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  1. I'm using FLL & WWE with both my 3rd and 2nd grader this year and we're using HOD Bigger. We do this in place of Rod & Staff English.
  2. I'm looking for some book suggestions for my advanced 9 year old. He reads through the books I give him in a day! I'm looking for something that will challenge him more but doesn't contain any mature content. :bigear: Thanks!
  3. Thank you for posting this! I'm showing it to my dd. I've been telling her she should focus on one but she doesn't listen to me. :glare: Maybe this will help her realize she needs to pick one and it's not just me nagging her. I think she'll end up choosing dance but I'm not really sure.
  4. She doesn't know yet. She has a huge passion for both, but it would help if she picked one. ;) I'm not sure what kind of electives she would take for dance though besides her dance classes.
  5. Things that I consider extracurriculars..(our co-op and other classes are part of our academics) DD16- Teen Book Club, Travel Basketball Team, Soccer DD13- 2 Ballet Classes, Gymnastics, Piano Lessons (if that counts?) DS9- Cub Scouts, Soccer and Hockey DD7- Gymnastics and Martial Arts DS5- Soccer and Martial Arts DD4- Gymnastics and Piano Lessons They also have AWANA, youth group (older 3) and sunday school. We are busy! :auto:
  6. We use 1 and supplement with Life of Fred. I guess it could be considered 2 but I feel Life of Fred is a supplement.
  7. I was thinking it seemed like a lot too but I'm really not sure what she would drop. She wants to take 2 AP classes, She doesn't want to stop French or PS Band, What I'm counting as Personal Fitness she'd be doing anyways, she needs to do a health credit and she has to do history, english and math. :tongue_smilie: She doesn't have to do the class at our church but it's only 1 night a week (sunday) and she said she wants to. Same with the Music Appreciation class. She's already doing the stuff for Personal Fitness this summer and I was thinking she could do Health over the summer too. So I'm really not sure She's doing a lot now too, I think it's just her personality. She wants to do everything.:001_huh: ETA: Looked at dd's textbook she's currently doing a French 2 Highschool level book, so next year I'll count it as French III.
  8. My 7 year old dd did/does the same thing, that's one of the reasons why we named our school. :001_smile:
  9. Well we we're going to do World Geography because my 9th grader was also doing geography but now she's not but thanks for the suggestions! I've never seen the one Hunter suggested and I'm bookmarking it!
  10. :iagree: You said it better than I could. I love it from a teachers standpoint and it's working well with my 9 year old. However, my 7 year old finds it boring and I'll be switching to something else for her next year. I think it just depends on the kid like everything else :)
  11. I would use it if I had an older child using it too but if it was just for K I'd go with something else. It's more for mid/upper elementary.
  12. I needed a school name for my oldests transcript and my younger kids wanted to have a "real" school name too. I've always just used "Last name" Academy but we wanted to come up with something more creative. So the best I came up with.. Vallems Hope Academy The first word uses my kids first intials and the Hope stands for Homeschooling over Public Education. (Found that one on the internet :D) Do you have a school name?
  13. Jensen's punctuation? ETA: Posted at the same time as the pp.
  14. Definitely! We did not like the science in Beyond at all. We actually used something else. This year we're liking the science much better. Allthough my kids do like doing some extra science experiments :D
  15. What? I think it's a little over board to say it will cause trauma. :001_huh: I would wait. Every kid hits a bump at some point, he'll probably catch up to his grade level by the time he reaches highschool.
  16. What about SWB's The History of the Ancient World? Then The History of the Medieval for WHL. They're not textbooks but they're good spines.
  17. My 13 year old daughter is in 8th grade this year. She's using History Odyssey Modern Times, AoPS Counting & Probability, Cornerstone Curriculum Starting Points, CLE LA 8 and BJUP Phyical Science with DIVE. She also is in 2 Ballet Classes, Gymnastics, Choir, an Art Class, is in the band class at ps (flute), takes Piano Lessons and has a tutor for French (there's a small group of her+ 3 other kids). This is our plans for the fall (subject to change! :tongue_smilie:).. Classics in Literature- (1) Sonlight Core 200 Language Arts- I still have to look at this to see if it needs to be supplemented with anything at all, Any opinions? Geometry- (1) AoPS Introduction to Geometry Church History- (1) Sonlight Core 200 Defending your Faith- (1) Sonlight Core 200 Bible and a Class at our Church "Defending your Faith" for Teens AP World History- (1) Co-op/Online Class- I thought she'd do Human Geography but the class was full but this might line up well with the Church History. AP Enviormental Science- (1) Co-op/Online Class- It's not the normal sequence of Biology, but dd isn't sciency and she wanted to take another AP class. Band- (1) Public School Class French IV- (1) Class with tutor- This will be her 4th year of French with the Tutor, so I figured that's what I should count it as to imply she's taken French for 3 years prior? Health- (.5) ACE, First Aid/CPR Class and Nutrition Class- I think she'll do this over the summer, is that okay? Personal Fitness- (.5) Yoga Class and Working out at the gym.- She's doing Yoga over the summer (an instructor is coming to work with the gymnasists) and she works out anyways. Music Appreciation- (.5) Co-op Class She will also continue with Ballet, Gymnastics and Piano Lessons. She wants to go to Juilliard. :svengo:I want to help her reach that goal. How does this look for her Freshman year?
  18. I want to do World Geography with my 4th, 3rd, 1st and K5'er next year and would like to combine them in one program if I can. I was pretty set on MFW ECC but I keep second guessing myself. Anyone have any other curriculum suggestions?
  19. I would use preparing! :001_smile: I'm using Bigger for my older advanced 3rd grader and he's reading the extensions. It could be enough for some 5th graders, but it sounds like your 2 will do better in preparing.
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