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  1. My two daughters will be 11th & 12th graders next year. My in-laws have a business that I worked at before kids, so today they had me take a look at their QuickBooks records. After that I started looking for courses that I could take to learn the software. That got us to thinking that I could have the girls do a course also. Does anyone have a QuickBooks course that they recommend? I found one specifically for homeschoolers at southernmomflair.com but thought I'd ask here also. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you both for the Breaking the Barrier recommendation. I’ve never heard of it, so I will look it up. Thank you. It helps to read about other’s experiences with it. I did hear about a local homeschool mom who teaches Spanish at the community college, & she is available for tutoring. ? Thanks so much everyone!
  3. My 10th grade daughter is taking Spanish for her foreign language requirement. She is currently in her 2nd week of Spanish 1 lessons with Power Homeschool. I like the lady on the videos, but I’m afraid that my daughter isn’t going to learn enough since the videos are so short. I’m looking at other curriculum. This child has stated that she doesn’t want to do any “live” classes. She also doesn’t want to take Spanish with FL Virtual (even though her sister is taking French through there). There’s also the possibility of dual enrollment next year. After saying all that, what are other’s experienc
  4. We've been following the Ask Dr. Callahan syllabus for the assignments on each lesson. I also have the daily lesson plans from My Father's World. Neither one has a list of what problems to work for the midterm review. Does anyone who has done this review have a list of the problems that you suggest should be done to prepare for the test? Thank you.
  5. This is me! I'm sitting here checking out the forums instead of checking the geometry work that is right beside me. :laugh: When I finally check the work, I have to get my daughter to explain things to me.
  6. Thanks for your feedback everyone. The questions that were 1 degree off, I just looked at with her. The 11 degrees off problem was her looking at the wrong row of numbers & not paying attention. Thanks again.
  7. When measuring angles in geometry, do you expect your student to have the exact same angle measurement as the answer key? Do you give credit for being one degree off? Obviously I'm marking a problem wrong where she is 11 degrees off. :closedeyes: What are your guidelines on this?
  8. Thank you cbollin. I loved reading the trivia! I won't go looking for that enhanced teacher's guide, but if I happen to see it at a used book sale, I'll give it a glance. I was also wondering about the price. I had looked at the curriculum a few weeks ago & saw that it was $100. When I was ready to order, I saw the $40 price & jumped on it!
  9. I just bought Jacobs Geometry (3rd edition) through My Father's World. In looking at the Cathy Duffy review website, I see a 3rd edition (with a different cover) enhanced teacher's guide. 1st question - Is this teacher's guide helpful/needed? I didn't take geometry in high school, so I will be studying this spring & summer before my daughter begins it next fall. 2nd question - If needed, would it work with the edition that I bought at MFW? Thanks for any feedback.
  10. Do you have Asian history & literature curriculum that you're using? Both of my girls were adopted from Asia, so I think courses like this sound great!
  11. Sorry for the late reply. We've been on vacation, & I just saw this. I ended up ordering the 3rd edition of just the prealgebra book, & it's coming tomorrow. I'll be able to see how the two books match up. Thanks.
  12. I have been looking online for the past couple of days & still can't find a sample lesson of the prealgebra anywhere. If anyone knows where I can find this, I would be grateful. Thank you.
  13. I was able to pick up the 2nd edition of Lial's Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra (P&IA) at a used book sale. I looked at the table of contents for her Prealgebra (P) book online, & they match up with the first half of the book that I just bought. My question is do the lessons in the (P) book go into more detail than the (P&IA) book? Is there a sample online somewhere of one of the (P) lessons that I can use for comparison? I'm looking to use this book next year for an 8th grader. Thank you.
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