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  1. Thank you! Stripe, he would like to go full-time. Kassia, I think that's what I'm trying to determine, is if he would fully transfer and graduate from the public school, or if, since it's only a year, if he would just attend classes there and they would be added to the homeschool transcript, just like one might take CC classes.
  2. Hi! It's been a while since I've been on this forum, so hello! I am homeschooling my last child, who is a high school junior this year. He thought about going to a brick and mortar school last year, and attending one of the local public schools for his last two years of high school, but with the pandemic and everyone learning online anyway, he decided to continue homeschooling. He would really like to go to school for his senior year, though. Does anyone have any experience with a student going to school for just their final year? I am looking for advice on how this will work. The local school is open to accepting credits from "certified" classes. For other classes, they will allow the student to take an SOL-type test for the credit and if they pass (60%), they will get the credit but not a grade. I am trying to figure out how this will work in terms of graduating and a transcript. Would it be better for him to just attend the school next year, but not actually graduate from it, and then add those classes to his homeschool transcript? I would love to hear from anyone whose student attended a public school for their senior year. Additionally, he is interested in playing college sports and is talking to coaches now. If he plays D3 it won't be an issue, but if he should be recruited for a D1 school, then I'm not sure how that will work. I would appreciate any help or advice on either front. Thanks for any advice or stories you have to share!
  3. Oh eaglei, I absolutely remember you and your family. I haven't visited this forum in a while and was kind of surprised when I got an email notification about a new post on this thread. You are such a strong, loving mama. I am so very sorry to hear this news about your DH. I wish that we could be there for you in real life, to support you and hold you up during this time. I don't have any other words other than to say I will be thinking of you and lifting you up and sending you love and strength. 😢
  4. Thanks for sharing! OKBud, are you using a paper planner then? perkybunch, wow, that seems like a neat system! Kind of like a physical version of a Kanban board like Trello or something. I wonder if I have room for something like that. That might be good. I like the idea of being able to physically hold the card and move it around to other days.
  5. Hi all! I would love to hear, if anyone is willing to take the time to explain and share, exactly how you have helped your teens or how your teens have devised plans on their own to manage their workflow, keep up with a lot of different online classes, and get it all done on time. Time management is not my forte. (I have the appearance of being organized and juggle a lot of things but usually, behind the curtain, I am struggling to keep my head above water. So I worry I'm not the best one to pass on good habits.) Specifically for teens taking multiple classes with a variety of different teachers, online locations, etc., how do they plan out their weeks and schedule their days? I know people say things like, "write everything due in a planner," etc., but I'm just curious how people really do that. For example, with online classes, they have a lot of smaller assignments that might be already laid out in the online LMS for that course, so does your student actually transfer all of those things to some other system? That sort of seems redundant, but at the same time, how else are you going to see everything that needs to get done? And, if you write it all down in a paper planner and then don't get something done, it's hard to move things around. Plus, if you just write down that the week's work is due on Wednesday, how do you actually plan out getting that week's work done? Or if you write down that you have a paper due on October 5, you can't wait until October 4 to start writing it. (Okay, you can, but let's just say that really you can't.) Does anyone use something other than a planner, like a to do list app, kanban board, or other list system like GTD-style (Getting Things Done)? I really want to empower my teen to ultimately be independent and manage his own time so that we don't butt heads over this, while still making sure I am not just dropping him in the deep end and letting him sink. Appreciate any thoughts! Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've visited these forums, but thank you so much for everything I have learned here, and for those of you sticking around to help those of us still in this! My youngest is interested in playing a varsity sport in college, and I want to make sure I am doing everything correctly. I have pored through all of the NCAA threads I could find, but I wasn't able to find anything recent. It looks like maybe the NCAA has changed some things since some of those threads, so I just want to make sure I'm understanding things correctly. Specifically, I have questions about online providers whose courses are not cleared by the NCAA and pre-approved to meet the core course requirements. It looks like for any course that is just homegrown, you fill out the Home School Core Course Worksheet. But if you have used an online provider, then you use the Nontraditional Home School Core Course Worksheet. From reading earlier threads, it looks like maybe this is a new change, and that before these forms were the same. Is that right? When it talks about the "Nontraditional" course providers, though, it says, check to see if they are "cleared" in the NCAA system. So I'm worried about how to know that they will accept a course if they aren't on their "cleared" list. Also, if the NCAA doesn't even review your paperwork until a college coach puts in a review request, how can you be sure that what you are doing is all going to be accepted? Is it better to just use community college courses or make sure that the online providers are "cleared"? Thanks for any advice or insight you can share!
