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  1. Or, if you’re trying to avoid screen time, Beast has some free puzzles and samples you can download from their website. They also have a book of just math puzzles that your child may find interesting. It came out after my kids had passed that stage, so we didn’t use it, but it looks fun. https://beastacademy.com/books/puzzles2
  2. You might take a look at Beast Academy. It's a fantastic resource for kids who love math and don't need lots of review. You could also move from a spiral curriculum (like Saxon) to a mastery curriculum like Singapore, Beast, or Math Mammoth. The mastery curriculums focus on one topic at a time, without a lot of built in review. You can move more quickly through the lessons / topics because you can more easily compress or skip lessons if the child doesn't need them. There's also something to be said about allowing the child to explore more deeply rather than more quickly - sounds lik
  3. I posted a very similar question a few months ago! Here you go—
  4. Time Left: 26 days and 1 hour

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    Singapore Dimensions 6A and 6B Set: Teacher’s Guide 6A https://shop.singaporemath.com/index.php/product/dimensions-math-teachers-guide-6a/ Teacher’s Guide 6B https://shop.singaporemath.com/index.php/product/dimensions-math-teachers-guide-6b/ Textbook 6A https://shop.singaporemath.com/index.php/product/dimensions-math-textbook-6a/ Textbook 6B https://shop.singaporemath.com/index.php/product/dimensions-math-textbook-6b/ Light pencil writing in a handful of places where I corrected typos (hopefully less confusing for you!). Otherwise excellent condition. Spine shows normal wear, pages clean and without creases. You would need to buy the workbooks separately (We wrote in our workbooks). $60 includes cost of shipping by media mail.


  5. I was going to write something, but @freesia’s answer is so much better than mine.
  6. My understanding is that the different color workbook are the same level of difficulty- they just provide different sets of exercises to help the student review and master concepts.
  7. Weird. It shows up as an image, but only the first page. Lemme try again— https://welltrainedmind.com/wp-content/uploads/Recommendations-for-using-GFTWTM-with-Your-Student.pdf?v=7516fd43adaa
  8. It depends on the lesson, but many of the lessons are quite dense, especially as you move into the latter half of the book. My DD spends about 30 min +/- 15 on the lessons, not including the portion where it’s a dialog between parent and child - that part usually takes ~15 min. I don’t know if you’ve seen, but SWB put out a document with recommendations on how to pace GWTM. I’ll try to find it and post it here. For DD, we do grammar twice a week, and spread purple book over 2 years.
  9. If you want some skip counting songs / chants to help learn multiplication tables, hit me up by PM and I’d be happy to share the ones I made up for my son. They worked well for him. I taught him one chant/song every month or so, and he had them memorized within 6 months or so. We’d just chant / sing it every morning for a few weeks until it was second nature. (This assumes your child understands multiplication as repeated addition)
  10. Welcome to the boards! All About Reading and Singapore are both great, solid programs! If you are diligent in implementing the programs, your DD should make good progress. I wouldn’t rush either program for the sake of catching up. Those are foundational skills (phonics, basic number sense and arithmetic), and you want her to have a solid foundation. It doesn’t sound like you have any concern about learning differences — if so, she will probably naturally “catch up” to grade level without you having to rush the programs. If she seems to grasp concepts quickly, move forward more quickly.
  11. The IP book also has some word problems that are on par with the CWP. For each section in the IP, it starts with pure drill (we oftne skip those), then very basic word problems, then some challenging word problems. Do you get a little of everything!
  12. @8filltheheartstarted a FB group awhile ago for those interested in discussing the HOW of designing customized curricula and courses of studies for our DC. However, I think it lacked critical mass and folded. I was pretty bummed. But there are still at least some of us who are very interested in what you describe. I hope you post specific topics on the forum and just see what responses you get! I for one would be happy to throw out ideas and resources if I think they might be helpful (if I know the topics and ages). These kinds of questions (and hopefully answers) might help revitalize the b
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