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  1. yes! It's Lisa = ). Small, small world, isn't it?? This made my day (it's been a hard week ...)

  2. I just saw your quote about the English language and have to tell you how much I love it!! It's been a joy to meet you irl = )

  3. Thanks Bethany. It is a definite jolt! Our hearts are filled with gratitude and praise for God's provision and protection and our friends who have showered us with many tangible acts of love.

  4. Hi Drew, Many thanks for LM, LCC and your comments here! I am in the early stages of working with a group of parents from my church to start a classical UMS model school. Few others interested "get" classical, though I think the church admin generally trusts my judgment and the other interested parents have an intuitive sense that their kids can know more and "do better." We are neo-classicalists, (my ultimate goal being thouroughly classical before my 2 littlest graduate-lol, though I am slowly but surley getting over my grammar and foreign language phobias = ). Any wise words of counsel that you'd be willing to pass along regarding anything related to this venture?

  5. off the check out Scarlett and Dawn in NS = )!!

  6. well, true confessions. Mainly I love your avatar so I always read your posts. I can't think of one specifically right now but I figure anyone who with the Incredibles as their avatar has got to be very cool. Is that o.k.? I'm shallow, I admit!!

  7. Have a few minutes and have enjoyed your reading your posts. My dh is teaching on-line again so my on-line life has suffered = )!

  8. Have a few minutes and have enjoyed your reading your posts. My dh is teaching on-line so my on-line life has suffered = )!

    1. hunterhomeschool


      Love your website. Showed husband the pop bottle greenhouse, he was intrigued by that.

  9. Hi Laurie. It is me with my youngest. thanks for the feedback!

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