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    On 2/7/2018 at 8:02 PM, CAtoVA said:

    But True North Homeschool Academy may have something valuable to offer once they come online!


    True North Homeschool Academy (formerly Homeschool Works 4 U) is live and would love to serve your family in the coming year! Our launch special is this: 3 classes for what two formerly cost with Homeschool Works 4 U, NO registration fees all year and a complimentary Scranton Performance Series test for each student registered for a class.

    Live on-line classes for 8th-12th grades, Academic Advising, Clep Prep

    English: Lit & Comp, American Lit & Comp, Britsh Lit & Comp, College Comp I (Clep prep)

    Math: Algebra I, Geometry (with proofs), Algebra II

    Science: Biology, Chemistry both with labs

    History: West Civilization II, Constitutional Studies, Government & Econ

    Foreign Language: Latin I & II, Classics Club, Spanish I, II, III, Spanish Lab, Hebrew I, Hebrew History, Culture and Conversation

    Electives; Music Theory, Psychology, C# Programming. 

    Clubs! Writing, Classics, Spanish (lab), C.S. Lewis Club

    The strength of our program lies in the experience and expertise of our teachers: Biology taught by a nurse, psychology taught by an MFT, Hebrew taught by a Rabbi (from Israel), as well as our collective teaching experience. Many of us come from a classical pedagogy and are passionate about supporting the homeschooling community (because we've been homeschooler or are homeschooling).

    We are also looking for bloggers who would be interested in working with us! Please touch base with any questions!




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    We went to another gaming event and played some more games!  I mostly played with my kids at this event and we got to try several new game.  So, lets get started...


    This was our first game of the day, I played with the 9yo and 7yo. It is quite similar to Ticket to Ride with new maps - it includes a double sided map for two game play variations, added ship routes and harbors. We started setting up The World map when a passerby commented on our early morning dedication to jump right into a 2.5 hour game; another passerby mentioned that The Great Lakes map was easier and shorter — so we switched over to the shorter map.  
    This map had destinations that could be completely cut off by another player — much sadness was expressed when this was discovered, maybe our main game does too but we’ve yet to encounter that. Rails and Sails has a unique feature where each player selects their starting ratio of trains to ships - -something that will impact the routes you can build as you go on. We went with the beginner suggestion in the rule book and I would like to play again making my own selection and seeing how that impacts my play. 
    Being new to this game, it was hard to keep track of ship cards and train cards and multiple times each of us tried building a route with the wrong cards (i.e., trying to build a train route with ship cards); I’m sure additional play would ease this confusion.  Overall impression, we all really enjoyed this. Seeing as how we like Ticket to Ride in general, this would be a fun addition to add to our collection but I won’t be running out to buy it anytime soon only because there are other amazing games at the top of my list.


    We were given this game for Christmas. It is much more complicated than Ticket to Ride and there is a lot to keep track of. That being said, it's a lot of fun and a great strategy game for your collection!

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  3. Trying to find a group of homeschoolers committed to some level of continuity and academic rigor year after year/ showing up with homework done, ready to discuss and do the work is probably not going to happen regardless of what you try to create or where you live.  Getting into a forensics club would take care of that strand, but you won't find a group of people, year after year, wanting to really dig into apologetics, who are committed to writing papers every week, who finish the work, who show up on time for field trips, with homework prepped before they get there..... We've homeschooled for 25 years and we are sticking with CC to the end at this point because homeschoolers are notorious for not showing up, paying up or having their work done on time. Even in the academic co-ops we've participated in have been schlocky- half the time the teachers don't follow through- my kids have never gotten final grades back, they have only gone through 1/2 the writing or Latin program, instead of what was promised, other kids don't bring their homework, week after week, there is no feedback loop or sense of accomplishment. 

    CC's cost actually ensures, on some level, that the work is done- parents want their money's worth. There is truth to the adage, "You get what you pay for." 

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  4. I've had 3 kid go on to college /votech so far - with scholarship money awarded and have never been asked for course descriptions or counselor letter- transcript and ACT scores-in the case of my dd who went to Cosmetology school, they did want the GED. We could have contested that but it was right after our house fire, so we just got it done and moved on. 


    I do detailed transcripts (I'm actually an Academic Adviser for an Ed company so it's my day job, too). 

