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  1. 16yo son is a year round competitive swimmer. Pools here have been closed now for a few weeks. Some of the team members, including my son, had a Sectional meet in mid- March that they had been training hard for and were on taper when USA swimming canceled all meets. This disruption has been really hard on the team and the kids. Dryland training workouts do NOT substitute for the in water swim training that happen several hours per day/ 5- days per week. The Senior group coach is doing his best to challenge the kids and keep them engaged during this time out of the water with daily zoom meetings and dryland workouts/ etc, so that is appreciated. We are lucky that we are an active duty military family and so far, the gyms on post are still open with strict protocol in place. So I am working out with my son daily doing Crossfit workouts as well as strength training. Hoping this does not go on for months and months. Just several weeks out of the water makes a huge difference for these swimmers and their endurance. It is hard all around
  2. All of my children have had the series ( 1 step-daughter, 2 sons)... no complications or side effects and yes it was a series of 3 I believe.
  3. We were recently stationed (Army) in Alaska so we have a white Christmas here. It isn't snowing currently and none is projected in the next week or so but we've had snow on the ground for weeks and weeks now. It is also currently -15 :huh:
  4. I started feeling bad last Saturday evening. By Sunday it was full force flu :( I spent the next several days in bed with a fever, chills, aches and upset stomach. The general malaise/ lack of energy lasted about 6 days in total. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!
  5. Hello, this is for my online World View class. 1. To whom or in what do you attribute the ultimate authority in your life? 2. What benefit, if any, is there to you for following that ultimate authority? 3. How do you determine right from wrong in your life? 4. Why do you choose to do right even when it is hard to do? If you do not wish to publicly answer you can message my mother. Thank you for the answers. From~ Skyler.
  6. Your Benjamin is precious and what a beautiful name!! I agree with the others that he is so blessed to have you and your husband as his parents. The love you have for him just pours out and we can all feel it here :) Your early advocating for Benjamin is a testament to that. You are an amazing MOM!! Just another encouraging note: My son is a competitive swimmer and he had a teammate with CP that swam ( in a different training group) for years with the team and enjoyed competing as well. He is now attending a private college and is a coach for a local high school swim team. HUGS!
  7. DS- Queens University of Charlotte and also committed to swim with their Men's swimming program! Major: Exercise and Sports Science Allison
  8. DS was accepted to both Carthage College and Campbell University with academic scholarships. And was also not only accepted at Queens University of Charlotte ( private DII school) with a generous 4 year academic scholarship BUT he has also committed to the Men's swimming program as well!! It's been a good week here :)
  9. I am sorry to hear of the possible diagnosis... praying for you. If you do find that it is ALS and want to speak with someone that has been close to ALS, feel free to PM me. We moved back to NC in 2012 to help my mom with the care-taking of my father, who passed away from ALS. It was a very difficult disease for not only him but our entire family. As hard as it was, there were also so many blessings in so many ways. Hugs....
  10. I am doing almost the bare minimums this Christmas season. We live in NC and my husband is leaving for his new Army post in Alaska in February and then heading off for a 9 month deployment soon after. I have a son leaving for college this coming summer ( :crying: )... all while my 13 yo and I are making the 4000+ mile drive to Alaska in June. Mom moved in with us after my Dad died in 2013 and she is not moving with us so we need to get her moved into her own place this Spring. I have a house to get ready and put on the market before we leave for Alaska.... and I homeschool my 13yo son. I am more than overwhelmed this year with so many CHANGES. So... we have a tree up with lights- and that is IT. I am not doing ornaments or decorating anything in the house. I bought everything online mostly and am not doing the crazy in store shopping. I am NOT making homemade gift bags for people complete with tons of homemade breads, treats and cookies. I don't do Christmas cards and we never receive any from people anymore anyway. The in- laws live only a few hours away from us and they have put in no EFFORT to see us or our boys since we were stationed here 4.5 years ago ( the closest we have lived to them in 12 years)... so I am putting in no effort to remember them this season. And I am not making a huge meal as I did for my family/ extended family for Thanksgiving. Nope, I want to enjoy this Christmas so a spread of appetizers it is and then I can sit down and enjoy my STEELERS game!!!
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Yay for your adoption of your toddler! How bittersweet all of the feelings must be. Hugs Momma :grouphug:
  12. My husband has been an active duty soldier for 21years. He has his conceal permit and carries everywhere he is legally allowed to.
  13. I haven't read all of the replies but wanted to send you some hugs :grouphug: My Mom lives with us now after my father passed from ALS about 3 years ago. It is very difficult to deal with aging parents. My grandmothers are both still alive as well ( in their 90's and widowed) and really need to be moved into some sort of assisted living situation but refuse. It is a mess in many ways :( I just finished reading this book last night and highly recommend it! I was able to relate to so much and also had some giggles too while reading... definitely a bonus. Cant We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir by Roz Chast
  14. Add me to the list of meeting my husband online through a dating site. We are going on almost 12 years married :)
  15. My husband has 21 years active duty Army and we have been married 12 of those years. Between the deployments, trainings, field time, year-long unaccompanied tours, 13 hour days.... I just want to say I COMPLETELY GET IT!! The jealousy bug bites me too and I have to work really hard at being thankful and joyful for the 'place' God has me which is at home with the family. :grouphug:
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