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  1. I finally have everything in place. Bible: Explorer's Bible Study Beginnings II God's Promises, Awana History, Geography and Literature: Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Poetry: Walter de la Mare, Eugene Field and James Whitcombe Riley, and Christina Rossetti Reading: McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader and all the books she can get her hands on Grammar: Rod and Staff Grade 2 English Math: Rod and Staff Grade 2 Science: Apologia's Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology; and nature study Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting B Critical Thinking: Building Thinking Skills Level 1; Mind Benders Level 1 Art: Artistic Pursuits Vol. 2 Art of the Ancients also Artist Portfolios from Simply Charlotte Mason Titian, Turner, and Vermeer Music: Music Study with the Masters Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin; Singing the Great Hymns She also takes dance class and will switch from just tumbling class to full gymnastics.
  2. Did you ever find a spine after SWB's Renaissance text? I am looking for something that is similar for 1400s-1800s. Then something for 1800s-present.
  3. You could also skip the elementary series and take 2 years to do Apologia General Science. This is if your son already has a decent science background and loves science.
  4. I'm no expert but shouldn't you wait to start spelling until after phonics instruction is completed? Possibly even waiting a short while after phonics to get reading more proficient? By short while I mean, say it takes all of Kindergarten to do phonics, if you take a summer break, take the summer to really get your child's reading confidence and prociency up over the summer, and then start spelling instruction at the start of 1st grade in the Fall. If that period of time seems too long, it could be shortened, or if the child is proficient sooner, then move into spelling. Idk. It just seems counter-intuitive to move on to spelling, when the child may not be done with phonics.
  5. Thank you for all of the responses. It looks like Critical Thinking Co. is where I need to look. Time to go order another catalog. :)
  6. Do you use any critical thinking or logic curriculum with you early elementary children? If so, what do you use and can you give a short review? Thanks in advance. Crystal
  7. You could also pick up an Usborne or Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia and fill in with library books and science kits.
  8. Oops....sorry I didn't see the secular part. Nancy Larson fits though
  9. Nancy Larson Science Answers in Genesis' God's Design for Science series Apologia's Elementary science series
  10. I agree with the previous suggestion of going with whatever she fits now, but I can also see that you may want to use Creation to Christ when your 2nd grader gets to 5th grade because you'll already own it. With that idea in mind you have 2-3 years to fill beforehand. That could include a year of geography and cultures, and maybe two years of American History before starting at the beginning with HOD's CtC. WP's Children Around the World fits with the geography and cultures. So does My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures. But MFW also has a program called Adventures which is an Intro to American History that is perfect for 2nd or 3rd grade. If you did Adventures you would do that first then ECC since it is for 3rd and up. After those two you would still have a half to full year to fill. You could start Creation to Christ at this point and go at half speed and then halfway through pick up the pace and finish it in 1.5 years. This would bring you to the end of 5th which by this time, if you continue with the HOD guides you would be right on track with one guide a year. While I haven't used any of these programs, I have researched all of them pretty heavily and find them all to be great depending on your personal preferences. Hope this helps.
  11. Thank you both for the heads up. I did a little search and found one of the spam posts that was quoted by someone. I also did a search to find out what is really included in the Girls of American History curriculum and from what I have gathered Portraits of American Girlhood will fit what I'm looking for. I like the idea of more subject integration with real lessons and not just suggestions of things I could do. I am also considering Prairie Primer (Little House on the Prairie curriculum) and Where the Brook and River Meet (Anne of Green Gables curriculum). I may incorporate them all since we plan to read all of the books anyway. There is also a Narnia set from the same publisher of PP and WTBARM. So many great books, so many ideas, just gotta figure it all out. LOL
  12. I was searching for the curriculum that I had seen on here before and did a Google search and came up with two different ones. Has anyone seen the Girls of American History curriculum before? When I saw the cover of the Portraits of American Girlhood I knew that was the one I had seen previously. The Portraits one does not include all of the American Girls but the Girls of American History does. Have you used either? What are your thoughts on them? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you Crystal!! I just purchased the journal and flashcards for $4.50!!!! That is soooo much cheaper than buying at full price on CurrClick and waayyy cheaper than the 2nd edition journal from Apologia for over $30.
  14. I picked up a first edition copy of Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science at Goodwill awhile back. Children's books were 50 cents that day!!! I couldn't pass it up! LOL I know there is a newer second edition available and I was wondering if I should use the 1st edition for my daughter in a couple years or should I get the newer second edition? I was thinking of purchasing the student notebook that goes along with the second edition text. I went through the TOC of the 2nd edition on Apologia's site and see there are some changes. For those who have seen or used both editions, are the changes too drastic that it would make getting the 2nd edition notebook not worth the money? Thanks in advance.
  15. I am looking for a Spanish curriculum we can use together as a family. Any suggestions? Grades PK-6
  16. When you do Apologia do you use the notebooks that correspond to the texts? Or do you just read and discuss? I am thinking Apologia will be our "summer" science curriculum. Would it be too much to do the notebooks as well? Thanks.
  17. I keep going back and forth with which science to use for my K, 2nd, and 4th graders. I really like the look of both. Nancy Larson science has all of the hands on experiments we would love to do and Apologia is based on Creation that we would love. We plan to school year round with strategic breaks so I was thinking of doing both each year, one at a time. Would this be overkill? Also, what order would you do the Apologia books? Since all work for the age groups, it's hard to tell which would be easiest and which would be hardest. Thanks in advance.
  18. I don't mind if the books are not YE. I mainly added that to say we are Christian and would prefer Christian books if possible. I don't mind secular suggestions or OE suggestions. I would love a whole list that I can go through and decide later which would be the ones we'll use. Overload me with suggestions. I can review them overtime since I do have some time before I need to decide. Thanks for all of the responses so far.
  19. What are some living books you have used for earth and space science? Also, what science encyclopedia would you recommend for this age group? I am not interested in a boxed curriculum such Elemental Science, NOEO, etc. I want to put together my own but need some ideas and recommendations for living books and an encyclopedia to use as a spine. Edit to add...we are very conservative Christians. We will teach that some people believe in evolution but we teach young earth creationism. Thanks in advance.
  20. If you use Nancy Larson science does it cover enough health that I do not need to purchase a separate health curriculum? If it doesn't, what curriculum would you suggest for elementary level.
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