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  1. Messiah College - one and only choice, with nice scholarship, too. We're done now and this is my youngest. Good luck to all!
  2. If he's trying, I would do whatever it takes to encourage him, especially given his history. If it means dropping a course and having a W, who cares? At this point you want him pointed in the right direction. He's actually in a great place to get help. CC's have better resources for students who struggle than most 4-year schools: writing centers, tutors, people who have experience with under performing students. That he's trying and cares does mean something! It's just so easy to fall into bad habits again. Therapists call it "stinkin' thinkin'". I assume you have ruled out any learning d
  3. Yes, a smart phone! My very recently diagnosed 20yos says his iPhone 4 has saved his life. As an aside - would love to hear from other folks with ADHD children who were diagnosed later in life. How did we miss it for so many years???:confused:
  4. Do you mind my asking what makes it priority? Yolanda
  5. We're using the WWII lecture series this semester along with Uncle Eric's text and guide book which includes many activities/questions/essays to choose from. There's even a final exam. In addition to this, I will assign some non-fiction books to read such as Flyboys (nothing to do with the movie by the same name). We'll also be watching some high quality documentaries such as World at War. Lastly, my son will write a short research paper on a topic of his choice. We'll be using the Tao to Mao Chinese history series next semester but haven't fleshed out the details yet. Yolanda
  6. My ds did 3 semesters at the cc, mostly after graduating high school. He learned he can get straight A's with almost no effort whatsoever, and he learned the difference between gender and sex in English 101. He learned about where different sex positions came from in sociology, and that most kids in cc couldn't care less about learning. He was propositioned a lot by both males and females in all sorts of settings (watch out for those study groups!) and also found out that pot-smoking on the premises is completely, or almost completely, ignored. I think cc is right for some students and no
  7. I like Susan's book as it breaks down the process in digestible pieces. There's a day-by-day schedule which also helps tremendously. Might be what you're looking for. Yolanda
  8. I received an offer with a priority code for 75% off all the courses, but when I went to place my order on-line, I found that ALL the courses were on sale and the ones I wanted were even less than they were when they were on sale a couple of months ago. Go check it out.
  9. The Teaching Co. has all their courses deeply discounted. Great prices on sale through today, August 29th. Yolanda
  10. I'm afraid that it is becoming more common for transfers with more than approx 26 credits, it varies by school, to not get housing at all. My son is starting at UMass Amherst with 40 credit hours and all transfer students with 27 credits and more were told that they stand a 1 in 5 chance of getting on-campus housing. The more credits, the lower the chances. Furthermore, once you're off-campus, you never get back on since priority is based on the # of semesters that you've lived on campus. One woman I met during orientation was very upset to learn this since her daughter had struggled to f
  11. Completely off-topic...how young can you drive in Texas?
  12. I posted earlier about a thread I started a few months ago regarding this very question. Since that post I have since learned that you shouldn't look to other people for deciding what's normal anymore. Each student, and family, is completely different: different goals, desires, grades, scores, finances, likelihood of merit aid, etc., etc. That being said, there is a growing trend in both institutional and home schools to apply to many, many schools. Not sure why, not sure I care. My older son applied to one school (transfer). My younger son knows where he wants to go, so will probably apply to
  13. Check out the thread with the above title (see below as well) and you'll get lots of answers to that question. You'll also get absolutely no consensus whatsoever! There is no right answer, just the one that works for your student/family. Yolanda
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