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  1. We will hopefully moving down to Oxford by the end of next summer. Are there any decent groups in the area? We visit about twice a semester when Hub guest lectures. ( And that way I see more of the older DS!) we have been to the science health museum in Tupelo. Do y'all have ideas for more to do the kids are 16 and 12. We will be down again in October. Is the buffalo park fun? Thanks Melissa
  2. When my son was younger and we lived in TX I relied on the ladies at our used bookstore. One had had an advanced reader and she was brilliant and seemed to have read every available volume! I would (if I had one here in MN) cozy up to the ladies at the independent bookstore near you. They tend to be avid readers and they can help you choose. Melissa
  3. Ok nevermind, in my infinite wisdom when I came home from convention I threw all DVD's and cd's in the basket for such things. Then (naturally) I promptly forgot that I had even done that. Oh well lots of new surprises and duplicates to sort through now! Melissa
  4. That is what I was what I was afraid would be said. Now to see if anyone has them for sale cheap as I seem to be the only classical ed mom in the area! Thanks Melissa
  5. I picked up my IEW materials at convention this spring (well I left dh to do it while I kept shopping) and somehow I did not communicate that I thought I needed the dvd's. Anyway, I have just discovered this as I pulled out my stuff to plan. I haven't opened the workbooks but part of that is just fear now. Can I do this?? TIA Melissa
  6. I have already posted on the galore park yahoo group but since there hasn't been a new message on there in a week I am hoping to get a quick fix here. I am facing trying to decide if this is a two day class or a three day. What do you find better? Then how many class times (not including reviews) do you spend on each unit? And finally, I also got the workbooks that look like test books to me, does anyone use them as a quiz to see if the material is sinking in for their kids? TIA Melissa
  7. I have not used either but I am using ABeCeDarian with my ds who has vision/dyslexia issues. His issues involved automaticity problems as well as blending and the program has coered both and I am pleased with our progress. He is also 8 and enjoys the pace of the lessons. Melissa
  8. Jean, Where did you get your containers? I am having trouble finding some up here that I would like.
  9. Oh I can't wait to go ogle one. I love the hp that I have but two sided printing. It would save so much paper! I hate reading a lot on the computer but was stuck reading a download that had 104 pages on here because I wouldn't use that much paper.
  10. I usually set the dishwasher to air dry. I too have to have running burning hot water to do the dishes. Even then if the kids do them (like when the kitchen was being redone and we had no dishwasher) it gives me the ick factor willies and our water bill was up from what we get with the dishwasher.
  11. I don't know what it is about me and reading aloud. I read voraciously for myself but if I am reading aloud to the kids I get so sleepy. Yawning is very off putting when you get to the exciting parts. DS and I do the cuddle time with cd in sometimes. Other times we do stuff like coloring (him) and knitting (me) while it is happening. It has made all the difference to our read aloud time.
  12. And the name of your new fangled wonder machine would be? I love my all in one but I would love to be able to just do two sided with out me manually trying to figure it out.
  13. I went and looked just so I could see the person that comes with it to carry it around for you. I couldn't find him. And to think, I am waiting for the purse that I want to go on sale. It is 90.00. I wonder how big the sale would have to be for me to buy that purse>
  14. I was afraid of that. Will vendors hold the stuff you buy from them and you can keep shopping? I am getting so excited. On Friday I have to go while ds is home so he can watch the littles and I can have the car. I have a four hour window and then he will need the car to head to his next class. Too bad they don't sell cheap cars there too! I am getting tired of sharing when he is in class!
  15. Yes those tears or so much fun. My mother knew what I was having with my youngest by the wailing of his sister in the backseat on the way home from the ultrasound. She adores him now! But eight years ago she was most unhappy. Hopefully the quieter side will lose and you will have peace.
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