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  1. I understand how you feel. We had a "losing our family photos" scare last week. Thank God, we were able to save them. Is there any legal action that you can take against her?
  2. Here is an update on our family photos recovery. We got our photos back!!! 😃 A company that we hired has done a fantastic job. I highly recommend them. They are in Atlanta, and they have customers from all over the USA. I am not sure if I can post their information, but If you want the info, feel free to send me a private message.
  3. Rachel, thank you for the suggestion. I will check Carbonite.
  4. J-rap, I didn't know that they last only up to 10 years. It could be that it had lived its life. We did not try to open it or "fix" it, so I hope that company I found will be able to help us.
  5. I have found a company in Atlanta. I will go there on Friday. I hope they will be able to save photos.
  6. For years I stored our family photos on a 1T external Toshiba drive. Yesterday morning that thing stopped working. I do not remember dropping it, but there is a possibility that was dropped on the floor. Maybe, that's the reason why is not working. I feel horrible.... can't stop crying... If you live in the Atlanta area, or you know a good company (anywhere in the USA) that can help us get back our files, please post info here. I appreciate help and advice!!!
  7. My son is 10, and he has dyslexia. I am interested to try this because he has a hard time with lots of colors in his books. I usually have to make black and white copies of materials that we use. Your samples do not have lots of bright colors, and maybe that could work for him.
  8. No, it's not just you. I have learned my lesson with Minecraft, and I promised to myself ... never again. :-) Instead of chasing Pokemons, we work in the garden, take pictures, play with friends...
  9. Would you be so kind to share link for WLMA intro expository writing class? Thanks in advance!
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