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  1. Hi I am loking for recommendations for a logic workbook for first grade. My dd(5) has already done lollipop logic and mind benders and found them way too easy so I am looking for something a bit harder that would not be beyond the reach of a 5yo. She is quite advanced in logic and mathematical thinking but on grade level for reading so something more pictorial would be great for her. Basically I would love something exactly like lollipop logic only harder. Does this exist? does anyone have any suggestions for me to try please.

  2. I have a moderately gifted 5yo (6 in april) who has just started first grade this week. She is advanced in all areas except reading by 1-3 levels. Although for a typical 5yo I would not worry about reading as of yet, for my DD it is really causing problems as her reading is holding her back in all her other subjects and causing both her and myself a great deal of frustration. She wants to advance in her studies but me needing to read the instructions (when I have a highly gifted 4yo and a baby to deal with) is just not working a lot of the time so she has to wait and then she gets frustrated about the time it is taking to finish.


    She just seems to have no real memory for printed words (although she can spell beautifully). She is still sounding out CVC words and has no fluency at all when reading, she can read the same words every day and just still not seem to recognise them, every day she sounds them out again! She can decode nearly anything but just cannot read IYKWIM, her reading is so laboured that she is getting no meaning from it (and it is painful to listen to, least of my worries but it is!).


    We have been using OPGTR and while it is helping her learn the phonics rules and how to decode this knowledge is just not translating into reading ability.


    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help her develop fluency in her reading? Are there any supplimental activities you would recommend? Games? Any other reading programs that have helped other children with similar issues? I am open to all suggestions, supplimenting OPGTR, getting a new reading program, buying games etc, whatever it takes.

  3. We started FLL1 at the start of 1st 2 weeks ago, I can honestly say it is her favorite program ATM she is just loving every second of it! (DD is 5 turning 6 in April)

    Oh, and my 4yo tags along and she loves it too, she has memorised every single lesson so far and begs for more lol, this has been a huge hit here!

  4. Your 4yo soulds a lot like mine. She is due to start kindy in jan14 so still 12 months away but I will be starting her mid-year i think. I am planning on working on fine motor skills, eventually moving on to writing through dot-to-dots, mazes, coloring in, color by number etc. She will also be doing lollipop logic. For math she will be working through miquon although i am yet to decide if that will purely be through exploration or if i will also get her to physically write on the worksheets, as it stands miquon looks easy for her but I am sure there are a few concepts she is yet to master somewhere in there (i hope so), math is definitely her strong suit and she is at least 1st grade level, probably 2nd. She does heaps of manipulatives play already so that will not be changing. For LA I will be working through OPGRT with her to make sure she knows all the rules but this will be at her own pace. She also joins in with FLL with my 1st grader and will most likely start AAS mid year. I have a lot of readers and picture books so she will be reading those to me for reading practice. Oh, and she will be tagging along with her older sister in SOTW and biology.

  5. We are about to start first grade. I am setting up our workboxes in the morning (10 boxes) dedicated to math and LA with one or 2 boxes for logic and mapping etc. These 10 boxes I expect to take 1 - 1 1/2 hours daily about half of which will be math, so 30-45 minutes but this will be about 20 minutes of book work and then games, manipulative play and math/logic puzzles. Following this will be a long break with a later session or about a similar length on our unit studies in either history or science (2 days of each a week).

  6. I am sitting here writing my weekly schedule for this year (we school by the calender year and start end jan/first week of feb) and we use a workbox system with 10 drawers, dd is first grade. Now here is the crazy part, I am thinking about using all of the 10 drawers only for LA, maths and some minor subjects (logic, physical activity and map skills) and then doing either science or history unit studies after finishing the drawers. Am I crazy for doing 10 drawers per day of core skills???

    I am thinking something along these lines (note this is a very rough jotting down of thoughts just wanting opinions before the real planning begins):

    1. reading (opgrt)

    2. reading game/fun activity

    3. handwriting (1 worksheet)

    4. spelling AAS

    5. grammar/comprehension/writing (1 worksheet) rotating through a few subjects, writing will also be covered in the unit studies later in the day so less of a focus in the initial session

    6. physical activity

    7. math manipulative activity/exploration

    8. math program

    9. math game

    10. either logic or mapping (1 worksheet)


    Yes we are big on worksheets, she loves them and i love the ease of planning and sorting when i have a solid program consisting of teaching followed by a single sheet.


    Each of these activities will take max about 10 minutes with the exception of maybe the maths program and AAS (15-20 max), some only take her a few minutes so I am guessing all up these 10 activities = maybe 1 1/2 hours at a stretch, more like 1 hour on a typical day. It will be slightly different for each day of the week (ie logic games on one day instead of a worksheet...) but generally this is what i am thinking.


