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  1. Friday: Really hard Crossfit workout. I'm going to be very sore. Saturday: Easy 5 mile run.
  2. I couldn't vote since my boys have been all over the map. My 8yo righty was easy to tell the moment he was born. I wasn't sure with my 6yo lefty and my 4yo righty until I sent them to preschool at 4yo. They are both ambidextrous and opposite footed. I didn't want to push my preferences (dh and I are both lefties and proud :D) so I asked their preschool teacher once they were established. She just confirmed ds4's right-handedness. I'm 90% sure my 1yo is a lefty, but wouldn't be surprised if he switches at some point. He's definitely right-footed, though.
  3. Yes, I watched my grandmother take care of her father and, then, her mother. It was incredibly difficult, but she did it and they were better off for it. Now, when my great-grandmother's health deteriorated past my grandmother's abilities, she put her in a nursing home close to her home. That was the right decision. I don't think there is a one-size fits all plan for care of the elderly. I do hope that my dc will make the best decisions possible for me depending on family resources. That may involve some sacrifice. I hope they are happy (for lack of a better word) to do it when the time comes.
  4. Expect...maybe. Desire to cultivate our relationship and raise them with the values so that they will want to care for us...absolutely. I fully expect to take care of my and Dh's parents when the time comes. I love them and think it is my duty as a daughter. Our sisters feel the same way and it will be nice to share that responsibility with them. Now, I don't expect my dc to give up everything to take care of me with a debilitating disease. My grandmother was on the edge of that with my great grandmother. I completely respect her for taking care of her mother for so long, but the time came when Grandma couldn't care for her mother safely and had to put her in a home for Alzheimer's patients. I would hope my dc would do the same and visit often.
  5. My ds is using Horizons 5 as a supp and often wonders why they call those calculator sections. He also is proud doing them by hand. It's funny to me. I agree with the others. Maybe Algebra, but sparingly.
  6. I have not gained weight, but I've really struggled getting the last of the baby weight off this time. I think that Mirena is the problem since this is abnormal for me. It is coming off, just REALLY slowly and it is taking a lot of work. I haven't had any other unpleasant side effects from it, so I'm going to keep it and probably get another one once this one hits 5 yrs.
  7. My oldest cut his first tooth at 4 mos and had a full mouth of teeth by 12 mos. My others didn't get them nearly so early ranging from 6-12 mos.
  8. Monday: Rest day Tuesday: Crossfit. One of the toughest workouts since I've been going. Whew!
  9. I'd also keep K nice and light. If it were me, I'd add Sonlight's P4/5 (the PP linked it above) to the basics you're already doing and call it a day. It includes Bible, science, cultures, and literature. That's basically what I've done with my K'ers and those were great years. You may find that you want to add extra fun stuff in as you go along which is great. P4/5 didn't take us a full school year because we love to read, but did allow us plenty of time to follow geography and science bunny trails.
  10. My only real issue would be the reference pages. I would really miss them. However, I think you can get a black line package of blank reference pages. I'm one who was VERY excited about the new formatted black learning log so we wouldn't have to make our own reference pages. The rest of this is just being a devil's advocate: I do like how small and thin the learning logs are. Neither of my dc (1 righty, 1 lefty) have trouble writing in them. They are so easy to store on the shelf whereas a binder would take up more room (shelf storage is at a premium for me) and I would lose pages. We do the loose leaf thing with FLL and WWE and I'm constantly looking for papers I didn't file. :glare: That's certainly personality driven, though. I don't plan on changing my FLL/WWE system...I just need to take the time to put things where they go immediately. Just some little thoughts. It wouldn't change the program at all, IMHO.
  11. I would let read whatever he wants despite reading level (content is a different matter, of course). I really think wanting to read higher level books continually edges my older two up the reading scale. I've been surprised what they will tackle. Sometimes it is too hard and they don't finish it, but often they do and enjoy it.
