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    never mind panic attack I'm ok now thank you.
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  4. Thanks all :001_wub: I have changed the locks and consulted with a lawyer (didn't like her) I have been in contact with the local PAVE organization and will be scheduling an appointment hopefully next week, and I have another lead for a lawyer too. I packed some of his stuff and put it in the garage, he picked it up yesterday. My girls have enjoyed the rearranging of the furniture to make it less him and more us. I am still in shock, but my therapist gave me a good plan to work on.
  5. Well he's not too far ahead of me. The divorce papers are just a generic check here, filled out in his own handwriting. So no lawyer yet, and since money is so important to him I doubt he has hired one yet. I don't know where he is living, he packed and left. Fortunately I got the house key from him, so he can't come and go as he pleases. Today I see my therapist and hope to come up with a plan.
  6. Monday my husband and I scheduled three more weeks of marriage counseling and today I was served divorce papers. We are just short of 20 years. I can't even think.
  7. I enjoy watching my little gold finches go from the feeder to the bath every morning. This morning,Chip the little chipmunk, managed to squeeze himself inside the bird feeder much to my cats delight.
  8. I don't have any input on the essential oils, but I use the calm app on my phone to help me with anxiety. I know there are sleep stories that help some. I usually just use the open meditation or breathing portion.
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    Big News!

  10. Ugg. Robocalls run in streaks at our house. That's great that the leaders waited!
  11. private high school august 17 public middle school Sept 5
  12. Our house I work out of the house and at the house and cook and clean. Every now and then I lose my temper and dishes are done by someone else for a day or two.
  13. Our city has one high school it is maybe 1.5 miles away. I can see our zoned grade school (1 of 6)from our front yard (1 block away) and the one middle school is 0.5 miles away. However I send my kid to private high school that is an hour bus ride away.
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  15. I had surgery for a prolapsed uterus and after recovery I didn't realize how much pain i had been in for years before it was diagnosed. I also have carpel tunnel issues and as long as I do my physical therapy I'm ok. My dh has horrible knees and hips and back etc. He's not ready to go in to get a diagnosis and treatment plan. (he has already had several knee surgeries)
  16. Well crud. Appointment was rescheduled to two weeks from now.
  17. Pretty much. Only it wasn't the Doctor. I found out it was the PA. He didn't pick up the meds yet and scheduled an appointment with the Doctor for friday.
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