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    Pros and Cons of Classical Writing?

    We've been using Memoria Press's Classical Composition for the last 2 years. DD is completing Narrative (2nd level) soon. So far with these first 2 levels, it has been very open-and-go. It is not as "fun" as CAP - CAP has a more colorful layout and casual tone. CC has a very formal tone. Take a look at the samples online to compare. CC doesn't teach traditional (school format) essay writing, MLA format research papers, etc. so be aware you will have to add that in separately when your student reaches that stage. I haven't started CC with DS yet, but plan to do so next year when he's technically in 4th grade. DD has done well with CC and we plan to continue the series.

    Hands on Science for elementary aged AL

    If money is no object, most of the Tinker Crates are wonderful for hands on science. Each kit comes with a "magazine" that explains the science. My kids received it as a gift. If the grandparents don't know what to get for the next birthday, you could suggest this...

    ISO: HS or college level Anatomy and Physiology

    The gold standard human physiology text (if you need a supplemental text) is Guyton and Hall’s Medical Physiology
  4. It looks like a solid amount of work for a 6 year old. With a newborn, I’d personally be exhausted trying to add in a different spelling + critical thinking when the other programs you listed are quite mom- intensive. Does he like to read? I’d make sure there are lots of great books lying around and encourage him to read what is of interest to him during the time that is freed up, ....or, just play with his sibs! There is great, great value in playing together as a family. Your current choices look very comprehensive- I wouldn’t second guess things. My vote is for family play and adventures!

    Favorite "Fun" math books?

    G is for Googol was a hit with DD when she was younger.

    At-home exercise for kids

    My kids recently made their own fit deck. We run as a family (right now 1-1.5 miles at a time, but their stamina is improving) and do their Fit Deck. If we each choose 5 exercises and do something in between in exercise (like jumping jacks), it takes us 15 -20 min. It helps my younger one if there is some incentive or competition involved.
  7. Here is another idea for you. It's not knitting / crochet or embroidery, but it will be much less frustrating for a 6.5 year old. The book is incredible. Both my kids (boy and girl) and their cousins were crazy about this book. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The materials needed are inexpensive and easy to source from Michael's or a similar store. Our house was literally overrun with fairies. Seriously, this book gave us some of our most precious memories as a family! That sounds a bit hyperbolic, but I think my kids would say the same!
  8. I personally think a garter stitch knit is the easiest to learn. DD 10 and DS8 both learned to knit this year. I tried teaching DD a few years ago and she was able to pick up knitting, but it was challenging for her. Now knitting is pretty easy for her and she picked up crochet readily. A 6.5 year old might struggle a little but with patience they could definitely learn!

    High vocabulary Picture books

    In my library, they have a section if fairy tale picture books. Many of them have amazing illustrations and advanced vocabulary. You could see if your local library has a similar section. The librarian will probably be able to help you.
  10. I see 2 major purposes for online classes: 1) either the parent lacks the time, interest or expertise to teach / coach the material, or 2) the child needs external accountability and deadlines or he/she won't be able to complete the work. It sounds like your son is excited and highly motivated about math (so probably doesn't need the accountability), and it sounds like you're capable and interested in facilitating his learning at this level (plus you have the online resources). You could save the money for other classes later, or even for family bonding experiences now ? -- family memories might be more precious and life giving for our kids than an online class!
  11. JHLWTM

    What curriculum covers progymnasmata?

    edited because I was on my phone earlier and sent only a half response....sorry! We use MP’s Classical Composition. It looks dry, but DD and I have been very pleased with it so far (we're in Narrative). It is easy to use, fairly open and go. The lessons are broken up over 2 weeks so that no one day is too overwhelming. DD is picking up great skills. The copia exercises help the child express a thought in many different ways. There is also a lot of practice outlining and retelling from different points of view. The program does choose stories that use rather elevated or archaic language. If your child is not used to that style, it may require a bit of transition.
  12. JHLWTM

    Non-historical literature centered history

    We use a textbook like SOTW or the Oxford University Press series as a spine. Then we add other resources depending on the time period, for example David Macaulay books, Elizabeth Mann books, biographies such as those by Diane Stanley, etc. The OUP series has a book of primary source documents, and those are great to add in as well. Finally, if there are easy field trips (were studying ancient South Asia so we went to a Diwali festival), we try to throw a field trip in to the mix.
  13. JHLWTM

    Ancient China and/or Japan

    Elizabeth Mann has a nice book on the Great Wall
  14. Costco has an incredible book of historical maps!! DK History of the World Map by Map It is amazing!
  15. For me, it was when I was super irritable, found no joy in daily tasks, and saw any request or need as an intrusion.
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