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  1. I've seen so much my little pony, it's probably why that popped out.
  2. What, no one is going to fill me in on the backstory?
  3. Ha! He'd be sure to correct me and let me know that there were plenty of which I remain ignorant (and some things of which I wish I were ignorant).
  4. So, (wasn't there a thread recently about how someone hated when people started with 'so'?)... So, I'm thinking it's not every day that one falls in absolute love with their violin teacher. Also, the new Tuesday violin teacher teaches on--wait for it--Tuesday, which doesn't work for me. Darn the ethics involved, I'm staying with my man. Teresa
  5. Worry not, I'm ignorant no longer. I may never recover.
  6. The way you say it, I think not. Ooooooh. This could be good.
  7. This thread has totally boosted my post count. Yay me.
  8. You totally stole the first post of the page from me, but I'll let it go this time.
  9. Oooooohhhhh. Oooook. I thought it must be something like that, but the acronym still is lost on me.
  10. My husband is eavesdropping on this thread (peeking over my shoulder) He knows all about everyone's girly bits (as we call them at my house) now. He's a little confused about the purpose of this forum.
  11. . Wow, I wish my vag was fancy like that. I've never gotten any compliment...from doctors.
  12. Actually, the current violin teacher is friends with the new violin teacher at the store. Her current teacher offered to attend a session with the new teacher and Annabelle to get everyone up to speed. Here is the other issue...the pay for the violin teacher, I believe, is unfairly low at the studio. Also, the studio gets paid even if the student doesn't show up for the class. The violin teacher, on the other hand, does not. He makes $9 a lesson only if the student shows up and sits without pay if the student doesn't appear. I think that is...Bologna.
  13. Medals, yes. I totally agree. But how about the whole push present phenomenon. I vote no. The baby is the gift.
  14. I don't know about v's because I never got one sadly, but I have been told that having a baby hurts no matter how you do it.... And I was going tho go natural on my vbac. Crazy, right? So my daughter's violin teacher quit the music store where she takes lessons tonight. He's willing to pursue private lessons with her because he thinks she's awesome, but my price just went up. $75 a month to $55 a lesson. Then there is the added question about how ethical it is to take your students with you when you leave the music store. I can afford the increased price and we love love love... Love the teacher. Please discuss and return a decision. This is a nonserious thread with a serious question, so a simple answer of go or no go will suffice.
  15. While the risk is low for ruptured uterus during VBAC, I was the ruptured uterus. That said, I am so glad I got to experience at least some labor with my second child. It was a much more positive experience than my first birth. I wouldn't trade a moment, emergency c and all.
  16. Ok, I can add to this... My daughter's dance company puts on a Nativity ballet every Christmas. The first year we attended, an adult Jesus made an appearance during one of the dances. My friend leaned over and said, "Wow, Jesus is HOT!" Oh my goodness. I laughed so hard that I got some really dirty looks. I'd post a photo (because I do have some) but it seems dirty somehow. Jesus should NOT be objectified! And I confess, I frequently uses LOL. LOL.
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