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  1. The whole 13.5 miles was covered on Tuesday. They did not have full backpacks. Yesterday, ds told me their "lunch" was an apple and trail mix.
  2. No, I wasn't the one who led the hike. My son was one of the students who went on it. I have received a few more details since I posted the original question. This was for a gap-year program that my son is doing. Going in, we knew that the program includes challenging the students academically, spiritually, and physically. Ds had more of a handle on the physical aspects than I did. Part of the challenges is being flexible and not always having things your way. The supplies list did include hiking boots for the Spring semester wrap-up backpacking trip, but we hadn't gotten those yet, as we didn't think he needed them in the Fall. The application for the program included a standard physician's report with immunization records and noting any chronic conditions, limitations or restrictions on the student. It did not include anything like "student must be cleared to do XXX" or "student should be able to run a mile in 10 minutes or lift YY pounds" or anything like that. (I think they're rethinking this aspect for next year. It's a relatively new program, so they're still learning.) The information we were given at parent orientation included details about a 3-credit class they will be doing over the course of the year, which sounds fantastic: all about developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with components that cover exercise, nutrition, weight management, stress management, etc. It sounds like something I really need to do, and I was excited that ds would have this training. Five days after I dropped him off, they took the kids on an overnight camping trip. I don't believe they had more than a day's notice that they would be going on it, since ds didn't mention it on Sunday, and they hiked on Tuesday after camping out Monday night. They did pack clothes, shoes, sleeping bags for the overnight. I have no idea how the food was handled on the hike, but ds says they have always been fed well. Knowing this group, I'd imagine they were well prepared with first aid supplies and such. Ds says he wouldn't use the word "strenuous", but there were inclines and descents. I'm still not sure of how mountainous it really was. And I don't know whether they were told it would be 13.5 miles before they embarked on it. One girl lagged behind, and there was at least one leader and another student who stayed with her. Ds was hurting, but completed the hike. He was sore the next several days. It sounds like most of the kids (40 of them) did quite well, which surprised me. And I was surprised that the leaders were surprised that some of the kids struggled. I was just wanting to know if you all would have been surprised.
  3. We did, except ours were navy blue. And I was too long-waisted for it to fit -- it strangled me. My Mom had to take it apart and sew in a band a few inches wide to lengthen it.
  4. I'm curious to hear what y'all think: You have a bunch of college students (17yo to 21yo, about evenly distributed male and female), and one day you tell them you are taking them on a hike. They have not trained or otherwise prepared for this -- you just announce it and take them there. The hike turns out to be 13.5 miles, somewhat but not super strenuous, in the mountains, moderate temperature and humidity. What percentage of students do you think will have some difficulty with this task? (for example, limping, experiencing pain, getting rather winded, or falling behind the group) Do you expect that all will be able to complete the hike? Would you be surprised if some students are "feeling it" the next day? ETA: Oops -- I didn't think to mention that they did have appropriate shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes) and comfortable clothing.
  5. We did square dancing in junior high, also. My parents belonged to a square dancing club, and they hosted several family events over the years, so I actually knew what I was doing and enjoyed that. I was incredibly tall, skinny, and awkward at most other sports. Gymnastics was a disaster, but my 8th grade PE teacher was a semi-pro softball player who didn't "dig" gymnastics, either, so she graded me totally on effort, not results.
  6. Did you try deleting all of the other slides in the set before you saved it?
  7. I'd be tempted to either go camp out in the doctor's office waiting room until he talked with you directly about this issue, or schedule an appointment for something else and bring it up with him at that time.
  8. I was thinking about this the other day, and how weird it was. I'm wondering whether anyone else experienced this? When I was in junior high school (7th and 8th grade), PE was mandatory. We did block scheduling, so we had the class on alternate days. After playing / exercising, we would grab a towel or two on the way to our lockers, undress, wrap a towel around us, and head to the shower. After washing up, on our way back to our lockers to get dressed, we were required to "open" our towels to show a teacher's aide (usually an 8th grade student) that we were indeed wet, thereby proving that we had actually showered, and we would get a check mark on the clipboard. We could then dry off back at our lockers. Junior high was traumatic enough without being subjected to that humiliation every other day. I was so relieved when the teacher announced on the first day of high school PE that there would be no shower checks, that they trusted that we understood that as a courtesy to our fellow students in the next class we should wash up.
