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  1. Many immigrant churches are like this - not in a demanding way, but in a high opportunity way, as one PP mentioned. For immigrant churches, teh church serves both a religious and a social function, and it’s comfortable to center ones life around it
  2. I’m planning to do the same! We will still mask in public and minimize trips to public spaces, but I will get on a plane and fly to see my parents
  3. I'm interested in perspectives from non evangelicals and non exvangelicals, too 🙂 I should have made the title of the thread less exclusive! That's what happens when you post at close to midnight...
  4. You could check out Critical Thinking Company’s Balance Benders or Balance Math and More?
  5. Science: We use BFSU, discussion style. We discuss the concepts and take rabbit trails to watch related YouTube videos or read related books and articles. I do not give any tests. I require a lot of narrative summaries and explanations from the kids during our discussions, in order to check comprehension. History: One child (will be 6th) will finish SOTW4 next year. We schedule history 2/ week. This child reads and outlines half the chapter one day, reads and write a written narration of the other half of the chapter on the other day. The written narration goes into a timeline.
  6. Sorry here is the quote— how did you build that community (one that prizes learning) for yourself and or your kids? ETA- I can contact you by pm, since this is a total tangent from the thread
  7. How were you able to do this? Were you Able to do it in-person for yourself and your kids? Or just for yourself, or just for your kids?
  8. I have never used that kind of kit but homesciencetools.com usually has good kits
  9. Oh wait, it might be in a different book that he wrote, Less Than Words Can Say - I don’t remember which one off they top of my head. They are both very entertaining reads. You can get a taste for his style here: https://sourcetext.com/writing-against-your-life/ Tagging @Not_a_Numberbecause I think you might find his writings interesting food for thought.
  10. https://smile.amazon.com/Graves-Academe-Richard-Mitchell/dp/1888173920/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=graves+of+academe&qid=1618339457&sprefix=graves+of+academe&sr=8-1
  11. This reminds me of Richard Mitchell’s Graves of Academe and his scathing criticism of teacher training programs... I thought he was being hyperbolic but maybe not.
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