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  1. I would go to Urgent Care. Many UC Centers do x-rays just like ER. Call them and ask if they can do it.
  2. We are still recovering from yesterday. I promised myself that I will not cook today, but that was yesterday.... I just finished Taco Soup and instead of chicken I used turkey. My husband told me that he can't trust me when I say that I won't cook anything. Unfortunately, that is true. 😂
  3. I was busy all day long. Dinner was yummy. DS13 saved the day by doing dishes while I was cooking and preparing everything for dinner. Georgia (my dishwasher) did the dishes after dinner. My kitchen is clean. We are watching The Wonderful World of Disney and all those Christmas songs are getting me in "Bake Christmas Cookies" mood.
  4. I have problem with sinuses, shortness of breath and excessive yawning. Should I be worried?
  5. Speed Queen! I thought that something is wrong with me because I love my SQ and I would not change it for anything. I feel much better knowing that I am not the only one..... And that idea about adding it to my will is priceless. 😂
  6. A mom from my son's homeschool co-op was like that mom. Her husband bought a bicycle and she was furious. The guy had diabetes and was trying to lose some weight, so he started to ride a bike every weekend. She would call me and ask me to tell him that it is not nice to leave her with kids on weekends, or to tell him that he should not buy a new bicycle when he can borrow one from his parents..... I stopped answering phone calls and messages. One day she stopped me at the grocery store and told me that I am selfish, rude and disrespectful because I am not answering her messages, and she is a friend in need. 🙄 I told her that as I know practicing medicine without license is felony in the USA, and for that reason I can't be her therapist. I advised her to find local therapist and schedule an appointment. She looked at me like I have two heads. I smiled and walked away. She never called again. 🙂
  7. Angelina Jolie - I can't stand her. I change channel if she is on TV.
  8. DONE coffee breakfast finish setting up dinning table for tomorrow TO DO fold laundry (only one load) vacuum living room and dinning room bake pies (apple, pumpkin and pecan ) make cranberry sauce prepare turkey breast for tomorrow cut / slice veggies for tomorrow recycling center library (pick up book on hold) post office
  9. What company do you fly with? How many layovers do you have? I fly to Europe every year. We started when my son was 6 months old. I have never had any problems. Here what I take with me: Passport Letter signed by my husband that he agrees that I take our son out of country Printed Airplane Tickets Medicine (Tylenol and Motrin included) Lysol wipes Hand sanitizer Knitting Project (circular needles only, no scissors (use nail clipper instead)) Book, Uno cards or some other easy to pack game Notebook and coloring pencils Extra clothes for my son, and extra underwear for me (it happened few times that we missed our connecting flight and had to stay at the hotel) Cellphone, charger, headphones, iPad, headphones and charger for son Long sleeve hoodie or something that will keep us warm Cosmetic bag with tooth brush ZIP lock bag for toothpaste, any liquid (shampoo, mouthwash...) If you fly with Delta you will get sleeping mask, ear buds and headphones. United Airlines / American Airlines give only headphones. Lufthansa and KLM usually give just headphones. We usually wear long pants and long sleeves in the airplane for two reasons - it gets cold, I do not want my skin to touch the seats. I also wear snickers simply because it's easy to put them on / take them off. If you travel with baby make sure that you have enough diapers for the trip (and clothes too). Also, make sure to have a bottle so you can give your baby to drink during the take off and landing. Many times kids cry because their ears hurt during take off and landing. Chewing gum or drinking helps with the pressure in ears. If you get stuck on the airport because you missed your flight ask for the hotel room if you have to wait for ten hours or more (especially if you have kids). One more thing.... Do not worry, everything will be OK. Enjoy your trip!!! 🙂
  10. He is probably acting like this because you all as a family tolerate that kind behavior. If he would be left out from family gatherings, he would probably start to act differently. He is playing on guilt and that's what manipulative people often do.
  11. I woke up at 5.00AM, and it has been a very productive morning. DONE coffee check and answer emails changed bed sheets master bathroom cleaned master bedroom cleaned watering house plants make bread weekly meal plan Thanksgiving dinner menu plan TO DO breathing exercise clean study room and go through the books and papers that we do not need anymore (this should be #1 priority) finish sewing napkins (this could end up being my #1 priority even though it should not be) read for at least 30 minutes check my DS's school work spend time with my hubby (possibly going to Home Depot) try to relax
  12. Thank you all for your response. He sent me a message this morning and asked if I could take him to the grocery store, and I said no. I suggested two grocery stores in our area that offer delivery. He was not happy camper, but I do not care.
  13. It was late night and I was thinking about 🍷.
  14. He knows that I am not payed to do that, but I think that he has some kind of mental (or maybe ego) problems.
  15. I have no idea why his grocery trips are that long. Setting the time limit is a great idea. I would not have problem to leave him at the store.
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