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  1. So, you're using the fifth grade text even though you say he's "in fourth grade"? That might be part of your problem. Also, IMHO, those kinds of writing assignments are useless. Writing a story about a personal experience is one thing; having to go through that kind of process is another. I would probably not require my dc to do it. Or if I had them write about a personal experience, I would not require them to go through those steps first.
  2. What is an example of a writing assignment that he struggled with? I"m assuming "Building With Diligence," the fourth grade text.
  3. Well, the worksheets are not intended to be a substitute for the written assignments. And the grammar/mechanics lessons are supposed to build up to the writing lessons, which is one of the reasons they should all be done on paper (except for the oral lesson, of course). Is this is his first year doing R&S English? And you say he's "reluctant" with everything? You could go a couple of directions. One would be to be gently consistent in requiring the writing (all the R&S lessons, all the other subject writing, all.the.things). The other would be to ditch R&S English and doing Writing Strands/Easy Grammar, maybe a little Easy Writing thrown in for good measure. I would not do R&S only for grammar (even though I know some people do it and are happy doing it). Neither one is better than the other. 🙂
  4. If you want something separate just for grammar, I wouldn't use R&S. I'd use Easy Grammar. Also, *everything* counts as writing with R&S English. All of the assignments require writing of some kind, even if they are not the official writing chapters. If your dc does most of the assignments orally instead of writing them, well, that might be part of the problem. 🙂 R&S's English is a lot of work, though. I'm not sure my dc would have liked it, either.
  5. I don't know what you mean by "accredited providers." Only schools can be accredited; AFAIK, don't all schools offer diplomas? I don't know what a "provider" is.
  6. I loved that magazine. I read probably the first 20 issues in two weeks when I was deciding whether to homeschool or not. And I have all of them, I think, because a few years ago I bought them from someone. I hate to throw them away, because they are like treasure to me. 🙂
  7. I would take it now. I was in my 40s the first and only time I had shingles. I'm 70 now, and have never gotten the vaccine, and have not had shingles since that one time. Mine was on my face. I dabbed honey on the blisters, which felt so.good., and there was no scarring. My mother had shingles in the exact same place; she didn't treat hers, and she had scarring.
  8. Clearly we are not communicating well with each other. You have completely missed the point. So never mind.
  9. No. She said, "It's absolutely tragic if they previously had the opportunity to get vaccinated, but didn't. " My friends were vaccinated and got covid anyway, and then were hospitalized, and then one died.
  10. Would you like to talk to my friend who was vaccinated, got Covid anyway, and was hospitalized? The same friend whose dh was vaccinated, got Covid anyway, and died? I'm sure she would have some choice words for you.
  11. No, it has nothing to do with the ages of the children. In fact, this is addressed in the foreword of the book. When starting with Saxon for the first time with older dc, you always give the placement test. After that, the dc goes from one text to the next...until Math 76. Students who finish Math 76 with at least an 80% average go on to Math 87, then Algebra 1. Students who complete Math 76 with less than an 80% average do Alg. 1/2, then Algebra 1. There is a difference in the topics that are covered in each one; I don't remember what it is. The place to find out would be the publisher. At any rate, that's the progression: either placement test to determine 87 or 1/2; or Math 76, Math 87, Alg. 1/Math 76, Alg. 1/2, Algebra 1. Also FTR, when Math 87 was first published, the sequence was different: Math 76, Alg. 1/2, Alg. 1, or if the dc had less than 80% average, Math 76, Math 87, Alg. 1. I don't remember when or why the change was made. Again, the publisher would be able to tell you if you really needed to know.
  12. I live in Texas. One dd lives in Seattle and has only one child. The other dd lives in the middle of California and is unable to have children. I have many friends whose adult children married late and did not have children of their own. So, yes, although many women do end up with grandchildren, not all of them do. And then there are people like my brother, who has 20 grandchildren, none of whom live in the same state as my brother.
  13. One of my goals as a parent was to help my dc grow up and be productive, happy adults. I was young when they were born, so I was young-ish when I became and empty nester (only two dc). When younger dd was about 14 and older dd was working full time and going to college, it dawned on me that younger dd wouldn't need me for much longer; she was doing Highland dance, so weekly practices, and almost monthly competitions between May and October, and I took her to all of those. But at 16 she would get her driver license and could take herself to classes, and maybe to competitions that were close to home. Then what would I do? So I started going to Scottish Country dance classes, which would also give me reason to go to the Highland Games alone (and with Mr. Ellie, of course). Then I became a member of the South Bay Scottish Society, then the Seanachie (secretary) of the Society, then Chief. And I continued doing my homeschool newsletter, and administering the umbrella school I owned. I also got a job when older dd got married; I only worked for a little over three years, though, because working for someone else is a pain in the patooty. I've been a super-volunteer at church. I organized a family reunion. I've put on five little homeschool conventions. Last year I helped organize a statewide homeschool association, 501(c)(3) and everything. I have also joined a Sweet Adelines group, and am also part of a quartet. So the short story is that I saw empty-nesting coming at me, and prepared to meet it head on.
  14. Saxon is not prescriptive. That is, it was not written to for the teacher to pick and choose what works for each child. It was written to be specifically used the way it is actually published. You could say that the Saxon methodology is not the best for someone, but if that's the text being used, it should be used the way it is written. Don't shot the messenger; it is what the author/publisher says.
  15. Math 87 *is* pre-algebra. To know whether to use Math 87 or Alg. 1/2, have your dd take the placement test and do whatever it says. Also, there is no busywork in Saxon, nowhere. Every single problem in every single problem set is there for a reason.
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