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  1. I use blogger. I saw something recently tthat said even if just startin out, write like you're writing to a large audIience. Blogger has a LOT of layouts and designs you can use for free. I would like to eventually have a nice fancy design but we'll get there.
  2. our co-op is more of an enrichment type thing. it's 5 weeks in spriisng and 5 in fall. 3 45 minute sessions. this time my oldest is taking drawiing techniques all about horses 5 senses
  3. you will need your own la and . i Will say their recommendation of primary language lessons is great. we have greatly enjoyed adventures!
  4. thanks for all the help! that's thing with reviews, you don't get the whole story lol we will see how things go and definitely not just do the workbook. teacher manuals are there for a reason :bored: . i feel better about this now. thanks!
  5. Hi! going to be using this with my fourth grader this coming school year. the reviews were good other than three not being enough review. what do you use to review for your students? i have a hand on math activities book. would doing things from there be ? thanks!
  6. my father's world (family cycle 2nd-8th) Apologia science Story of the world.
  7. we are using My Father's world. K and first include everything. Other levels you add LA and math but htey have recommendations for those that are great and you can get from them. Oh and price is great! I can get k and 4th grade next yer under 500.
  8. we are using my father's world adventures this year and it has been our most fun year! hands on science, crafts and activities for history and Bible, read aloud stories they always hate to see end. Can't wait for next year!
  9. Ours likes to keep things as cheap as possible. twice a year sessions of 5 weeks with 3 classes each. So max would be $30 a kid for each session but usually it's less than that for all three of them.
  10. Ours likes to keep things as cheap as possible. twice a year sessions of 5 weeks with 3 classes each. So max would be $30 a kid for each session but usually it's less than that for all three of them.
  11. Hi everyone! Looking for reading for 4th grade next year. Don't want a "reader" but like real books which is why I was looking at SL. We tried just doing our own thing this year but I don't stay on track with just my own thing. SO I need something planned for me. I was looking at sonight's reading and like the looks of it. I did look at the IG samples and it has everything in it like spelling and such which we use our own. Would it be good to get the IG even if we're just using it for the reading aspect? Any other programs I should look into that may work for us? oh yeah and I had my dd take the reading assessment on the SL page. the 3rd grade she got all but 1 and missed I think 4 on the 4th grade. We wouldn't be starting til june so i figure by then she'll be fine with the fourth grade stuff.TIA for any help!
  12. Like others have said it really takes a little while to figure out what works best for your family. It took me 2 years of using workbook formats until last spring when I actually researched teaching styles. We found MFW and are in love. I have had the "grass is greener" thoughts. Some friends use and like some of the free curriculums that send you everything and give you funds for other activities etc. But then I realize that we have found what works for us and I'm NOT changing that! If your dd likes what you are using and you like it too then stick with it. Read into different teaching styles and find what you think will fit you and your dd best and go from there.
  13. Bju distance learning. Dd wanted it and was excited by it. Found our she is not independent at all and was just pausing when the teacher said to but doing none of the workthey said to do. Great program for children who can can be independent. Videos were great and so us is the curriculum. Just not a gods for dots
  14. sometimes our neighbor boy comes over saying he's sick or not feeling well, my instant thought is then WHY are you here? You definitely did hteh right thing!
  15. My father's world fan here! k is only 60-90 minutes a day and all laid out for you. we're using their 3rd grade program this year and in love with their curriuculum! hands on, real books, very few worksheets etc. Plus when your kiddos are 2nd grade and up they can all be combined. Even my littles tag along for the fun stuff in adventures this year.
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