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  1. I guess the thread is now complete. And consider your day, made.
  2. Whoa!!!!! Someone just earned a lot of points! I love it!
  3. I'm amazed by the things homeschoolers don't know. ;)
  4. Holy heck! I didn't know you could find that out. How am I not on this list??? What does a girl have to do? Well duh, post more.
  5. Yes, of the unsweetened variety. Now I'm going to have some grape juice of the fermented variety.
  6. Oh my goodness! I almost spit tea all over the computer. (Former Girl Scout here.)
  7. Surely I can get some points for being THE VERY FIRST ONE to award points. I'm the one who started this points thing and the only thing I've been offered is the opportunity to mop a floor for points. I mean, what????
  8. Man.... I took the Texas quiz and got a 74%. I guess GA isn't enough like Texas. :confused1:
  9. I'm just disappointed that I haven't earned any points yet. I've awarded points but not earned any. What is up with that?
  10. You definitely get points. 1 per minute of wait time at said facility.
  11. You are right, 50 points for oversharing. There's nothing like TMI.
  12. And is it open and go? It won't get done here unless it's open and go.
  13. I award you five points for quoting yourself and then ten more points for being amusing. :)
  14. Oooh. I'm so excited. I signed up for a couple of the free ones and will grab some others when I've got money. I'm looking at This Isn't as Easy as I Thought, Beyond Elementary School, and Everyone Can Teach ____ Child to Write. ;) Not sure which word goes in the blank, his or their. ;) I'm so excited because I <3 Richard Rusczyk and Susan Wise Bauer. I'm in homeschool heaven.
  15. Can we make this thread so popular it gets labeled "hot"?

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    For sale: All About Spelling, Level 1. (2 and 3 already sold even though they appear in the picture.) Includes Teachers Manual, cards and magnet letter tiles. Does not include progress chart or stickers. Cards, Dividers, and TM are in very good shape. Spelling review box is worn, but functional. Paypal payments only please. All items are from a non-smoking home that does have two furry friends (cat and dog). Price includes shipping.


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