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  1. I am more than thankful that this is increasing awareness of this disease. My father died a little more than a year ago from ALS and it has to be up there with one of the most unforgiving and cruel diseases of all time.
  2. I have several tattoos. All of them I had done by my 21st birthday and I have been regretting them for a long time ( I am 39yo). The tattoo artist did a good job but I was young and impulsive in getting them. They were nicely done with a good tattoo artist, but they just aren't me. I have been currently undergoing tatoo laser removal for the past couple of years for the 3 that aren't as easily covered, one one each upper arm and left calf. They are responding well to the laser removal and though they won't be completely erased.. I am pleased with the progress.
  3. I have a rising 10th grader and need help with finding the right "course name" for a class. I don't want to call it just PE so I thought you all would be able to offer suggestions. My son is a competitive swimmer so we will use that for extra-curriculars as he is looking to swim on college scholarship. This past year he has been involved in Crossfit ( 2-3 times per week), has completed several 5k mud runs, and has been hiking/ backpacking ( more than 90 miles total with his scout troop). Any ideas on some creative titles I could use for the transcript? Allison
  4. As an active duty Army wife ( DH has 19years)... I just want you to know I completely empathize! I hope your PCS goes well for you. I was just telling my husband yesterday that I was itching for another PCS ( sort of). We have been here for 2 years now and in the past 10 years, we have moved 5 times. But oh how I hate all of the stress of moving... but do enjoy the excitement of a new adventure!
  5. Just curious, but how you do avoid eating at a restaurant that long?
  6. We were in the Lancaster area last summer. If you really want to experience the "Amish" part of the area... I would highly recommend this location for lodging ..... Verdant View Farm Bed and Breakfast www.verdantview.com The Mennonite family that owns the dairy farm is fantastic and they treat you like family. They live across the road from some friends of theirs that are Amish and employ Amish to work in their home helping with breakfast chores, etc... it was so neat to be on the farm and watch the horse/buggies drive by. We also loved helping the family with the farm chores and joining them for a fresh breakfast every morning in the main house. Just a really neat experience :)
  7. We just took a 6 night cruise in March to the Carribean on the Carnival Breeze. I highly recommend it! What a beautiful ship with so much to do and good rates. The only so-so we experienced were the shows... they have been better on other ships we have sailed but there was always something else you could do besides the shows. With that said, however, everything else was great on the ship!
  8. I am sorry about the death of your Mom.Grief is a hard emotion and there is no right way to get through it. My Dad died 13 months ago and somedays the pain is still so raw that I physically ache for his presence. I empathize as I lost my Dad a year ago to ALS... we moved back to NC to be close to home and help my Mom take care of my Dad, which became a 24 hour job. We were with him on the day that he took his last breath and God called him home. It was so peaceful and beautiful yet so bittersweet at the same time. We were all so exhausted from not only taking turns caring for all of his physical needs, but emotionally as well as we just had to watch him deteriorate and know that there was nothing that could be done :( In the end... as much as I selfishly wanted to not lose my Dad, I was so thankful to see him no longer suffer. Of course, then I felt guilty for feeling that way. It was a hard emotional cycle for me. I began my grief process 2 years prior to his death when I learned of his ALS. I am not sure how long your Mom was sick or what the circumstances were... but from my own experience, I have learned that the closer you were ( I was a Daddy's girl) the more the pain of losing them is. However, on the other side of that, I am so thankful that I was able to be here to help care for his needs, support both of my parents emotionally and physically and make memories before he left us. The days after his funeral were so hard and the viewing and funeral were both so beautiful and painful, yet much of it felt like a dream to me. The months following his death were hard but I just gave myself permission to have days and moments to cry and grieve. I would hug my sons and they would notice when Mom needed a hug. We would cry together but we also would share memories and giggles/smiles thinking about Grandpa. Watching my children learn to grieve in a productive, healthy way was important for me so I was willing to be vulnerable and have them see that sadness/ tears did NOT equate to being weak. It just meant that we loved deeply and our loss we have experienced is a painful one. I am sending you my prayers and thoughts. You are stronger than you think. One day at a time.. HUGS!
  9. Slept in today and skipped breakfast. My husband was the one awake and leaving the house at 545 am for 3 hours of swim training practice in another city 30 miles away- something I usually have to do! So I enjoyed the quiet just laying in bed by myself... well with the dog next to me :hurray:
  10. My almost 16yo ds has a dumb phone with unlimited texts/ calling on our Verizon plan. We keep strict time limits on how often/ late he can be on the phone. I see no need for a teenager to have a smart phone!
