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  1. I am reviewing what I am using for school for my ASD 6yo, child #3, and I think there is room for significant improvement. By age she is mid way through grade 1 (jan-dec school year). By ability she is just (finally!) beginning to learn to read CVC words, no concept of writing but a solid late 2nd grade level in mathematics. She is on a k-1st grade level understanding wise for all other subjects however her complete lack of reading/writing makes these challenging. She also needs things to be "orderly", if it looks messy (eg miquon) or feels disjointed in any way she cannot cope. Neat, ord
  2. thanks all, I think several of the food suggestions above might work so looks like we will be playing with food and see how we go
  3. She needs to be able to simplify a fraction, say 2/4 into 1/2 etc and to be able to find and identify fractions on a number line
  4. Please help me before my 9yo (4th grade) drives me absolutely bonkers. She does not get fractions AT ALL beyond identifying how many parts have been shaded on a shape divided into equal parts, ie if shown a picture of a shape divided into 3rds with 1 piece shaded she can correctly identify that is 1/3 shaded. That is it. We have been stuck on fractions for months now, she is getting nowhere. Nowhere! I have tried different books, I have explained it, dh has explained it, she has watched lessons online. Nothing works. What can we try? Does anyone have any resources they can recommend
  5. I am after some suggestions for audio books for my 6yo dd please. Diagnosed ASD, average to good comprehension for her age but very delayed in expressive language. She does not like picture books and never has. Will not even look at one. Will not, under any circumstances, allow someone to read to her (again, never has, even as a tiny baby she would not allow it). She will not even stay in the kids room at the library during story time as there is someone there reading aloud... BUT She loves audio books lol lol lol So, we are needing quality books in audio format that will appeal and be su
  6. My dd10 (would have just started 5th grade in ps) just finished the first chapter of AOPS pre algebra. We were going to do it last year but she found the layout and presentation too overwhelming. A year later and she is now able to tackle it and did so well. Yay! I know chapter 2 is generally considered to be the hardest, fingers crossed we make it through ok :)
  7. 4th grader is a very strong reader :) Thanks, I will check those guides now.
  8. Hi all, Aussie here, I am planning out our new school year which begins this month and am in need of 4 recommendations for literature studies. I have planned out their main curriculum and each child has 10 weeks left over that will not be covered by their major year long studies. This will be broken into 4 literature study units at the end of each of our 4 school terms of between 2 and 4 weeks. Ideally I am thinking of doing each literature selection as a 2(ish) week long literature inspired unit study. My requirements are: Each book appropriate and appealing for grades 4 and 6 (both gi
  9. Is there anything like the prodigy math game only harder? My 10yo still loves the game and plays frequently however she finished the content well over 12 months ago and has completely mastered all that prodigy covers. She just keeps repeating the 8th grade stuff over and over. It is good review but I would like if she could actually move forward in the game. So is there another game option that would appeal to a 10yo? Thanks
  10. We are getting an audio book library sorted right now. There is not a lot in terms of free stuff available here, a few at the library but that's it, but the mum is buying a couple a week online so soon enough there should be a good collection happening. And there are free ones online too. At to classroom accommodation, it looks like the school has finally realized the extent of the issue and is now going to start being of assistance. Before this they were saying this child was only a year, maybe 2 max, behind her peers and that was not enough in their opinion to warrant classroom accommoda
  11. At the moment we are getting together 2 times a week for an hour at a time. I am just using resources I have on my shelf until we hit a problem that I cannot deal with using the current resources. This way I know exactly where she is at and I should have the most possible information to make a decision on the best program to purchase when we hit that stage. So far things are going really well, much better than I expected actually. Both mother and daughter are very dedicated to sorting this out and they are working together every evening, I am sending home work for them to do and instructing th
  12. oodles of time lol, I have 4 kids one of which also has ASD, all I have is ooodles of mess and books :P looking up ronit bird now, I got sick of the kids fighting inside and sent them out, we have 1.5 acres they can fight on, they don't need to be under my chair The 7yo is having all sorts of issues at school and it is affecting the entire family. I agree, I would take out the older first and get in a routine and get a feel for everything and then take out the younger next year once both mother and older child have settled in to homeschooling and worked out what works for them
  13. The school does not lose any money this year, funding is paid at the beginning of a school year and stays with the school once it is paid even if the child leaves or moves schools, if they are pulled then the school loses the funding for them for next year. Frankly, the school just does not care and the funding these girls bring to the school does not get spent on them at all. Yes there is a sister. She is 7 and has ASD. She has no obvious learning disabilities however spends more time sent out of the room for "behavior issues" rather than in class. They will both be pulled together if it
