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  1. I'm one of those that was raised to never ask for exceptions.  I have mellowed over the years, but wish that leaders would be able hold the line better in some occasions.

    Our local library had a teen tuesday activity. My girls loved it and enjoyed the big kids only aspect of it. It grew in popularity, and soon younger kids started asking to join.  My girls were irritated that all "the little kids ruined it" because the focus changed from the teens to the younger ones. 

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  2. A quick search on the internet makes my head spin. Info overload.

    Are there any tried and true, over the counter supplements for anxiety?

    I currently take a daily multivitamin and am working on other self care as recommended by my therapist.

    I also am planning to schedule an appointment with my doctor within the month to discuss prescription anti anxiety meds. 

    Thank you for any direction you can point me in.

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