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  1. I am sorry for your recent loss. Your hospice nurse sounds amazing. What a beautiful experience for your family. Hospice was also amazing for our family....with both my dad and more recently my Mom. Both of their passings were peaceful and I am forever thankful for the care and compassion we received from the hospice team.
  2. True, airports are madatory masking. However, I can attest that many are not following that 'mandate' and no enforcing was being done. I live in Alaska and am traveling in the lower 48. Airports have included point of origin, SEATAC, Spokane, SL City and Nashville. And the mask enforcing is 'loose' on flights too while passengers are ' sipping' on their drinks. Couple behind me in 1st class sipped and talked for over 2 hrs straight. I asked the flight attendent if they were not enforcing the mask mandate. When she said they were still 'sipping' their drinks, I said they have been blabbing for 2 straight hours 🙄. She went and asked them to put on their masks...so there is that.
  3. Here's our super sweet and gentle Newfie.... Hudson. ❤️
  4. Another one that LOVES Alaska! We moved here 4yrs ago and are now making this state our home after my husband's retirement from 26yrs active Army this summer. As frogger stated... it is beyond gorgeous here and people are helpful and mostly friendly. There are few people compared to the size of the state so it is easy to find solitude and a slower pace of life. Homeschooling is super easy with tons of support. The downsides are it is far from the lower 48 so traveling is expensive, our winters up here in the Interior are harsh ( think dark and below 30s/40s), and it is expensive. This state just got into my soul in a way that brings me a sense of peace I have never experienced before. I have no desire to live anywhere else now and growing up in a military family, then marrying a soldier.... I have lived all over.
  5. I live here in Alaska. Feel free to PM me if you would like. You first need to decide HOW you want to experience Alaska? If you go with the cruise, although you will see and do some neat things, you will miss alot of what makes this state unique and amazing. You will also be crammed with other tourists. You venture out on your own, you will have the freedom to explore and experience the state avoiding much of the tourists traps and really get to enjoy Alaska. Also narrow down what kind of activities you are interested in. What do you really want to see/ experience. The state is HUGE and so different depending on where you are within the state. There really are so many options.
  6. Absolutely stunning! And what a sweet, intimate celebration. Her dress is so lovely too 🙂
  7. I see. I was assuming that the birth would have been recorded and he had a ss card given he was working. I understand where you are coming from though.
  8. Even if his parents are controlling and won't give him his birth certificate, with a qualifying id card, he can obtain a certified copy on his own. And with a social security card, he can also obtain a replacement of that with his birth certificate and identification. It is not like he is out of luck if his parents were to try and choose to make things difficult for him.
  9. Tinnitusteen, I am sorry you are suffering. As someone who has had tinnitus for 2 years and experienced extreme distress in my early stages, let me encourage you to get some support from a forum called Tinnitus Support Message Board if you feel it would be helpful. That forum was a lifesaver for me and I still post there now to help others out. I would stay away from Tinnitus Talk though. Even if your tinnitus does stay, there is a natural process called habituation that will provide you with relief in the future.
  10. I am sorry. News like that is always tough 😞 And it is ok to be angry, even at God. I struggled with feelings of guilt surrounding my anger towards God when my Dad was diagnosed with ALS and then again when Mom entered hospice care with metastic breast cancer. One thing I learned is that not only does God understand, he can handle it. Life is not fair sometimes. Hugs and prayers for you. Enjoy your time and trip as best as you can. Make some beautiful memories!!
  11. Funny... I call my Newfie "fluffer butt" often :)
  12. Registered early 2012. Mostly just been a lurker regularly all of these years with very occasional postings. I was a prior social worker that was feeling the tug to not only stay home with my boys but homeschool as well. I resigned to stay home but kind of brushed off the homeschool idea for 2 years until spring of 2009 when my 3rd grader came home with a book from his male teacher with an inappropriate picture tucked in. Long story short, I was beyond mortified...an emergency meeting was called at the school and an internal investigation revealed disturbing info on the teachers hardrive at school in addition to the photo. He was held accountable and is no longer permitted to teach. I pulled son from school and never looked back. So with no time to research I jumped into homeschooling a bit overwhelmed. I eventually stumbled onto this forum while researching curriculum and options.
  13. Waiting here as well. Want longer research done.
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