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  1. My two daughters will be 11th & 12th graders next year. My in-laws have a business that I worked at before kids, so today they had me take a look at their QuickBooks records. After that I started looking for courses that I could take to learn the software. That got us to thinking that I could have the girls do a course also. Does anyone have a QuickBooks course that they recommend? I found one specifically for homeschoolers at southernmomflair.com but thought I'd ask here also. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you both for the Breaking the Barrier recommendation. I’ve never heard of it, so I will look it up. Thank you. It helps to read about other’s experiences with it. I did hear about a local homeschool mom who teaches Spanish at the community college, & she is available for tutoring. ? Thanks so much everyone!
  3. My 10th grade daughter is taking Spanish for her foreign language requirement. She is currently in her 2nd week of Spanish 1 lessons with Power Homeschool. I like the lady on the videos, but I’m afraid that my daughter isn’t going to learn enough since the videos are so short. I’m looking at other curriculum. This child has stated that she doesn’t want to do any “live” classes. She also doesn’t want to take Spanish with FL Virtual (even though her sister is taking French through there). There’s also the possibility of dual enrollment next year. After saying all that, what are other’s experienc
  4. We've been following the Ask Dr. Callahan syllabus for the assignments on each lesson. I also have the daily lesson plans from My Father's World. Neither one has a list of what problems to work for the midterm review. Does anyone who has done this review have a list of the problems that you suggest should be done to prepare for the test? Thank you.
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