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  5. While psych is an interesting field (dh is a psych and I have an MFT) it is also becoming increasingly political and liberal. If these are concerns, you will want to be aware of those issues. Also, the field/ billing is changing radically- master's level people are becoming technicians more and more, making o.k. money, but generally, not exceptional money. If you are looking to work with a psych degree you will need a grad degree, and licensing after that, as well as CEU. 

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  6. I'm looking for a 30 min One Act Play for a festival- exp high school actors, med sized cast. I am drowning sorting through dorky scripts/ social issue scripts and stuff on pregnancy/ suicide. 
    If you have a good script to recommend (or script company) please lmk. 

  7. ananemone, on 17 Apr 2017 - 3:07 PM, said:snapback.png

    Yes, what I am saying is that the difference between moderately or even highly gifted and profoundly gifted can be as significant as the difference between gifted and average (in the same way that being in the top 1/10th of 1% in income is significantly qualitatively different from being affluent to the tune of $350K/yr and 3 cars).


    I agree with you on this - honestly, I am always blown away by how much we make compared to our life-style- older cars, few vacations (and when we take them they are tied in with business), very little retirement. We make way too much for college aid for our kids and not enough to have significant amounts to give them, regardless of the great scholarships they get. We live pretty frugally, even now- though the kids do take music lessons and karate and we have a unique and expensive diet. That being said, I always thought if we made it to this point, we'd been living much better than we actually do. 

    My bil (who is a stock-broker, goes by an income of $150K a year is lower middle class while above it is solid middle class. 

    A far cry from middle class being defined by owning your own house. 


    Arctic Mama, on 17 Apr 2017 - 2:53 PM, said:snapback.png

    135 is gifted? Seriously? I always categorized that as smart/bright but nothing special. Learn something new every day I guess!


    dh did his dissertation on IQ - we talk about all sorts of odd IQ things around here! lol.

  8. .


    This is just anecdotal, but many of the very poor WTMets that I know of on this board have stopped homeschooling in recent years to put their kids in ps so that they could work. So in past years they would have voted but now they would not. I remember hearing one boardie talk about putting down plywood so that they wouldn't fall through the holes in the floor. And another only ate once a day so that her kids could eat. Neither of them have posted in a long time.


    I am currently working for an educational company and have homeschooled kids from all over the world. I would say that the trend is for more homeschoolers to be working- I see this even in our local homeschool groups- there are just as many, if not more, homeschooling moms working as not, regardless of their dh's income, and often it's to provide insurance for their families, along with extra income.

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  9. This is true with other things too - IQ, for instance.  An IQ of 135 is smart, but the difference between that and someone with an IQ of 155 is enormous and life-defining.

    Actually 135 is gifted and 155 is profoundly gifted. An IQ of 100 is average.  Gladwell had an interesting discussion on IQ and performance ability in one of his books (Outlier or David and Goliath) and that regardless of IQ, if you don't have Grit (read the book by Duckworth - excellent) than IQ virtually means nothing. There are also different types of IQ- VIQ (verbal) PIQ (performance) and if there is a disparity (such as with 2e's) than the ability to perform, regardless of IQ is really at risk. 


    There are so many factors with IQ as well as with how much you make. The people that I know that are affluent take bigger risks financially than those who are not; they have far more investments, they are far more confident about how to generate money if they lost what they had, they are not defined by an employer, etc. etc. 


    We make a pretty and are on the upper end of the curve- nothing near the affluent stage. My bil is near that. Our lifestyles are grossly dissimilar and their kids consider mine poor.  And we are far more affluent than we ever were when I was not working and we had 5 kids still at home- we have 2 plus a college kid still coming and going and we have far more financial choices. 

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  10. I searched for Mr. D but could find nothing- 


    has anyone taken their Pre-Calc bootcamp in the summer?
    How about the SAT/ACT prep? 

    or the year-long pre-calc course with on-line? 


    Ds has been doing MUS and loved it but Math is not his strong suit. Trying to decide if we should do bootcamps this summer or on-line next school year BUT also trying to fit in DE courses


    He could fit in a few this summer- or trade out math next year for DE College Alg (he has through Alg II). 


    I've seen some demos of Mr. D for work and been really impressed- I think a LIVE teacher/ with immediate feed-back would be super helpful, but we could also just stick with MUS. 


    Any thoughts? feedback? 

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