in 8 oz of water in a container in the fridge. Start and end your day by drinking a cup of water with a little soaked chia seeds added to them. - if you make your own salad dressing, add 1 TBSP to it and shake and store it overnight before consuming - make a breakfast or dessert chia pudding (my family's favorite are mango with cardamom and saffron: something like this with the aromatic spices added on - https://lovingitvegan.com/mango-chia-pudding/ or cherry with almond extract: something like this - https://getinspiredeveryday.com/food/sweet-cherry-almond-chia-pudding/ ). I make a batch and store them in the refrigerator in 4 oz mason jars for snacks. - add a TBSP of ground chia to your baking mixes and pancake flours
  5. I am sorry. You are a kind and patient friend (much more than l could be in those circumstances).
  6. Two local conservatories in CA have made the policy to only conduct classes for wind instruments (and performances) in the open patios of the college. They are taking several other strict precautionary measures and this is one of them.
  7. There is a precedent of a former president mandating vaccines for the troops: https://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/GW&smallpoxinoculation.html (I posted this in another thread)
  8. Its about time. The vaccine is free, available at a convenient location near everyone, it has been given to 5 billion people already, it is approved by the FDA and we need to end this pandemic. My patience wore out a long time ago.
  9. my teen informs me that people who say that mandatory vaccination is Un-American (a.k.a anti-vaxxers) should be informed that the great american hero, Gen. George Washington ordered the mass inoculation of the military that was taking part in the civil war. We owe our Freedom partially to this inoculation. (apparently, his Speech and Debate group took up this topic for research as their first topic of the year) https://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/GW&smallpoxinoculation.html
  10. As an aside, until about a month ago, I was hesitant to even use the terms anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers and anti-science in order to not offend. My young niece who is a Pediatric ICU doctor pointed out that this attitude of mine amounts to coddling of people who cause deliberate harm to others and disrupt the lives of others. That is why I decided to call a spade a spade and use the proper terms when I speak of them. @SeaConquestthank you for your service and good luck on your job interviews for those ICU positions.
  11. Or might have gotten a job offer from a certain TV network and used this as a way to go out with a bang and start her new job with high viewership ratings … my cynicism has reached new levels after seeing the extent of selfishness during this pandemic from people who don’t care about the welfare of their fellow man.
  12. Any recommendations for a handmill? Thanks!
  13. I have the Hario Japanese pour over coffee dripper and have used it for several years and it still makes the best tasting coffee for me (I have a Keurig, a drip coffee machine and also make my own cold brew): https://www.amazon.com/Hario-Ceramic-Coffee-Dripper-White/dp/B000P4D5HG
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