  11. I voted fried eggs... but they must be cooked in bacon grease and with bacon on the side! I also really like boiled eggs for breakfast or on salads. Deviled eggs are yummy too :)
  12. Another vote for not going given the circumstances and the financial burden on you to attend. I agree that a wedding isn't the right venue to try to even begin repairing the relationship.
  13. Super Cute photo!! You should be proud. Choosing to go active duty is such an honorable (life changing) path. Good luck to your son and his family as they navigate the waters of being active duty... speaking from a military wife with a lot of experience under her belt. I grew up in the military ( Dad was an Air Force pilot for 23 years) and currently my husband has 19 years on active duty in the Army. Several years back... he was a Drill SGT training soldiers at Basic for the Army at Fort Jackson.
  14. I would advise that you call around to see what may be options. We live in a small town in NC and I found a private (Christian) school about 11 miles from our house that was willing to try out a part-time option for homeschoolers. I went in and spoke with the Headmaster last year and she was willing to let my son try this year as a part-time student. They hadn't had any homeschoolers prior to my son, but the Board of Directors and Headmaster were open to the idea. So we enrolled my son, 9th grader, for an Honors English class this year. Like you, I was feeling just overwhelmed and burnt out from having to do it all by myself. This year has worked out so well for us that next year my son is enrolled in several classes for the year. The school is very small and he will have the same Honors English teacher again, as well as several other classes either the full year or on block scheduling. I am looking forward to having him be accountable to outsider teachers for some of his classes and I can concentrate on still homeschooling my other son, who will be a 5th grader. I hope you find an option that works for you!
  15. My son attended a private driving school last summer for the week. Cost was $350.
  16. I am sorry to hear about your BIL. I just lost my Dad one year ago to ALS... such a cruel disease :( Feel free to PM me if you would like to chat with someone who knows firsthand about ALS. Hugs to you and the family.
  17. Yes I have several tattoos. All of them were completed prior to my 21st birthday and 3 of the 4 had meaning. Though the work was nicely done by the tattoo artist.. I began regretting them several years ago. I will be 39yo this summer. I am in the process of currently having 2 removed by lasers. OUCH!!
  18. I am praying for you all as well. This post touches me so much as I just sat with my father last April as he was dying from ALS. It was such a beautiful, exhausting experience for our family. Everyone grieves so differently... be gentle and kind with one another, as well as yourself.
  19. Finally had my return go from "approved" to "accepted" overnight. I filed on the 26th with TurboTax and the IRS accepted the return on the 30th. Direct Deposit due on the 12th! Finally....
  20. I am sorry you are experiencing panic attacks. I certainly empathize with you. Hugs. Up until 2.5 years ago, I had never experienced much anxiety, much less panic attacks. My Mom was already suffering from terminal breast cancer when I found out my father was terminal with ALS. My anxiety and panic attacks started almost instantaneously with that news. For me, I tried to just "get through" them on my own, but eventually needed to get some Xanax as needed for those really bad days. With knowing that I have the meds just in case helped make my attacks less severe. I have also learned what works for me to help keep my anxiety from turning into an all out panic attack. Of course, nothing is always guaranteed but I have learned that if I feel one coming on I can try the following: walks and fresh air seem to help getting away from people and crowded places as that seems to increase my anxiety taking a hot bath sometimes reading a book to distract me snuggling with my dog telling myself that "this to shall pass and "I will be ok" Hang in there and seek help if they get really bad. They can be very scary :(
  21. Curry chicken with potatoes served over rice and a veggie mix of broccoli and cauliflower.
  22. Monday - Ham, risotto, parmesan crisp zucchini and biscuits Tuesday- Taco soup Wednesday - Baked Ziti with salad and garlic bread Thursday - BBQ chicken, sweet potatoes and a veggie Friday - Tonkatsu, cabbage and rice Saturday- attending a pool party/ backyard BBQ
  23. My son has his memorized but I start to get the times mixed up especially between long and short course seasons. We keep up with it on the heat sheets- write the new times down and also regularly check USA swimming. I do have a printed sheet that is in a page protector that he keeps in his swim bag of the motivational times ( B-AAAA times). We also keep printed copies of the state champs qualifying times, as well as sectional and Jr. National qualifying times to reference.
  24. Only a few texts from my 15yo son.. but he is having an amazing time- says he loves camp ! Had their service day 2 days ago and helped to make some trails. Also went (low-gear) mountain biking yesterday and said it was sooooo much fun! I look forward to hearing all about it when they return. Their troop has a twitter account and are posting pics/ updates that are fun to keep up with.
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