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  1. My dh has been known to "choke" during the drive thru. One time he accidentally ordered more milkshakes than planned - and in the largest sizes. The kids were thrilled!
  2. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures. And wedding glitches make great memories. Well, usually anyway!
  3. We can't be the only ones...
  4. This topic made me laugh because I was just remembering an INFAMOUS birthday party at which my youngest had just blown out the birthday candles when she puked. And - I'm not exaggerating - within 24 hours, everyone in that room (10 of us!) were suffering from the worst tummy bug ever. At least two of my kids were puking on the car ride home, which was 1.5 hours, by the way)! My parents are still so scarred from it that they insist they need an apartment with two bathrooms when they (hopefully) move. Looking back, it was actually a fascinating case of contagious illness, but it was brutal at the time, especially in my house where there were 6 of us "purging" at once - some from both ends. (Shudder)
  5. This thread is so timely. I've been wondering the same thing about my youngest. The replies have been reassuring. The Hive delivers yet again! Thanks all. 😁
  6. You've gotten some great feedback already, but I have a couple of things to mention. Since you asked, we went in July a few years ago as part of a cross country trip and camped there for 2 nights. We were fairly hardcore and got up and in the car between 5-6 AM to avoid the crowds. It was not easy or pleasant to crawl out of the tents that early, but it was so worth it to get a few stops mostly to ourselves before the crowds showed up. We explored from 6-11ish, went back to the campsite for lunch and naps/down time, then back out again for mid afternoon until dinner. It worked well for us. Someone above mentioned the mess that other travelers left behind. This was especially true with some of the bathrooms! Most disgusting bathrooms I've ever seen. My kids learned that in some cultures, people stand on top of the toilet seat (even though signs showed in pictures how the toilet was to be used) and there were poop and used toilet paper on the ground, etc. I would rather have had my kids go in a gallon zip lock behind a bush! I'm sure it's not always like that, but I was shocked and wished I had known. On the upside, it's truly a unique and amazing park. We stopped at several parks on our trip and that was one of my favorites, mainly because of the variety of things to see. We had downloaded an app that used GPS to narrate sites as we drove. The whole family enjoyed that and it helped us find things we would have missed without it. I'm not sure which one we used (sorry!), but I know we paid for it and it was worth it. Oh, and we entered from the northeast and the drive was spectacular. Stunning views, if a bit stressful to drive!
  7. I definitely haven't kept up with this thread, but I am interested in you mentioning being itchy. I had my first Pfizer on a Thursday and woke up Monday morning with itchy hands and feet, which eventually spread to lots of other areas, some of which had hives. I wasn't sure if it was because of the vaccine since I've been dealing with some other issues lately. My quick searching online didn't show others having hives/rashes after Pfizer, but now I wonder. Has anyone read this whole thread and seen this mentioned?
  8. No encouraging stories, because I'm right there with you! This is the time of the year I typically struggle (SAD related), but it's much worse with Covid isolation. I just try to recognize when I'm close to "the edge" (e.g., lose my temper quicker, etc.) and try to make time for myself, which usually helps a bit, at least temporarily. That is another thing that's harder under Covid because in the past, I would have had a girls night out, but that's not really an option at the moment. So doing little things, like making time to read for pleasure, doing my nails or watching a favorite movie have had to do. I admit, it's not as effective. I also do better when I have a consistent quiet time in the morning, and exercise more regularly. I hope you get through your burnout. Just know that you're not alone!
  9. I remember you and your son, and feeling so inspired by you both and the way you endured such a difficult time. I am so sorry about the loss of your husband, and will be praying for you.
  10. YES!! I struggle with the brand of perfectionism that means if I don't think I'm able to do it well, I won't start. I really like your idea of defining doable tasks, and that has worked for me with cleaning (alas, not always), so I'll give that a try. Oh, and I also have photos and slides from my MIL and DH's aunt. Those are a whole lot easier for me to purge because who wants to see scenery from trips taken with poor quality cameras from the 60s-80s?? Wow, your books sound amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to detail what you did. Thankfully, I kept journals of memories and some milestones, so those should be useful. And I am considering using a service for the scanning. I have taken digital photos of some pictures (using an app that eliminates glare), but I think the quality would be better with scanning. Thanks also for mentioning how you lost data when your hard drive crashed. I'm so sorry that happened to you, but it's a good cautionary tale for all of us. Our (at least my) generation fears losing precious memorabilia in a house fire, but data loss is so much more common! We do have our digital photos backed up in several places. All the more reason to deal with those boxes of photos!! In fact, I just pulled out a box of my high school albums, and it had gotten wet somehow! Argh! Another project to add to my list.
