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  1. For our boys, we went through about 100 diapers a week for the first six weeks.
  2. So, one of kids has requested meringue for their birthday. It can be pie, cake or cookie. Bonus points if it also has orange flavor in it. I'd rather not search the internet and hope a recipe tastes good. I'm hoping that someone here has a recipe that they've made and loved. Thanks!
  3. I cannot see the original post. However, I did wait tables and bartend for way too many years in both mom-and-pop places and chain restaurants. The places that covered the alcohol policies during the hiring and training process were the kind of places that would have management follow thru on those policies. The places that never covered alcohol policies during training were the kind of places that eventually I had a problem with a customer and no back-up from management.
  4. Ask at your Dental college or community college(dental hygienists training) or vocational high school.
  5. Yes, that's exactly in case in my state. Yes, we find it confusing too 🙂 I only mentioned it because for some families that financial information may help nudge the teen toward driving. Check with your car insurance company YMMV
  6. The reason we encourage our teen drivers to get their license at the end of the six months is due to the cost of car insurance. Insurance in this state "credits" the driver with "a good driving record" from the day they get their license. So, in our state, if your teen takes the test, gets his license and then never drives till he turns thirty, his cost for car insurance would be the exact same as my teen who turn the test and bought a car and drove every day until he turned thirty. Most teens start out paying just under $2,000/year for car insurance in this state. Getting their
  7. We're on our third teen driver. Our family's goal is to have the teen drive every single day for 6 months in lots of different environments.
  8. Over the last year, we've bought 5 large-ish pieces of furniture. (Plus a patio set that was already outside.) Of the five pieces, only one was waiting at the bottom of the driveway. The other four pieces dh and I carried out to his truck.
  9. The area is a HCOL vacation destination. The cheapest event on that list is $40pp.
  10. Her dh has 20somethings from his first marriage and a grandkid. Sis & dh got married when the kids were six and eight. They had joint custody. So, they have had teens in their household.
  11. My sister is very aware of the rift because my mom filled everyone that would listen in on the details. After the rift, I was suddenly not invited to weddings, baby showers, birthdays etc., No one on my mother's side called and asked my anything. I was just suddenly left off the list. Someone threw my sister a baby shower in this state and I wasn't invited. At my dad's funeral, my brother's girlfriend says, "ohhh...so you're Susie..." It was so obvious that I had been talked about. For many, many years my sister avoided me. She's only started to see me because she wants her kid to
  12. So, I've had no contact with my parents for about 8 years. Two year ago, my father passed. Dh and I and the kids attended the funeral. As we were leaving, my mother hissed a few unkind things into dh ear. Other than that, there was no "scene" at the funeral. My sister has lived out of state since she was eighteen. She now has a 4 year old. My sister has initiated contact and visited my home for an afternoon for the last two summers with the child but not her dh. (I'm not sure how often her dh is in this state) I believe that my sister and mother visit each other tons. My sister s
  13. I've have lived in a state where anyone can get a copy of my kid's birth certificates because dh and I were married at the time of birth. However, in that same state, I could not go pick up a copy of my nephew's birth certificate because his parents were unmarried at the time of his birth.
  14. Do you have a copy of your father's birth certificate? Correcting the death certificate might not be easy..... FIL lived out of state. Dh and his sister were in that state when FIL passed. Dh's step-sister signed "daughter" on the death certificate (and a bunch of other paperwork!) We needed to correct that because dh's sister (not step-sister) was the person on all of FIL's military paperwork. Death certificate person told me I needed a copy of step-sister's birth certificate to correct the mess. In that state only the people on the birth certificate can get a copy of a birt
  15. I think this sign is along the Massachusetts Turnpike
  16. Yes, he's still a teen. Yes, that payment was our portion that we're paying. Yes, I did ask him to setup the payments this semester. I *thought* it was appropriate for him to manage all the merit/loans/cash payment deadlines because I did all of that at his age. However, I remember feeling overwhelmed. Thanks guys, I appreciate the perspective. I didn't realize that parents can/would/should help with all of that. I posted to see how other parents handled these things.
  17. I cannot tell if I'm helping my teen too much or too little. I would appreciate some advice. So, he lives at home and goes to the local university. Each semester is paid by a combination of his merit aid, his loan, and we make cash monthly payments. Each and every semester, he makes some sort of "financial error." (One semester he never signed his student loans) This spring semester, he set up our monthly payments with our credit credit. Mid-semester, the card had fraudulent activity. I asked ds to take the new card to the school and updated the information. I asked politely, mul
  18. I always learn something new on these boards. So in my state, you need to enter more personal information than just your name to access voting records. So, I couldn't just type in my neighbor Susie Smith and find out when she voted and her political party. But I can just lean over the table and see if see voted and her political party!!
  19. Not exactly what you're asking.....but if smiling and nodding doesn't work, I respond, "Over the course of my lifetime, I've voted for both parties." After that most people change the subject. And a weird story. I moved to this town as a registered Independent. I go to vote for the first time. At the table the poll worker asks my address. She turns the pages in a book and arrives at a page with my street name. She check me off. Here's the thing....I could read (upside down) all my neighbors names, their party and see if they've voted that day. She made no effort to tip or cover th
  20. amyx4


    For a public schooled 8th grader to play on the public high school team (Varsity or JV) the high school's athletic director requests a waiver through the state athletic association. I *think* waivers are given based on the enrollment size of the public school or the population of the town. It's not incredibly common. (Waivers are not given because of an athlete's skill.) If the district has an 8th grade waiver then the student can play all 4 years of high school. My state's athletic association website has all the rules listed. It's vast but searchable. Can you search your state?
  21. In my frig is a brisket wrapped in butcher paper. It's about 12-18 inches wide, probably 2" thick. I would like to cook it in the oven. (no smoker, no grill). I have spices, oils, etc and a meat thermometer. Can someone please speak to me slowly...in small words...what on earth do I do with this large, intimidating piece of meat?
  22. So ds turned in his Eagle proposal March 21. He gets an email April 26 saying that the proposal doesn't show enough hours or leadership. The email did mention that there's no standard for hours and the ultimate decision of showing leadership lies with the Troop. But.....please rewrite and resubmit your proposal. And oh ya, you're missing the financial page 17. He turned in page 7-10. How on earth is any reasonable human supposed to guess/assume that page 17 is also needed. He figured out the problem of hours/leadership. He kept writing "a" fence. When if fact it should say "elevenly-
  23. I'm asking this very gently. Is there any chance that your father didn't do that for your brothers?
  24. What is homeschooling like in the area you are headed to? We landed where our homeschooled high school teens could play spots for the local high school. That was not on our "house hunting list" when our kids were younger. Turns out, it has been a wonderful experience. We do joke, that we should've bought a house closer to the high school, with all the back-and-forth driving for sports. 😉
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