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  1. I also recommend the ScanSnap. It's fantastic! It also runs OCR (if you want it to) so you can search for a document by a keyword. Oh wait, that might be Evernote, which is what I was going to recommend you use to organize what you scan. It's so helpful, and I have an app on my phone so I can pull up documents on the go. I am far behind on my scanning, but I always feel better when I have scanned things in. You can also take pictures of papers (or kid's artwork!) and keep it organized. You can tag documents and/or keep them in folders called notebooks. You can also clip things from online, lik
  2. Why, thank you. I thought it was a good idea myself! It took some time (I did tell her that she deserved a break so wasn't expecting a response anytime soon) but she did respond to me. She said the party line "we don't know yet what school will look like in the fall" followed by something like "if you choose to homeschool, we will do our best to partner with you and share resources" or something like that. I had mentioned in my email that by partnering with families like that, they would be able to retain funding by still being able to count those kids as students. I'm hopeful things will work
  3. I guess I don't know how to quote. I rarely post so I haven't learned how to do that! Anyway, @Pen and @MEmamaare in a similar situation as me with my oldest. I homeschooled until 8th, but he's an extrovert and really needed more social interaction (among other things). Public school has been a great fit for him and if the school reopened at all, he is the one child I would consider sending. He doesn't care much about dances but would miss the day to day social stuff and the overall Senior year experience. Oh look, that worked! Excuse me while I figure this out, lol. The
  4. I thought my homeschool days were behind me. After homeschooling for around 16 years or so, all the kids were in public school, and things were going (over all) well. I won't go into the reasons I stopped homeschooling (number 1 reason is that I got burned out, but there were other factors), but let's just say that I never thought I would do it again, unless maybe one of my kids had a situation crop up that required it, but I didn't think that was likely. Lol, thanks Covid-19! Ugh!! (I'm logging in on my phone so I can't see my sig but I'm guessing it's woefully out of date. Kids still at home
  5. I really hope this isn't true (I can't find it listed anywhere else online, so I'm skeptical), although he has been sick... I'm mainly posting this since I haven't seen anyone mention this possibility, and the impact it would have. I'm not Catholic, but I'll be praying for him! https://mcmnt.com/vatican-confirms-pope-francis-and-two-aides-test-positive-for-coronavirus/
  6. The pedestrian is referring her to a different GI specialist, and agrees it's likely time to do further testing. Other than encouraging her to drink more, I will probably not make any significant changes to her diet until she is seen. Thanks again for the feedback.
  7. Drinking enough fluids has always been a struggle, especially when she is in school all day. I've tried various things to get her to drink more, but it's hit or miss. I am definitely going to push for more help from her doctor. We had tried an elimination diet a couple of years ago, with no noticeable change. Interesting about some people getting constipated with increased fiber - I had never heard of that! I'm not familiar with a scope for checking for celiac. What does that entail? There's SO much conflicting information out there about celiac, testing and diet. It's very frustrating to
  8. I'll have to look back at the results to see what exactly they tested for, but this is helpful. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the quick responses. She eats very little dairy, but I think it's worth eliminating completely for awhile. Gluten would be harder, but I'm sure we could do it. There is such conflicting and confusing info out there about food sensitivities. Both the pedestrian and the GI specialist seemed to take the blood results as proof that food sensitivities were not to blame.
  10. She just turned 7, and has battled recurring constipation for almost 5 years, despite daily consumption of miralax, fiber gummies and probiotics, combined with a high fiber diet. She often complains of belly pain, which we treat by heating up a rice pack for her and giving her minty ginger extract, which was recommended by a pediatric GI specialist. She has her annual physical tomorrow with her pediatrician, and I'm wondering what questions I should ask, or testing I should request. She had blood testing about a year ago to check for allergies to dairy, eggs and gluten, which all came back neg
  11. We were SO close to being in this category. We traveled across the country (stopping at lots of other great places, but still) to go there. While we visited Yellowstone, we learned that wildfires help rejuvenate the land by burning off the older trees so the younger ones can get the sunlight they need to thrive, but it still stinks if you have made plans/spent money to travel there only to find the place filled with smoke. I remember at least one other post about planning a cross country trip, and I figured it was worth it to post a warning to other families that might not have heard abou
  12. The wildfire nearby has filled Yosemite Valley with smoke. The air quality is awful, and visibility is diminished so much that you can't see the beautiful views. I don't know why they are keeping the park open, or why people are still going. We were there last week and had to leave early. The fire has grown a lot since then, and has gotten closer to the park. We were hiking in Zion National Park yesterday and got chatting with a family about it. A guy stopped to listen and I could tell I just ruined his day. His family was planning to visit and they had no idea about the fire! He decided right
  13. We were just there with our family as part of a road trip. I *hate* Vegas, mostly because of the smoke (cigars are the worst!!), but the scantily clad ladies, etc. aren't great either. I wouldn't have added it to our agenda, but dh sold me with the Hoover dam. Our stay ended up getting extended because we had to "flee" Yosemite due to smoke from the nearby wildfire. Anyway, I definitely recommend Airbnb, preferably with a pool. It was SO hot!! Even quick walks from the car to a store were brutal, let alone all the walking involved on the strip. I found a great list of things to do with kids, b
  14. That sounds so very difficult. Praying that he experiences relief very soon, and that you can endure the tough times and perhaps find some respite.
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