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  1. My big game-changer (just under $100 on sale) purchase this year was an over the sink drying rack. I prefer to air dry stuff, but hated giving up the counter space in my tiny kitchen. My kitchen runs so much better with this in place. https://www.amazon.com/Drying-Stainless-Storage-Adjustable-Kitchen/dp/B08839TVPF/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=over+the+sink+dish+drying+rack&qid=1606663548&sr=8-5
  2. We use about a box per person every 1-2 weeks. We usually wake up congested. I just bought air purifiers with HEPA filters for each bedroom, and hope that helps.
  3. I remember the distribution of H1N1 vaccine. I was working in a primary care office within a hospital at the time. As an employee, I got mine in the first batch our office received. We sent postcards to priority patients of the practice (based on age, and diagnosis) in rounds as batches of the vaccine arrived. Also for anyone who came in for an already scheduled office visit, if they met the requirements, they were offered the vaccine on the spot. I recall having to help manage the vaccine frig. We could only store a certain amount at a time, so it had to be staggered carefully. I also r
  4. We have both gotten hospital-based drive up testing, billed to our insurance plans. Mine was due to symptoms, and needed my pcp to request it. My kid's was part of a pre-procedure screening. They also had one done in the hospital ER on another occasion. My city also has a free walk-up mobile testing program, which is almost daily, and generally at 2-3 locations on any given day. Today's spots would be a hassle to get to, but tomorrow is fairly close and easy enough to get to. Though honestly the last place I want to hang out is in a line of people waiting for Covid tests. The drive up tes
  5. 1. In August we had ice cream cones, spread out in the ice cream shop's parking lot with some friends. They had removed the tables, so the kids sat on the curb. 2. On March 4 we had cheeseburgers and fries at a place where my kid was participating in an Irish dance performance. A friend passed around hand-sanitizer at the table before we ate. On March 6, which turned out to be the last St. Patrick's Day show of the year for us, I got take out to eat in the car instead of dining out. 3. I am not sure. I am craving lots of things. At the moment I am reminiscing about my lunch at the M
  6. We have been invited to a thanksgiving duck picnic. I am trying to decide what to bring that does well outside and is easy to share. I am thinking fancy baked potatoes. My kid will probably be making milk bread rolls.
  7. ☘️ The Irish dance competition geographic regions within the US are New England, Eastern (Mid-Atlantic), Mid-America (Mid-West), Southern, and Western. ☘️ I have lived in all of those regions at some point, and have traveled across them many times, in planes, trains, and automobiles. I think the Triple-A guidebooks of my youth imprinted a bit. Growing up, I thought about it in mostly terms of East/West, North/South, with the coasts, Mississippi River, and mountain ranges (Appalachia and Rockies) breaking it up further. When I lived in DC, it was the east coast/mid-Atlantic. When I li
  8. Couldn't sleep again last night, so napped on and off. For my first meal of the day, after dark already, I just had some creamy blue cheese on day-old Italian bread and a can of coke, and will have Halloween candy for dessert. I made a pb&j and sliced some melon for my kiddo.
  9. Last week my pickup order shopper had to downsize to a small pack of TP (she sent a photo of picked over aisle), and this week they didn't have it in any size. There was a long line to get in the store so I did not go in myself to double check. After I did my curbside pickup, I drove to another grocery store on the way home and went in and got their last large pack of TP (I think there are 18 rolls in the pack). I got a few other things while I was in the store, and saw lots of gaps. Pasta area is smaller than before, and picked over. The meat area was crowded but I was able to get some.
  10. Twinings regular chai tea. Nothing fancy, just their favorite. 🙂
  11. My puzzle board and a couple of puzzles arrived today, just in time for our first snow fall. I also placed a bulk order of my kid's favorite chai, for the chilly days ahead. Perhaps I should stock up on supplies for a few batches of mulled wine. I haven't gotten the living room decluttered enough to allow for puzzle making yet, but I am making progress, and the idea of making the room look inviting again is keeping me motivated. I am working on decluttering projects in every room, but will try to stay focused on this one for now.
  12. My ex did all of MA, and parts of NH and ME. I was the driver/pit-stop supplier. eta: Actually, I did some of it too, but on several long-weekend trips with groups in the White Mountains (NH). We had big group reservations at cabins with hot meals waiting for us. A different experience than what my ex did, mostly on his own with a tent for a week at a time, sometimes with a friend joining for a day or two.
  13. Yes, true. They were a wealthy family, with a relatively large house. I found it interesting that they chose to have the kids share rooms, when most families in that area prioritized individual rooms. This family was definitely more concerned about bathroom flow.
  14. This looks like a good idea, but first I need to set up a table. I have a 30 by 48 inch table in the living room that could work for puzzles, but it has been used only as a sewing table since I started making masks. At the moment we each just use our desks in our bedrooms for eating etc. I think it is time to rearrange a bit.
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