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  1. My daughter has been on meds for several years now (adderrall primarily). This year we had to add Wellbutrin to the mix around lunchtime. Without the Wellbutrin, she was becoming a frustrated ball of anger when her meds wore off, especially if her school wasn't done for the day. We like adderrall because she can skip it on non school days without issues.
  2. Make sure you also check with the water parks rules and regulations on approved eyewear on slides. We have been to extremely strict ones where glasses on a cord wouldn't fly. Some of their extreme plunge style rides required that you leave goggles in a holding box (stupidly up top on the ride so you had to figure out how to get back to it). Sun sensitive kid can't ride those as he can't see without his tinted goggles. This is the site I was trying to remember the other night. A little bit pricier then some of the other options but these are actually cheap for dive masks in general much less prescription ones. http://www.getwetstore.com/default.php
  3. I am not "legally" blind because I can get 20/20 with correction still. I am well beyond (20/1200) the legally blind defined level without correction. I to have been told I'm legally blind without correction by the eye doctor. I think they use this terminology to say "don't drive without your glasses". As for those with concerns about driving with one eye, our body does amazing thing to compensate. I've lost a contact more than once and had to drive home that way. It only take a minute or two before my brain pretty much shuts down the eye's input receptors and only the good eye contributes. I would assume that someone who always lives like that has found a similar compensation. If you think your dd is bumping into things because of limited periphal vision, I'd insist she give contacts a try before turning her out on the road. If she still bumps into things, she might just be clumsy like my oldest boy has always been (just unaware of his surroundings because he daydreams while walking around).
  4. Those that say to just walk around without them just cannot fathom what that is like for people in the -10 range. I can get around my bedroom without my glasses or contacts, the rest of the house... not so much. I'll try and remember to look at the company I used for my scuba masks. After a scary panic attack underwater because my mask flooded and lost both contacts, I had to get prescription masks. One of them is close at -10 (still a half point low) and the other is only -8.5. I can see well enough with the weaker one to be happy, but I can see farther with the stronger ones. I had one that is a fairly weak prescription but is highly sun sensitive. I've yet to find a pair of goggles dark enough for him to be really happy
  5. We bought these a few months ago and they have worked out well. Only annoying thing is the the shirt clip detaches easily (so it can be mount I guess). We needed 4 mics and 2 kids have really nice headphones, so this worked out. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B006P67B3C/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1462532138&sr=8-2&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=aleratec+mic&dpPl=1&dpID=41CVQSJaqAL&ref=plSrch
  6. This site might help out a little bit if you've never seen it. I have a wide toe box and a narrow heel so I wear my shoes laced like the slipping heel style. That allows me to buy the width I need and not have heel slippage. I have two boys with high insteps. I am glad they are making it up to men's sizes where there are more wide width shoes available. I am going to try one of the other alternate lacing methods on the one that still complains. https://thecolorrun.com/running-shoe-lacing-techniques/
  7. This is what is going on. Pull up a sewing pattern and compare your measurements to it. I was wearing a size 12 in stores at one point and that was an 18 in patterns.
  8. My DH and I have different political views. We pretty much live by the board rules and try not to bring it up. This is also how my parents work out their political differences. Remember, the only vote that is considered "thrown away" is the that wasn't cast at all. Your voice will be heard even if the majority in your state votes differently.
  9. I think sister sizes only go so far. I technically measure at a 32 D but the 32 band is just a hair snug so I can use the 34 C trick and it works. My dd measures the same size but the 34 band would never work for her as it would just be too big.
  10. Victoria's Secret's Pink line has some that are 2/$45 that my dd wears and she is a 32 D. Hers are the everyday wear style or something along those lines.
  11. I'm not even sure how to look up a naturopathic doc. I seriously doubt there is one nearby. I'm going to give the hematologist a go with it as the appointment is so close. I have no choice but to go with her for other reasons that she is monitoring.
  12. I am below the level of normal in other countries and my dr. had me start taking an OTC b12, with no suggestions of what brand or amount. About the same time, I discovered I am homo for MTFHR gene so research lead me to using methyl b12. Unfortunately, I didn't handle it well at all (yeah, found out I'm also homo for the gene that says methyl=bad). I've had to stop for now, but have an appointment with my hematologist in a couple of weeks and I will get her suggestions.
  13. I really liked it. I won't run out and watch it in the movie theater again, but I might buy it when it comes out. It hard funny parts and some that brought me to tears (probably because I have nearing 16yo dd and could relate).
  14. Dd will be duel enrolling Spanish this up coming school year. I could in theory do it at home, but I know she will work harder for the college prof. Right now I have started her on Duolingo just to start building vocabulary up. I keep telling her that most kids going into college Spanish probably took it in high school so she will have to do serious catch up in that regards. I'm also trying to convince her to learn Chinese instead because everyone will probably at the same newbie level for it, and the prof is someone I play D&D with.
  15. Lol. Given my mom's age when she went through it, that may be another 10 yrs.
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