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  1. Finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See and just began My Man Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse. I'm really going to try to succeed this year with the challenge!
  2. We don't need "classics" suggestions, as she has either already read them or knows of them. What do your teen girls read for fun? Thanks!
  3. We tried everything under the sun for years and finally decided on Acutane. My son is four months into it and his face is completely clear. It was not a decision made lightly, what with the cost and the potential side effects..but, we are very glad we did it. Besides Acutane,the only other thing that helped immensely, was soaking his face in a bowl of saltwater(sea-salt) a few times a day. We accidentally discovered the benefits of saltwater on acne on a trip to the beach.
  4. I have never made one and have always wanted to try one. Thanks!
  5. Does this edition include all the answers to the end of chapter review questions and essay questions--as well as the answers to the section reviews? Thanks!
  6. The most beautiful word to me is: Hallelujah.....I love it!
  7. My ds LOVED The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. He also loved Ender's Game. In fact, there is a great audio version of Ender's Game with a full cast. The Giver is also great!
  8. The general consensus as far as I have gathered has been this: BJU Algebra 1 and 2 are both very good in terms of instruction and rigor. The Geometry and Pre-Calculus books are to be avoided at all costs.
  9. My ds noticed that swimming in our neighborhood saline pool helped his acne tremendously. If you don't have access to one, perhaps soaking in a salt water solution would help. I know it sounds crazy, but I researched the benefits of salt water to acne, and there is something to it. Also, my son had to stop drinking milk and limit his egg intake, as diary was absolutely breaking his face out.
  10. I have a ds who is NOT a reader, so I feel your pain:) I second the recommendation of audio books. I have my son read along with the recordings. I have gotten literally dozens and dozens of good, high- quality books into him this way. A few he has recently enjoyed are: The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins, the first two Ender Games books by Orson Scott Card, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy(not uplifting, or "fun" however), Starship Troopers, The Alchemist, and The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. Hopefully more people will post some good books, as I am ALWAYS on the lookout for more:)
  11. Another fan of pugs here! I have two and they are just wonderful dogs--sweet, playful, sensitive, cuddly, and those expressive little faces:)
  12. Hi Michelle,

    I was just looking back at the college list on the College Board and noticed that you have a ds at Georgia Tech too. Would you share his major and how he likes it there? My ds is a junior (I think). He has a co-op job, and he says he has never studied so much in his life! Thanks.


    Mary in GA

  13. I haven't read all the other replies so forgive me if I repeat:) Here are some that I have read in the past year and really liked. They are all light reading: 1. The Help 2. The Lady's Detective Agency books(all of them are great) 3. The Glass Castle Also, a friend told me that the Nanny Diaries is a great read. I plan on reading that this summer.
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