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  1. Ok perfect, I will read through that prior thread. Thank you. My DS already has 4 solid English credits at the end of this year. Like your DD, this year has been heavy with AP Lit as well as other AP classes.
  2. Advanced Senior English- any reviews you can provide me?
  3. -18F here in the interior of Alaska. Of course we reach -40F every winter.
  4. I am sorry for your loss. You never really move on if you had a close relationship... you just sort of 'adjust' to a new normal. As other's have said, it takes a lot of time. I started to grieve my father before he ever left this earth as his diagnosis was terminal and we knew his time would be likely relatively short. I am a Daddy's girl so losing him was crushing for me. With Mom, we also knew she was terminal but she lived with a terminal diagnosis for many years. I naively took for granted that she was truly terminal as she was so healthy for so long and I just could not envision her not just keeping on. I am just 45 and have lost both of my parents and it is hard. My Mom just passed in Dec 2019 ( so a little more than a year ago) and my Dad passed in 2013. Mom had metastatic breast cancer and Dad had ALS. With both parents we utilized hospice and were able to be there for the final days of their lives. After they passed, my heart physically hurt and I cried often. I felt like I was in a fog much of my days. It still feels raw with my Mom some days even after a year. With Dad, I am able to smile more at the memories but still have days and moments where I ache and hurt over his death. I am sad that my parents both died so early in my life. At the same time I am so thankful that I was so close to both of my parents and that I had the life I did with them. I am sad for my boys that their grandparents are gone. They are the only grandparents that were involved and they were my son's biggest cheerleaders and supporters. Feel free to PM me if you need or want to talk.
  5. Sorry for the loss of your Mother. May her memories provide you some comfort in your grief. I lost my Mom a year ago. It is hard ☹🥺
  6. Just wanted you to know you are not alone. I am 45 and workout regularly... crossfit and weight training. That area below my scapulas have that same roll of fat. It is not significantly pronounced but visible. I tend to think as we age, certain areas of our body just store fat that is harder to shed. More cardio might/ should help to decrease it and of course weight training increases metabolism too.
  7. Congrats on the job! Sounds interesting :) I came across these while doing a quick browse. https://www.thewalkingcompany.com/products/sofft-lindon-navy https://www.thewalkingcompany.com/collections/womens-dress-shoes/products/sofft-lorna-black
  8. I ordered a Luxe bidet not too long ago. Love it and wish I had purchased one sooner.
  9. I love those PW ramekins too!! So pretty, durable and a great size. They make me smile 🙂
  10. I just wanted to say 'thank you' to all of the ladies that participated this year in the card exchange. Each and every one brought such a wonderful light to my days and I immensely appreciate them. I love to walk into my kitchen and see them all on display. They bring such a smile to my face :)
  11. Hugs to you Heart. Life can be messy and you are in the thick of it right now. I am sorry for your loss, heartache and overwhelming frustrations. That is so much at one time. Things will eventually smooth out. Keep your chin up.
  12. My oldest is a junior in college now. In high school, he took a mix of classes that included home taught, online as well as some part- time Christian school classes and a few dual credit courses. I created his transcript with just listing the titles of the classes along with grade earned and credit awarded. For the Christian school and dual credit classes only, I marked those with an asterisk of sorts and noted on the bottom of the transcript where those particular classes were taken. Then had those particular schools also send their transcript with grade given. None of the colleges my son applied to wanted course descriptions or asked for anything beyond the transcript. That likely varies greatly but was our experience.
  13. Everyone deals with grief in their own way and on their own timeframe. You are going through so much right now. Be gentle with yourself. You are not failing in anyway. You are rightfully grief-stricken. Praying for comfort and peace for all of you as you face this very hard season in life. I am so sorry you are hurting. Hugs.
  14. Not just you Quill. My adult life seems to be just one major crisis/ trauma after another, with some blessings mixed in. As I am starting to feel like I am getting my feet back underneath me again, the carpet is ripped right back out from underneath. As you said perfectly, this neverending 'damn carousel.' I am not kidding when I say, 'it is ALWAYS something'. I have lived long enough to just expect crap to hit the fan especially if things start going smoothly. I almost look out for it now, unfortunately. My first thought is 'of course this is happening'. I so get it.
  15. Aww I am sorry. Maybe have them mailed to a friends or relatives house that would be agreeable? I am sorry your husband is so against something that really is positive and 'safe' in the grand scheme of things. Not sure what he thinks may happen.
  16. In regards to privacy and the Hive exchange, maybe set up a PO box just for next year?? Would that work? It sounds like you would really like to participate. It really is a fun and cheerful thing to be a part of 🙂
  17. I mailed all of my cards back in late November right after Thanksgiving. We have lived all over being in the military and there are a few people/ families that are special to me at each duty station, in addition to a few family members. I love getting mail but do not often get cards in return. I still mail mine without any expectation in return as it is important to me. I did participate in the Hive card exchange this year and mailing/ receiving so many cards has been so nourishing to my soul this year.
  18. I sent several different card styles. The Peanuts one just makes me smile 🙂 So I am glad you also enjoyed it.
  19. Oh yay!! Glad they are making their way to the lower 48. I was not feeling overly confident given the strain on the USPS this season in addition to the distance from where I am way up here 🙃 So glad they are arriving. And you are so welcome! I received your lovely card over the weekend. Thank you.
  20. Likely not what you are looking for since you prefer no ham but since Thanksgiving is so involved, I always treat the family to a Honey Baked Ham delivered to us every Christmas. Easy peasy and delicious 🙂 I do appetizers Christmas Eve or several fondue dishes and then a special breakfast Christmas morning so I try and make the rest of Christmas day a little less work for myself.
  21. Agree. I am loving this and already looking forward to participating again next year. Thank you Quill!
  22. Have not had Musk Ox yet. There is hunting for it here though. Your tenderloin you had sounds yummy! If you get the chance to try moose, definetely do.
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