  11. Thanks so much for the feedback. I think this stems from the fact that my mom made a baby book for me, which I cherish, and my mother in law made one for my husband. But it's so funny that there is one book for the baby stage, and one book for everything else, because people didn't take nearly as many pictures as we do now!! I considered asking my son, but I had kind of wanted to keep this a surprise, as part of his graduation present or something. In reality, I realize that no one is going to want to see 100 pictures of the same baby, no matter how cute he/she was, but it's really hard to just discard photos. I'll probably just pick my favorites, put them into a digital book, put the prints in a box, and move on. I would love to hear what others have done, especially if they look back now and wish they did it differently.
  12. I feel like an awful mother. I still haven't made baby books for my kids, and my oldest is 20!! I think my problem is that I get overwhelmed just thinking about how big of a job it's going to be, and I never get started. I have been thinking about it recently because DS is turning 18 soon, and his school asked for pictures for a slide show they are hoping to play at graduation, which got me looking at photos again. His book seemed less intimidating at first since, let's face it - the second child doesn't typically have as many pictures as the first! But when I started looking through them, there are still a LOT! And some of the best pictures are in print form, which means I'll need to scan them. Then there's deciding on how to do it. I have already decided on getting books printed through Shutterfly (or similar service), but I mean how to divide them up. I was thinking of one album for the baby book, which would ideally include some written memories in addition to photos, then other albums for ages 1-5 and 6-18, or something like that. Then (again, ideal world), putting all of the photos on a memory stick. So here is what I'm wondering, if you have done baby books/photo albums for your kids : * how did you do it? * do you wish you did anything differently? * what did you do with the prints that you didn't use? (or if you scanned them and used digital versions) * how in the heck did you decide which pictures to use and which to leave out? In some ways, I'm really glad I didn't do it when the kids were babies. There's no way I could have left pictures out, unless they were blurry or something, which would mean I'd have 10 books of the first year for each child!! Plus, I would have made scrapbooks, with stickers and fancy papers, etc. I like the digitally made albums better. I just need help getting started. The funny thing is, DS probably won't care too much. DD (my oldest) would love it, but hers is a WAY bigger job, since most of her pictures are prints for the first couple of years, so there's a lot more to scan, and some are actually in slide format, including some that I would hate to leave out. So I'd have to figure out how to scan slides. At least for my younger two, the photos are all digital. And there are probably a lot fewer. Ugh. Help?
  13. This is what I was going to recommend. My DH bought me some pricey ones last year for Christmas (I never would have spent that much on myself!), but let me tell you - game changer!!! I have Reynauds, so when my feet get cold, it is really hard to warm them up, and impossible to fall asleep with them like that. I tried slippers with a rice sack insert that goes in the microwave, but first of all, I never wanted to go heat it up, especially if I was in bed, and second, it only warmed the bottom of my feet. The heated socks do an amazing job, and I like that I can recharge the batteries. My DS got some this Christmas for when he goes skiing, but his are the cheaper kind, and there's only a band of heating coils that goes around part of his foot. The batteries don't have a zippered pocket to sit in like mine do, so he finds them coming loose and dangling down occasionally. Anyway, I highly recommend them.
  14. Either way, so hilarious. Can you imagine being the judge? "You know what? You're acquitted of all charges." I mean, how do you carry on a serious case after that?
  15. We were just watching this! I cried laughing. So funny! But I want to know who the guy in the upper right is - the client, maybe?? Can you imagine?!? Yep, that's my lawyer, my fate is in his hands. 🤣
  16. Ugh, as if 2020 wasn't hard enough! What a horrible shock. I will be praying for RI and for your family. Hang in there and try to take care of yourself. If anyone offers to help, ask them to bring over some of those bottled smoothie drinks. When you are under stress and spending time at the hospital, it can be a challenge to eat well. When my child was in the hospital for 9 days (very different circumstances), I really appreciated a friend providing those to me. Any quick and easy, nutritious snacks would do. ❤️
  17. I also recommend the ScanSnap. It's fantastic! It also runs OCR (if you want it to) so you can search for a document by a keyword. Oh wait, that might be Evernote, which is what I was going to recommend you use to organize what you scan. It's so helpful, and I have an app on my phone so I can pull up documents on the go. I am far behind on my scanning, but I always feel better when I have scanned things in. You can also take pictures of papers (or kid's artwork!) and keep it organized. You can tag documents and/or keep them in folders called notebooks. You can also clip things from online, like recipes or articles and keep them for later. I love it. And since it's backed up online, I toss or shred everything. Highly recommend it!
  18. Why, thank you. I thought it was a good idea myself! It took some time (I did tell her that she deserved a break so wasn't expecting a response anytime soon) but she did respond to me. She said the party line "we don't know yet what school will look like in the fall" followed by something like "if you choose to homeschool, we will do our best to partner with you and share resources" or something like that. I had mentioned in my email that by partnering with families like that, they would be able to retain funding by still being able to count those kids as students. I'm hopeful things will work out.
