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    This is the DVDs version (not just audio-only) of the Teaching Company's History of the United States, 2nd Ed. Covering the entire span of American history, This course features 14 DVDs, and a total of 84 half-hour lectures (42 hours of lecture total). The professors for this course are the esteemed Civil War Historian Gary Gallagher (from UVa), Professor Patrick Allitt from Emory College, and Professor Allen Guelzo from Gettysburg College. Taught by excellent college professors, this is a good survey course for high school U.S. History, as an audio addition to an AP U.S. History course, or as a stand-alone. To read more about this product: http://www.thegreatcourses.com/tgc/courses/course_detail.aspx?cid=8500 As we all know, Great Courses vary in price throughout the year (right now they're selling this for 700!, ridiculous). At their awesome Christmas sale, you can find this DVD set selling new for $185. Amazon's lowest priced DVD set is $92. I'm offering it for $90. I accept Paypal. Shipping is included (U.S. only)



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    Selling a Sonlight "Intro to World History" Instructor's Guide, which includes history/lit/Bible schedule, readers, read-alouds, AND the science schedule (including science worksheets). This is an earlier edition, from 2002. There's only a few differences to the curriculum, and those book changes are listed on Sonlight blogs/forums. It comes in a blue Sonlight binder and includes the 4-day/5-day schedule. It lists 2nd grade readers and advanced readers (no Language Arts though). There are small, faint pencil marks on just five pages, mostly in the form of checkmarks to the schedule. I found Sonlight B's books very easy to put together for cheap. There's always people selling the books used online, either on Homeschool Classifieds, eBay, or right here on the Classifieds. Selling it for $25ppd or best offer. I accept Paypal.


  3. Sparknotes - They point out themes/ motifs/ symbols, give you the scoop on characters' personalities, and some of the quiz questions are okay too (but avoid the - In what place did Anne of Green Gables sneeze? - questions). Is Anne interested by the real world, or in imagining the world a little different than it is now? Why did Marilla initially hesitate to let Anne stay? What are Anne's thoughts on fashion? What are the other characters' thoughts on fashion? Does Anne like having red hair? (Her opinion changes over time, so just asking the Q will help daughter pick up on

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    PENDING This is the full parent/homeschool package, selling for $80 on Borenson's website, or $55 + shipping if you use the 30% coupon on Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. It is like-new. I am selling it for $40ppd. The kit includes the three levels of lessons, the twenty-seven worksheets, the Verbal Problems Introductory Workbook (120 word problems), the DVD demonstrating each lesson, and the pawns/cubes/place mat. The basic version (just pawns/cubes/ worksheets, no DVD & Words Problems) is $35 + 7 shipping, and the difference is that this deluxe version includes the Instructional DVD and the Introductory Word Problems book. So, for the price of just the worksheets, pawns, and dice, you can get the 120 word problems and 27-lesson DVD as well! The word problems book sells for $35 by itself, and its what really makes the program strong. I accept Paypal. Again, I'm selling it for $40ppd.


  5. That is definitely a common complaint about IXL, that it can be frustrating to get a 100. You could be tantalizingly close, then miss a question carelessly, and then have to solve another six problems to get back up to a 100. Make one additional mistake, and well then you're in a vicious loop that can be frustrating for a kid who is doing 6 out of every 7 problems correctly. The good news is that a 100 isn't the end-all-be-all, and IXL representatives encourage setting the bar at 80 or 90 for this reason (they view a 'Smartscore' of 80 as mastery). Now if only they'd adjust that Smartscore a l
  6. Homeschool Buyers Co-op has it now for $49 a year. I was guesstimating when I said $35. Schools pay $7 a student per year for an IXL license. Between the reduced cost, the program's attention to state standards and test-prep skills, and the many generated reports on a teacher's thirty kids in a classroom, it's easy to see why it has become popular in schools. It's cheaper than a workbook, and yet students can perform 10,000 problems on it, across hundreds of math skills, over the course of the year while getting instant feedback. As to your question about Khan Academy, Khan Academy ha
  7. Rosie, thanks for introducing me to Auslan. I mean, now that I think about it, it makes sense that it being called *American* Sign Language would imply the existence of sign languages of other English speaking countries, but I was taken aback for a moment (plus the name is cool, "Auslan", like the Narnia lion). What was most surprising is that even the basics, like finger spelling, is completely different. In that way, it seems learning ASL and then learning Auslan (even though both are loosely based off of English) would be more difficult than learning English and then learning Spanish,
  8. Also, since writing is a weakness for him, he could practice his oral speaking skills through the recording of his worksheet answers. Find something that allows him to start/stop the recording (so there's not all the wasted pause time as he formulates answers). That way he can complete things independently without getting slowed down by his processing skills in writing when you're assisting others or doing other tasks. You could then check his answers later. Him hearing himself on the play-back will also help the concepts 'stick', because we're naturally self-conscious and self-interested in
  9. Do a google search on "Five Levels of Gifted". There's a book and even an assessment test. I don't know how accurate it all is, and I've only read the online portions of the theory without reading the whole book, but I was impressed at how it described me. Your daughter seems to have a lot of level 5 traits, and I was level 4 mostly. Public school testing showed that I had high school level reading comprehension in third grade, and by fifth grade I could have scored the average SAT for graduating seniors (I took it in 6th grade and got a 1200). I graduated early, and still ended up by all

