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    Sunlight Core D&E - Nearly Complete with all readers just missing some Timeline Figures - $325 *Sold* Teaching Textbooks 7 Complete Set - $75 Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science - 2nd Edition with companion CD - $75 Latin for Children - Primer A, Answer Key, 3DVD snd 2 Chant Set - $50 Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology - $25 Critical Thinking. Book 1 and Teachers Manual, Book2 and Teachers Guide, and What Would You Do? Moral Dilemmas - $25 Institute for Excellence in Writing Student Writing Intensive Group A Disks Only- $75 First Language Lessons Levels 1 & 2 with Audio Companion- $15 *Sold* Analytical Grammar Teacher Book and Student Workbook - $50 More Mudpies to Magnets Science for Young Children - $8 The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History - $10



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    I have the nearly complete Sunlight Core D+E (American History). The only thing missing are a few timeline figures. All readers are in New or Like New condition. I couldn't find any stray marks in the books. We used this for half of a year. Included you will find: The D Ring Binder with Tabs and Daily Lesson Plans Work/USA Markable Map Book of Time The Witch of Blackbird Pond Johnny Tremain Toliver's Secret Carey on, Mr. Bowditch Walk the World's Rim American Indian Prayer Guide D+E Timeline Figures (Some missing) What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin If You were there/Constitution Pedro's Journal Landmark History American Peoples Lewis and Clark Story of the U.S.A Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4 (Plus an extra Vol 1) Pocahontas and the Strangers The Matchlock Gun Phoebe the Spy Sarah, Plain and Tall The Cabin Faced West Om -kas-toe of the Blackfeet The Great Turkey Walk Across Five Aprils Oxford IllustratedAmerican Poems Caddie Woodlawn Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Miracles on Maple Hill LIttle Britches The Great Wheel Moccasin Trail In Search of the Source Starting Strong Sing the Word: The Heavens Declare A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt We Sing America CD By the Great Horn Spoon Freedom Train: Harriet Tubman Shades of Gray Turn Homeward, Hannahlee Old Yeller Thimble Summer In the Year of the Boar The Seventeenth Swap The Wright Brothers Hero over here The Story of Thomas Alva Edison Helen Keller All books, aside from the teacher's curriculum binder, have been stored in the green container provided by Sonlight. $375 ppd media mail- Paypal only


  3. Like it's no-frills approach and that my kids can work independently for the most part. I LOVE that my kids don't whine when that have to complete their grammar work. Another plus for us is that my kids' SAT scores for language are always high. This will be our third year using GWG and I can't see making any changes.
  4. If I bought the Combo Foundations 1 edition would I need to buy a second student activity book for my other child?
  5. I switched my girls from Saxon (which they hated) to TT. This will be their second year using TT. They love that it's on the computer and they only have to write out the problems they can't work in their heads. I like the immediate feedback and opportunity to rework problems they haven't mastered. I also like that it frees up my schedule to teach other subjects. One of my girls is working a grade ahead and the other is just finishing up her current grade level (will be a grade ahead).
  6. I purchased the Anatomy notebook this year for the girls. They love getting their notebooks out for science. They love that it's colorful and fun.
  7. LOVE IT!! We never live close to family so this car has it all for us. We can easily pack our three kids, 2 dogs and all our luggage in this car. I also seem to always find myself with extra kids so it's nice to have the space. Ours is a 2003 Yukon XL with 115,000 miles and we have never had any issues other than typical maintenance. I hope to replace this one, when I have to, with another XL or Suburban.
  8. This will be our third year with GWG (we've used grades 2,3,4 and 5). I also like the simple, no nonsense approach. My girls don't mind completing their lessons each day. I do have to sit down with my girls on occasion to explain lessons to them (like diagraming). My girls test high in language (fifth grader tests post high school and third grader is several grades ahead) so I will be sticking with GWG. It works for my girls. HTHs.
  9. This year is our third year using GWG. My girls don't mind completing their grammar lessons. They are easily understood and not too much on busy work. Both my girls tested really high in Language so we will be continuing to use the GWG books!.
  10. This is the first notebook we have actually purchased for Apologia and my girls are loving it. We have completed most of the pages we have studied so far.
  11. My kids have a math notebook to work out all of the problems that can't be done in their head. I make them write them neatly just as if they had to turn them in for a grade. It's important for them to realize they have to line everything up correctly as the problems get longer and more difficult.
  12. I didn't even purchase the workbook for TT4 last year. The kids never needed it, but it would have come in handy for their yearly evaluations this year. I did purchase the complete set for TT5 and we print out the sheets for the day's lessons when we have to run somewhere during the day. That way they can work their lessons and I input them at night.
  13. I just wanted to offer up a huge THANK YOU. My household has been kept on tender hooks these past 10 years by my oldest dd and her episodes. It seems we have had issues since she came out of the womb. I took her to a psychiatrist when she was 3 and was told that she is "too intellegent and likes to push my buttons for fun". In 2008 she had a terrible accident which almost cost her the use of her arm and had a year of therapy to regain the use of her elbow and hand. During that time she had several reactions to medications which were severe. One caused Stephen Johnson. The allergist
  14. We attend VBS at two churches each year (ours and my youngest dd's school). Our church does not charge to attend but TShirts are $10 ea. Dd's school charges $10 per child with a $25 family cap and this includes Tshirts.
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