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  1. In my family, rooms didn't change until we launched after college.
  2. I'm using MS for 1st grade this year too! I'm not adding anything, and I think it's complete. I've used it off and on with my older kids, and we all love the videos and activities.
  3. I don't FEEL nervous anymore, not like I did in March. I think overtime I figured out a routine for shopping, brining things into the house, and all that became normal. And while I still don't FEEL nervous, my DH and coworkers are working from home again after having gone back to the office, and we're pulling our kids out of the activities that had started up again (here in GA).
  4. We did this 3 years ago and lived in an apartment in between houses. It was more physical work, but we could sell our house, then take our time finding a house we WANTED to buy instead of HAD to buy. We were in the apartment 3ish months and paid extra to get out of the contract, but we knew that might happen, moneywise.
  5. My daughter was thinking about potential Halloween costumes the other day. "IF there is a Halloween," she said. Then she asked if I could just buy the candy anyway. 🙂
  6. There's a lot of people in need right now. Ask her to pick a charity to donate to.
  7. I use mostly Memoria Press and also Mater Amabilis for their religion and their book lists if I feel I want something different.
  8. I used FLL with my kids. DS10 finished level 4 last year and DD8 is almost done with level 3. They also just finished Latina Christiana together. I'm glad they had FLL first, then Latin. FLL is both thorough and gentle. I feel the MP "Latin to learn grammar" teaches on a need to know basis only. I have First Form with EGR 2 lined up for next year, and after flipping through it all, I feel like both will be easier and make more sense having done FLL. FWIW, I attempted Grammar for the Well Trained Mind with DS10 this year, but dropped it. Too much too fast. I look forward to trying FFL with EGR2.
  9. Help! Starting with which Playlist? They don't look very ordered to me. 🤔
  10. Have you looked into VideoText? You can sample their classes as a guest, and they have a 30 day money back guarantee. The teacher is very engaging.
  11. Cardboard for 24 hours. But if there's tape on there, I let it sit for 72 hours... but you can always wipe down the tape.
  12. Disney+ 2 Kindle Paperwhites Monitor for DH's work laptop, now that he's home
  13. I've been using USPS Click n Ship for a long time now. Yes, I use my kitchen scale to measure. I've never had anything sent back. You do the shipping label first, then request pick up as a separate "transaction". You can tell the postal worker if the box is in the mail box or front porch (or other place). They just pick it up! Saves me a lot of time.
  14. This is exactly the advice I needed. It's so cool that they put a backlight on the basic Kindle. Do you think it's worth getting a case?
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