  12. I haven't read anything past the first page so I hope I'm not repeating too much... We have a rainbow play structure (bought off of Craigslist at a steal) and my boys love swinging, "driving the spaceship/boat/dump truck/etc." around doing missions. It was such a great investment. We also have an outside playbox filled with sports equipment and they love to golf and play soccer. Golf has gotten tricky since the older boys can vault it out of the yard even with whiffle balls. It's a good thing we know our neighbors well since we're retrieving the other types of balls as well. Our next project is to procure some fun lawn games like croquet and bocci.
  13. 4 out of 6 in my family are lefties...Dh, myself, and 2 kiddos. We vary in our degrees of left-handedness with me being the least ambidextrous. I'm VERY left-handed. I've taught myself to do a lot with my right hand over the years and now cut with my right-hand unless a left-handed pair of scissors is within reach (which is almost never). However, I could not cut with my right hand at all in early elementary school. It was very frustrating for me. My right hand didn't work and I couldn't get right handed scissors to work in my left hand. I did buy my 6yo lefty a pair of lefty scissors and he prefers them, but the dull, ambidextrous preschooler scissors worked just fine for him. He is pretty ambidextrous and has no trouble cutting with his right hand when he finds his brother's scissors first. He didn't really need the lefty scissors, but I'm glad I got them just in case. I'll have them for my next lefty coming down the pike. I would rather have them around than have a frustrated dc.
  14. I used my iPod Shufle with a C25K podcast. There are a bunch of different sets out there. I chose one from the UK because the ladies voice was so soothing and encouraging. The music was fun and running related. I had a different podcast for each workout. If you want an inexpensive watch, you could get a simple Timex. My dh has one that he uses during his coaching and it is great for intervals and straight timing.
  15. At 50, I'd wear capris and a tank with a running jacket to take off and tie around my waist when I get warm. If it is cooler, I have a wicking pullover, running sweatshirt, headband, and gloves depending on what the weather dictates.
  16. Other weight training and cardio will help your running too. I dropped a run from my half marathon training this year in favor of another Crossfit (intense cross training) day. So, I have 2 Crossfit days and 3 running days every week. My running is improving more than ever and the variety is keeping me motivated. I think that ideally I'd have 3-4 Crossfit days and 2 running days in between race training...maybe someday when I don't have so many littles. Maybe you could get a few more DVDs at the house and concentrate running on the weekends? The programs the ladies post on the exercise thread sound interesting.
  17. We do not write in the Textbook or CWP. The CWP has 2-3 problems on each page so I have my ds8 write out his work in a notebook. When he was younger, he needed more room to write out his work anyway. Ds6 will do the same when he does CWP 1 here soon. We consume the workbooks and IP. Right, but you must get the HIG that matches your PM...US Ed. = Sonlight HIG. STD Ed. = Singapore HIG. You cannot mix-and-match. I've been happy using the US Ed. through 5A.
  18. Wed: 5 mile run. Today: Crossfit. I have to do it at home so Dh sent me a workout.
  19. I might start calling myself a runner soon...maybe. I did C25K to get back into shape last spring (2011) after the birth of my last baby. Then, I decided to train for a half marathon while I was at it. Ran that in Nov 2011. I'm now training for my 2nd half and cut 8 mins off of my 5K time in the last year. My only catch for me is that when I'm not training for something, I don't gravitate to running. I didn't run at all for 3 months this spring, but did other workout type things. This year, I'm not going to quit running after the half. It was no fun starting over again even though I was still in decent shape. I'd like to keep working on my speed. So I guess I'm becoming a runner. I have a Garmin running watch FWIW :tongue_smilie:. Congrats on your achievements! It is so great when you say for the first time," I only ran 5 miles." I love that running isn't intimidating anymore. At my Crossfit gym, that makes me a runner :001_smile:.
  20. I think pushing in chairs might be an obsession for me. I always push in mine and often others.
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