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    I have a set of like new Miquon books minus Orange (the first). Red has 3 pages completed in pencil. I'm asking $25 including shipping. Paypal only please.



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    I have Nancy Larson Science 1 for sale. It is missing the consumable student packet which is available on their website for $33.00. The habitats for the ladybugs and butterflies are included as well, but the coupons for the insects have been used. Insects can be purchased from Insect Lore website and are both 14.99. Everything is in good condition. The Teacher Manual has some wear on the front cover, but is otherwise in good shape. I'm including a selection of books purchased to go with the materials. I'm asking $125 with shipping within USA. PayPal only please.



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    I'm asking $25 with shipping within the USA. PayPal only please.


  4. I'm so over this whole homeschool thing. I'm calling it quits tomorrow (for the term, not forever). Now I can hang out here full time. ;)
  5. Good Morning! It's the day before dance recitals and I have SO much to do! So what am I doing? Sitting here with a cup of coffee passing the time.
  6. Unfortunately, my youngest has inherited my anxiety and my allergies. She is headed down the same road and is only six. I wonder sometimes what my life would have looked like if my parents had gotten help for me when I was young. They had their own overwhelming issues and my anxiety was just a drop in the bucket, but early treatment might have made all the difference in my case. I don't blame them. They were suffering through a lot and you can only do the best you can do.
  7. Yes, I totally had irritability and anger outbursts and standard antidepressants made it much worse. I failed with Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Lexapro, Pristique and some other antidepressant that I can't name at the moment. I was a mess for a long time. I've been a happy healthy adult thanks to Lamictal. It saved my life and my marriage.
  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching math, but I do forsee a time when I will need my husband's help. He's the chemical engineer at our house and the king of all things mathy.
  9. If I quote on my phone, it posts the quote and then later my response. Alice in wonderland style I say..."Curiouser and curiouser."
  10. If I quote on my phone, or posts the quote and then later my response. Alice in wonderland style I say..."Curiouser and curiouser."
  11. Bipolar 2 with anxiety. Combination of high dose Lamictal (best thing that ever happened to me) and low dose Abilify. I'm a loveable easy going individual now.
  12. This is it, exactly! But sometimes the wait is killer.
  13. I signed my oldest up for her very first online class for next fall. I'm so excited to hand off history to someone else. You can't even imagine my relief.
  14. Also, my medication almost totally kills the overwhelming anxiety and depression I "enjoy" while without medication. While medicated, I can take an afternoon off school and not panic that we are getting behind. It only took years and years of failed therapy and wrong medication to get me to a state where I can lead a happy, normal, relatively boring(in a good way) life. Someone tell me why my phone thinks the word "to" should always be spelled "too". It's a conspiracy to make me look stupid isn't it?
  15. I'm COMPLETELY normal too... At least when I'm medicated. Ok... Mostly normal when I'm medicated. Completely is a bit of a stretch even on my best days. I do put on a good show and most people don't notice I'm a little"off" unless they get to know me. ;) I spent a fortune having my oldest seen by a NeuroPsych. It was worth every penny too. I learned she was ADHD inattentive type (not really a surprise, just a confirmation). She has slow processing speed and below average working memory. In addition to that, I learned she was well well well above average in every other way. It was totally
  16. We stay a good bit ahead in most of our work so a loosey goosey day now and then doesn't have me fussed. I'm not on the spectrum, though. ;)
  17. I'm blowing off the rest of the school day, but I haven't told my children so they think they are being sneaky and avoiding their work. :laugh:
  18. My Web MD diploma says it can cause nausea. And good morning everyone. I'm starting today's school day with a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood. We don't ever do that, but I'm thinking it might help settle everyone down, maybe, possibly, hopefully. Right? I asked Web MD but he doesn't seem to be a homeschool expert. I'm worn out from this week. We've had dress rehearsal for dance recitals every night this week. I'm also poor from buying all the dance photos. Next week is more of the same and then dance is done, soccer is done, school is done. Life is free! We can do whatever we want,
  19. Speaking of healthcare, I'm sick. Nothing major to write home about. I think its strep throat. I haven't had THAT since I was in elementary, but I remember how it feels and it feels just like this, plus the fever, which I also have. I wanted to take a sick day, but I took one yesterday. I really don't want to go to the doctor. :( Our insurance changed May 1 and I don't have the new cards yet. It's going to be a giant pain in the backside. Also, this week and next week are dress rehearsal for dance recitals and I don't have a lot of extra time. :( Thanks for letting me whine. T E
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