    This will then be followed by a break (usually about 45 minutes) with about an hour scheduled later in the day for unit studies in either history or science: 2 days per week on each.


    Does this sound like a reasonable first grade plan? Am I doing too much? Missing anything (lol)? Seriously, am i crazy???

  7. Has anyone else had trouble ordering through rainbow resources?

    I placed an order on 6 November, and received confirmation of that order. That is the sum total of our correspondence. There was no indication on this confirmation about backorders, just proof that the order had been placed.


    3 weeks later my package arrived (apparently there were a few items on backorder, no prior notification of this at all) hence the delay, fine but 2 items were missing. Checking through the fine print on the invoice and these are still on back order. Ok, I guess they will arrive soon or I will be notified about their status, nope to both. Emailed them today by replying to the single email I have ever received from them, it is now over 5 weeks since placing my initial order so over 5 weeks since they had corresponded with me in any way to ask about the status of these 2 items and have just received a very rude response informing me that in future I need to include ALL correspondence in my enquiries (I had, that email IS IT!) and implying that I am being rude and impatient for hassling about my order, and that i should know its status, HOW I should know its status I have no idea, I have had no correspondence with them in 5 weeks!


    I am very disappointed in their service, that email was downright rude and insulting. I have waited 5 weeks with no correspondence whatsoever so I simply sent an email asking when they expect these items would be back in stock/when they will be posted. Is it too much to ask to be informed that the items are actually on back order, and even to inform me of when they will be/were posted? Honestly I feel that 5 weeks is a long time to have no idea about an order especially seeing these were relatively expensive items, my missing order was worth over $80.


    Very disappointed. Has anyone else had similar trouble before?

  8. I agree with the math mammoth recommendation. my young k-er zoomed through all things K in a matter of weeks (except phonics), then proceeded to zoom through all things first grade in about 3-4 months. We have just wrapped up our K year and are on 2nd grade level for most subjects. MM was great - started in september and did 1A and 1B before the end of november and well into level 2 now, would have cost us a fortune to go through 3 levels of other programs in one year, hopefully she will slow down a bit when we start school in jan but if not i am prepared, i have all 6 levels of MM just waiting to be printed :)

  9. I had one of those moments just this morning and was getting on to share, basic subtraction and negative numbers sigh! The book asks if you can take 10 away from 5 and dd5's answer -5, not no like the book wants but negative 5, sigh. I let her do all the "impossible" subtraction questions with negative numbers as that makes more sense to her.

  10. Thanks, I agree 20 minutes a day at age 5 is not a problem :001_smile: however i would like to expand what we are doing, more problem solving and games etc however as she just whizzes through everything so quickly I am running low on ideas already! Well to be exact I am running low on ideas that are age appropriate. We all love problem solving etc here. Even myself and DH have been completing very challenging pentominoes puzzles for fun since I purchased them recently (about to order a few more sets lol).


    Will look up those books and other suggestions, thanks.


    I hope she slows down some time soon, this year we have already completed MUS primer, MM1a and are just winding up 1b and MUS alpha. Looks like she will get through 3 complete levels this year (times 2 programs) easily unless she slows down soon.

  11. Hi all, I have an advanced dd in math, she is a very young k'er and just finishing up MUS alpha and MM1. She would well and truly be a lot further along however I am making her do most of the questions in both books and the writing is slowing her down - this is not a problem, I am happy for her to move ahead but I also want to make absolutely sure she has a rock solid understanding of each concept before moving on. Anyway, the problem is the time she takes to do math, she will easily complete an entire lesson in MUS (4-6 workbook pages depending on if we skip some) and watch the dvd and complete the test in all in under 20 minutes, i timed her yesterday and on average a worksheet is taking 2 minutes. With MM she will complete a lesson in around 5 minutes! I am happy with the pace she is working at (this is her pace and she often asks to do more and begs to finish an entire MUS lesson so she can do a test lol) but 5 minutes on math is not a lot. We play math games, use tangrams and pentominoes etc as supplements but I am running out of ideas on how to supplement her math and make it more fun. I also give her logic puzzles (rush hour, hoppers etc) for the math time.

    Suggestions? Is there a good book on math ideas and games to keep her amused? Website? We love problem solving but she just whizzes through them and I am running low on ideas for more problems. I am ideally aiming for a solid hour of math as of first grade however as our book work is taking 5-20 minutes this is leaving a lot of "free time" i need to fill up.


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