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  1. HIdden costs of dual enrollment: It's really easy to stop by the bakery for a croissant after dropping her off for classes.

    1. alisoncooks


      Yesss. DDs's (twice weekly) class ends at noon...and is conveniently located next to lots of restaurants...


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  2. "Oh, good. I love Geography!" -John, after opening the RightStart games

  3. My Daisy (malamute x gsd) is not well. Current contenders are a mini stroke or a splenic bleed. Xray non conclusive other than "that's kinda weird". Bloods won't be back till tomorrow. :( Girly is not well at all :(

  4. Today I feel like my dd must share EVERY THOUGHT in her head. I feel like hiding out in my closet right now.

    1. alisoncooks


      I have one of those. She's fun to watch movies with...not.


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