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  1. I am sorry. News like that is always tough 😞 And it is ok to be angry, even at God. I struggled with feelings of guilt surrounding my anger towards God when my Dad was diagnosed with ALS and then again when Mom entered hospice care with metastic breast cancer. One thing I learned is that not only does God understand, he can handle it. Life is not fair sometimes. Hugs and prayers for you. Enjoy your time and trip as best as you can. Make some beautiful memories!!
  2. Funny... I call my Newfie "fluffer butt" often :)
  3. Registered early 2012. Mostly just been a lurker regularly all of these years with very occasional postings. I was a prior social worker that was feeling the tug to not only stay home with my boys but homeschool as well. I resigned to stay home but kind of brushed off the homeschool idea for 2 years until spring of 2009 when my 3rd grader came home with a book from his male teacher with an inappropriate picture tucked in. Long story short, I was beyond mortified...an emergency meeting was called at the school and an internal investigation revealed disturbing info on the teachers hardrive
  4. Waiting here as well. Want longer research done.
  5. Agree completely on the small dose of Xanax. I have had to rely on it at different times of crisis in my adult life when my just ' normal' anxiety went off the charts. The small dose helped me to feel more calm, sleep better, and I could think more clearly without feeling completely overwhelmed. It also minimized the physical symptoms I was experiencing that resulted from the anxiety.
  6. Looks comfy and super cute! If it is flattering on your figure, go for it. I would wear it and I am 45.
  7. Our Newfie one year ago at 12 weeks old and now 15 months old. He is the most loveable dog with a huge personality 🙂
  8. What a sweet picture! Praying for you here Momma. What hard circumstances. Hugs 🤗
  9. When we were stationed back in NC in a town 30 miles south of Raleigh it was $2000 . Here in Alaska it is about $6000.
  10. I think you accidentally replied in the wrong thread.
  11. Does your CC have any of the math classes she could take online vs in-person? Our local University here has dual enrollment for our high school kids and many are online options in addition to in-person.
  12. Here's our 1yr old Newfie- Hudson 😀
  13. Yes, I saw that it was a different instructor too. Great question. I guess getting an accurate description of this class might prove faulty if the teacher is new this year.
  14. Ok perfect, I will read through that prior thread. Thank you. My DS already has 4 solid English credits at the end of this year. Like your DD, this year has been heavy with AP Lit as well as other AP classes.
  15. Advanced Senior English- any reviews you can provide me?
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