  19. I guess I don't know how to quote. I rarely post so I haven't learned how to do that! Anyway, @Pen and @MEmamaare in a similar situation as me with my oldest. I homeschooled until 8th, but he's an extrovert and really needed more social interaction (among other things). Public school has been a great fit for him and if the school reopened at all, he is the one child I would consider sending. He doesn't care much about dances but would miss the day to day social stuff and the overall Senior year experience. Oh look, that worked! Excuse me while I figure this out, lol. The above quote is what I'm hoping for, along with access to the online resources. @Arctic Mama you mentioned just some of the reasons I don't want to send me kids back. They haven't decided what school will be like yet, but I imagine it will be similar to what you described. It sounds like a nightmare!! @PerfectFifth congrats on your grads! It's a tough time to graduate too. And yes, wearing masks all day is just rough all around. Like I said, they will most likely be home, but I'm struggling to wrap my brain around how that's going to work.
  20. I thought my homeschool days were behind me. After homeschooling for around 16 years or so, all the kids were in public school, and things were going (over all) well. I won't go into the reasons I stopped homeschooling (number 1 reason is that I got burned out, but there were other factors), but let's just say that I never thought I would do it again, unless maybe one of my kids had a situation crop up that required it, but I didn't think that was likely. Lol, thanks Covid-19! Ugh!! (I'm logging in on my phone so I can't see my sig but I'm guessing it's woefully out of date. Kids still at home are 17, 11 & 7, so Senior, 6th grade and 2nd, which means 3 different schools because middle school is 5th-8th here - don't get me started!) Very long story short, "remote learning" was not fun. Each child's experience was different, but none were awesome. Dh and I have been following this dang virus since late January - in fact, right around the time the Covid-19 thread started. I feel like I know more than the average person about all of this, and our family has been rather cautious. At this point, I can't fathom a scenario that includes my dh and I being comfortable sending our kids back to school. I also can't stomach the possibility of doing remote learning again, especially with my youngest, who needed the most supervision, and my main goal was to get through the required materials without swearing (out loud) in front of her!! I have already written to the superintendent, who has actually been pretty awesome throughout, and she even took the time to reply. My email was long, and included some suggestions, one of which was to consider a modified remote learning/homeschooling hybrid, where families would have access to the curriculum and resources the school provides, but the flexibility to go at our own pace and substitute materials as we see fit, and to report less frequently. Under remote learning, we had to submit work every week, which was really annoying, especially since our internet was stretched thin with all of us working and schooling at the same time. My suggestion was to allow us to report monthly, if not just at the end of the year. My reason for proposing this was that I hope to transition my kids back to school once I feel it is safe to do so, and I want them to be at the same level academically. But I find myself in a state of denial about what next year will be like. I should mention that I started a part-time job last fall, and juggling that (thankfully I can work from home) with the kids at home has been challenging. My youngest is a handful and has taken full advantage of the time that I'm working. Helping herself to ice cream at random times or bringing toads in the house, etc.! She is strong willed and independent and I don't know how I'm going to handle homeschooling her!! I don't even know what I'm hoping to hear from you all, other than maybe support for the crazy times we're in, and what you think next school year might be like for you. I sold or gave away almost all of my curriculum. I feel like I should be preparing now, but everything is so up in the air, and I feel like I'm using most of my energy to just get through each day. And to keep my newly expanded garden growing because of likely food shortages. Gah! It's a lot to process! Help?
  21. I really hope this isn't true (I can't find it listed anywhere else online, so I'm skeptical), although he has been sick... I'm mainly posting this since I haven't seen anyone mention this possibility, and the impact it would have. I'm not Catholic, but I'll be praying for him! https://mcmnt.com/vatican-confirms-pope-francis-and-two-aides-test-positive-for-coronavirus/
  22. The pedestrian is referring her to a different GI specialist, and agrees it's likely time to do further testing. Other than encouraging her to drink more, I will probably not make any significant changes to her diet until she is seen. Thanks again for the feedback.
  23. Drinking enough fluids has always been a struggle, especially when she is in school all day. I've tried various things to get her to drink more, but it's hit or miss. I am definitely going to push for more help from her doctor. We had tried an elimination diet a couple of years ago, with no noticeable change. Interesting about some people getting constipated with increased fiber - I had never heard of that! I'm not familiar with a scope for checking for celiac. What does that entail? There's SO much conflicting information out there about celiac, testing and diet. It's very frustrating to sift through it all. We are braving nasty weather to head to her annual physical soon, so any last minute things to ask her pedestrian? Thanks, all!
  24. I'll have to look back at the results to see what exactly they tested for, but this is helpful. Thanks.
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