  7. Thanks for sharing this info! I know this is an old thread, but I'm trying to get my ducks in a row and have some questions about this. If anyone is still around, I appreciate any insight! My son is a rising junior, and I agree that some of the information for homeschoolers on the NCAA website seems very straightforward, but there are some things that aren't as clear to me. If you use a course from an online provider that is already "Cleared" by the NCAA, then it seems straightforward. But what do you do if the provider and course are not pre-approved? And, similarly, what do you do if you want to use a combination of resources for a course? Also, if the NCAA doesn't review this until they receive a request from a college coach, then do you just have to hope that everything gets approved? Is there a way to know in advance if they will approve your nontraditional courses that you either did yourself or that is from on online provider that is not pre-approved? That feels a little scary. Thanks for any guidance or hand-holding anyone can offer!
  8. I also have a homeschooled athlete who is interested in trying for D1 schools. Can you share more about your process? It seems pretty straightforward if you are using online providers that already have NCAA approval for core courses, but what if you are using a provider that is not? Or using a combination of resources for a core course? Many thanks for any help!
  9. Thank you! I think I liked it the way it was set up before better, but thank you for pointing me to those!
  10. Hi, I am pretty sure this is not be a new thing, but it is new to me. You used to be able to answer some questions and Khan Academy made a suggestion for where you should start in math. Is that possible? I have been searching and the only thing I can see are the courses. This is actually for me. I need to take a higher level math course again and I want to go back and review, but I really don't have a clue where to start. I don't want to trudge through all of algebra, geometry, etc., I just want it to figure out where I need to review and help me progress through. The whole thing used to be set up like that, but it seems completely different now. Is there a way to have it do what it used to do? Thanks!
  11. I am sure we can't know all the details, as no one else knows what is going on in anyone else's family, but I don't see how that is any different than a student whose family wants to pay their EFC but can't afford it, for whatever reason. It's just a decision. Some may decide to take out more loans and others will opt for less debt and go where the money is.
  12. One thing that became very real in the application process for me, as a parent, was how much time everything took. Just keeping up with deadlines, what different colleges need, who wants an interview, who doesn't care, who takes level of interest into account, etc. It's not just the application, but also the interviews, supplemental information, and scholarship applications for some. Some of our in-state options have some very nice scholarship options that require an entirely different application process, and some were reserved for students who applied early. We didn't really look at those or spend as much time on them because those colleges weren't a top choice for my DS. So, just saying, choose carefully and really do everything you can to get the best package at every place you apply. I do think though, that it is best to keep as many doors open as you have feet to prop them. And really, it requires feet like a millipede!!!
  13. Congratulations! What a great feeling! :hurray:
  14. Wow, that is GREAT news!!!! :hurray:
  15. I always make a pie on Pi Day but haven't gotten any supplies yet. I need to get to the store! A few years ago, we had friends over on Pi Day and had all different kids of pie to sample and celebrate. It was so fun! Time is getting shorter and shorter though, so we didn't plan anything special this year. I am not feeling very productive lately and need to get my act together. I feel like I am drowning in a sea of To Do's. I think I need to revamp my list system because it is not working very well right now. I have so many different categories of things to keep track of right now and am feeling a little, no, a lot, scattered.
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