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  1. I like to give my children computer time but would like for it to be educations and fun....ideas? they are girls ages 10 and 8
  2. This coming school year (2014/15) will be our first year in Essentials....My daughter will be in 5th grade. 1. What do I need to add to the Essentials program to make a complete language arts curriculum for her? 2. What do you do for Science and History at this point (previously, I never added anything, just fleshed out memory work, now I feel the need for "more". What do you think? For my third grader foundations student... 1. What would you do for language arts? 2. adding any science or history at this point?
  3. How would you say Saxon compares to Rod & Staff? And is there a placement test for R&S?
  4. We are in fourth grade and second grade and I want a good solid program that builds a great foundation....I would also like a curriculum that doesn't take all morning to finish :( Any ideas? (looking into third and fifth grade)
  5. Do you recommend memorizing multiplication tables in grade 3? If so, what is the best way?
  6. I feel like my children are constantly doing school work....we are very random, doing workbooks, etc. It is not what I pictured our homeschool day being. This is my fault because I got worried and began wanting more "testing" and reinforcement through "more work". Therefore, they sit all do doing page after page. They do not love learning and I do not love teaching. HELP! My biggest concerns that need addressed: ~My second grader can not read well ~ Neither one of them (second or fourth grade) are good at Math or spelling ~Neither one of them like reading at all I am willing to ditch everything, and try something else, but needs to be very economical.
  7. I would like to begin teaching my second grader cursive. Any ideas on what to use?
  8. I know I am asking very basic questions, things I SHOULD KNOW since I have homeschooled for 4 years now, but I have done the classic "workbook" approach :( Anyways...i hear the terms DICTATION and NARRATION quiet a bit...I have read about it but it still seems fuzzy to me... Are those two things interchangable? Can you use it for handwritting as well? Do they speak during narration or do you? just so confusing
  9. OK...what does your third graders "language arts" look like? Reading? Writing? Grammer? Spelling? All of the above? Specifically. how do you work on grammer and writing? I can not order any new curriculum right now, as I am just now realizing that we are lacking in the language arts areas (especially grammer and writing)...so, what do I need to add in and how? Also, if you dont mind my asking....does your third grader know multiplication yet?
  10. We started school in august. i thought i was prepared to school a first grader and third grader with my 20 month old. i am beginning to think it is impossible. I have read blog post after blog post and tons of websites on how others do it but nothing is working fir this child. it is 10:30 AM and i have had the big girls doing learning games while i give the toddler attention. if i leave her she screams and eventually comes in to where we are and wrecks the place, draws on herself ...etc....what am i doing wrong
  11. We are really enjoying the Picture Smart Bible Study, it is awsome! http://www.bibledraw.com/
  12. I wish I could say that I have actually read aloud to my kids any of the books we have bought for that purpose. The truth is, we have not read any. I do not know why other than, I can not sit still long enough:confused: So, I am determined. My question is....what is a good, shorter book to read with my girls (ages 2-9)? Something that we can add activities to as well.
  13. I have a third grader (9) and a first grader (6). I have always homeschooled, but have taken a relaxed.....too relaxed....approach. I have recdently discovered the classical model (and actually understood what it was...I say that bc I heard of it years ago but didnt really understand).... Needless to say, I have discovered the err of my laid-back ways. My third grader is behind in what matters (language arts) and so is my first grader (we are just now starting phonics ).... What can I do\'? Where can I start to get them caught up? Can you give me any specific curriculum, and/or details as to what I need to do
  14. Awww! How sweet! What great memories you are making!:D
  15. OK, so Dh adn I both grew up with the attitude " do as little as you can to get by" "school is horrible, teachers are horrible..." "the only thing good about school is recess and holidays"..... I feel that we never really outgrew this! We never read (Dh and I) and find it hard to read to our kids. I want the children to LOVE to read (unlike I did) but I cna not even bring myself to read to them every day! I know this is BAD! What can I do? DH is worse than me! He would rather take a shot in the arm than read a book. How can we homeschool if we are such bad expamples? :001_huh:
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