  14. Pen they are refusing to offer any help for reading at all, even with my report. They want the report so that they know what methods I will be using mostly just so that they know, but also so that they can make sure that any explicit teaching that may occur at school does not directly clash with what she will be learning at home. There might be hope that they will change their tune this week, this child is part aboriginal and as such she is in a "high risk" group which means the school gets more funding for her but the family can also access advocates. The mother has set up a meeting between h
  15. So the mother approached the school this week and informed them she has hired a private tutor who has assessed the child as having a 1st grade reading ability and dyslexia and wanting to know what they will also be doing to help her daughter catch up, their response was "well that explains a lot" UM what? Are you telling me that the school does not know they have an 11yo who STILL can't even read 20 of the top 100 words, cannot decode ANYTHING and they have no flipping idea it is that bad!? Oh my! They have requested I write them a report with my findings and to outline what I plan on doing wi
  16. Thank you OhElizabeth, so much to think about and check out. That list might be exactly what I needed to get started on making sure we are making the best choice. No I would not say this child has adhd, her younger sister, age 8, is mildly dyslexic and has adhd though, so maybe that is something to keep in mind. She does not have the best working memory though so I will do some research into it, maybe this will prove to be another piece in the puzzle. Thanks so much for taking the time to give such a thorough reply, I will read everything more carefully and continue researching tomorrow, it
  17. Following on from my post about tutoring an 11yo struggling in writing, I am now sure the problem is dyslexia. She needs to start right back from the very beginning with letter sounds. So I would like to compile a complete list of ALL the intensive reading curricula that will be appropriate for this situation and a child of this age so that I can research which one will be the best fit for this child as well as weighing up overall cost, shipping, availability in australia or shipping available to us, ease of use, how many times a week we would need to use the program etc. BTW I passed
  18. Thanks ElizabethB, that is very helpful, I will read everything again in more detail when the kids are in bed :)
  19. Thanks all, I will talk to the mum about audio books and documentaries, I completely overlooked that when talking to them yesterday. As mum has very limited reading abilities herself and is only just literate enough to function in society she does not read to her girls, she is not able to do so, so even if the reading situation was not do drastic audio books would still be a great idea for this family. Both mother and daughter have been suspected of dyslexia but it is not widely acknowledged here and in school testing "ruled it out" for both, however it seems that is the standard response, the
  20. Ok so from all the above it seems like barton is what pretty much everyone recommends. I will talk to her mum about it. If it was my own child I would 100% buy barton immediately however this is not my child and I don't want to fork out heaps of money and then have the situation change. They are very limited in their options, both for tutoring and for assessments, we live in a rural area and to get more in depth assessment than she has been given in school will require traveling to the city over 4 hours away (which will happen if needed, they want this sorted). The tutoring situation for a ch
  21. Yes, she wants me to help her so that she can go home and work with her daughter so yes I will have to tutor her too so that can happen.
  22. Hi all, I am beginning tutoring my daughter's 11yo friend this week. She is mid way through 5th grade at a local school however has a 1st grade reading level. She also has some problems in math however is only about a year (according to the school) behind there rather than 4 years in reading, I will work with her on math but for now we will focus mostly on reading. There are no known learning or vision issues and she has been tested for both. Her mother also had similar learning issues while at school and she ended up leaving school at age 14 completely illiterate so clearly there is something
  23. They have just left. We have signed both kids up to a couple of online learning sites that they will use at home, the kids are excited to finally be playing prodigy as they have been hearing about it for months from my girls. They are coming back in a few days and I will see what exactly she knows and what she does not know. We have looked through a few things on our shelves and have decided to at least use AAS but will probably use some other resources as well, I will check out my extensive collection and put together a pile of stuff that I own that I think will be suitable and we will see wh
  24. Thanks all, looking into everything and researching. I am so upset it has gotten to this stage but on the other hand I have been telling her mother all year that I will help wherever possible but they have been trying to get the school to help but not looking outside of school, because she is so far behind the school just cannot cater to her so she is just getting left further behind all the time. The daughter does know there is a serious issue here, all her school friends are reading proper novels and she is struggling to read Billy B brown etc (and apparently will get more than one word wr
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