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    PENDING Does your daughter drool over the American Girl catalogues? Do you wince at the $100+ price tag for the dolls? Today's your daughter's lucky day... I no longer have a need for my American Girl from childhood. For the cost of shipping (less than $20), I would like for have my doll have a new home. She has been well-loved already, but for the most part she still looks pretty. Defects are as follows: Her hair needs a little combing in the back with the wire doll brush, although there is no permanent damage to it (no impossible tangles). She has a tiny brown "birthmark" on her back upper thigh, white paint-like specks on her cheeks ("freckles"), and a barely noticable dent on her nose (a "scar"). I've attached photos so you can see that you can see her. While she is not new and can't be passed off for new, she still has a lot of life left in her and looks pretty good. She has vibrant green eyes, and red/brown hair. She comes with a striped t-shirt, magenta underwear, a red jumper, and black ballet flats. The shirt and underwear are like new, the shoes are worn/faded but keepable, and the jumper needs replaced. Ebay has extra American Girl outfits for less than $15, or you can get an outfit from A.G. that matches your daughter's interests or a historical time period. This would be great for a family on a budget trying to satisfy their daughter's AG craving without breaking the bank, or to add as a taglong friend to a family that already owns a historical doll. Dolls have more fun when there are two friends playing together! I have Paypal and am asking $20 for her, but I will refund the portion not used by shipping. I am hoping that I can get it mailed to you for less than $10. Less than the price of one Barbie!


  11. Kitchen Table Math has three volumes that will run you up through middle school. They are sorta like the BFSU threads, but they list all the math topics you should hit upon without delving into very detailed lesson plans. Following just this book, you'll have to get creative on your questioning strategies and the exploratory activities you do with each math topic, because "playing with nickels and dimes" just doesn't cut it. If it's the structured teacher manual aspect of BFSU you like, I like Mathematics Made Meaningful by Quine. While I don't feel that his books are accurately aligned to
  12. When a child's inattentiveness and multi-track mind are more of a personality quirk, they could be managed without needing medication. When it affects their ability to do ordinary daily tasks, like writing a word or being able to complete a conversation without flitting about, then I'd advise medication. I fall into the former category (people come up to me a lot at my job and say, "You have ADD, don't you", but it affects me the same way that being short or being bilingual might affect someone else, making things not necessarily worse, just different). I know a lot of people in the second
  13. AP is a trademarked name, so schools and individuals can only list that they took an "AP .... course" if they get the approval of the syllabus. For a homeschool, what really matters is what your kid scored on an AP course. You could go through the whole CollegeBoard approval process, but if your child gets a 1 (out of 5), then it's not like they were successful. A child who doesn't take an official AP course yet earns a 5 still demonstrates that they have mastered the course content and are ready for college. [A 5 shows that they are a capable, advanced student, a 4 is admirable as well, and a
  14. Sadlier Oxford's vocab is available at Vocabtest. It might be a good site to check out to determine what level is correct for your daughter before you order, or if you wouldn't mind vocabulary becoming more of a online game activity rather than a structured workbook.
  15. Also, since you want to teach him to 20s, teach it as (10+4) x 8 instead of 14x8. 10 x8 is 80 and 4x8 is 32, so the answer is 112. Personally, I draw a box with the 10 + 4 above the two empty box/squares, and the 8 to the side. Then I do the two multiplications, writing their individual answers in their boxes (similar to a tiny multiplication chart) and add the products mentally. I wasn't taught this way, but after learning the box method for multiplying algebraic polynomials I have since converted everything into the box method. Similarly, when doing multidigit multiplication 4567 x 34
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