  9. When I was in 3rd grade, we had the routine screenings at our elementary school, and my sister, brother, and I all did fine. A couple of months later, we moved across town, and the new school district did the screenings soon after we moved there. My folks were surprised to be notified that both my sister and I needed glasses. It was confirmed by the optometrist. We will never know whether the first school erred, or we both had sudden changes in our vision.
  10. I generally don't have a problem with someone choosing to not eat something I have cooked. Nor do I get worked up when they ask for salt or sriracha or something to doctor it up, as I tend to go mild with most of my seasonings. Note: the one exception was the time a young man asked for ketchup to put on my amazing chicken salad on a croissant I had served him. Ketchup!??! He hadn't even tasted it yet. His parents were of the "you will eat everything you are served" philosophy, and he smothered pretty much everything in ketchup. Hence, my first statement above. I would actually rather you not eat something that you don't care for, than watch you choke it down by drowning it in ketchup.
  11. When we go to our family doctor, the sheet he hands us to give to the gal at the check-out desk has codes on it. The doctor puts a check mark next to the appropriate service(s) and/or diagnoses, and the gal puts those in the computer and tells us the total cost. The sheet they have been using for years has a bunch of the most often-used services and codes pre-printed. I'd guess it's at least a hundred or so. They are arranged in categories: the office visit itself; injections; lab work; x-rays; frequent ailments; frequent injuries, etc. I haven't seen a sheet since the newer, much more complex code listing was revealed.
  12. What is your favorite spaghetti squash recipe? I know how to do the basic squash cooking; I'm looking for ideas of what to do with it after that. I saw a twice-baked type recipe that looked good, with cheese and bread crumbs. Any other ideas?
  13. Listening in, as we are new to navigating the path of a connective tissue disorder (not EDS). Youngest ds was clinically diagnosed earlier this year, and we just got the report from the geneticist this week, which confirms a mutated gene, although it is a never-before-been-reported mutation. So now they have taken a sample of my blood for further investigation. (My Dad had been clinically diagnosed 30 years ago, but I was told I didn't have it after a superficial exam. Now it seems likely I have it but with much milder symptoms.) I had not thought about consulting a pain management specialist, but now that I think about it, this would be a fantastic idea for ds to pursue.
  14. This reminds me of something that happened in our home years ago. We were relatively new to our rather conservative church, and were involved in a small group. We set up a schedule to rotate who would host the meetings. When it was time for us to host the group, I worked hard to get the house ready, and set up extra seating in our living room. The pastor, who was the group leader, was one of the first to arrive, and he said that he thought we would all be more comfortable in the "other" room, meaning the combined family / dining room area. I was a little confused, because we had always met in others' living rooms, but I went along with it, and this did mean that some could sit at the dining table, which I find easier for note taking than juggling my Bible and notebook on my lap. So we moved chairs and things went fine, I thought. However, they changed the schedule, and from then on we met at just one family's house. It wasn't until much later (like recently, and this was probably 20 years ago), that I realized what probably happened. My cousin is a professional artist, and my parents had very graciously gifted us with a print of one of her fabulous pieces of art. We had it proudly displayed above the fireplace in our living room. The art included some depictions of female nudes woven into the design. I never gave it a second thought, but looking back, I'm sure our pastor and others were highly offended. This was a Gothard-influenced church, and the study was a follow-up to one of the core seminars.
  15. I guess I'm missing something..... Can't you just select the text you want to include in your newsletter, copy it to your virtual clipboard, and then paste it into your document?
  16. I was just reading about this. It sounds scary. I have one son in Texas who is under flash flood watch this weekend, but I don't think they will get much of the actual storm.
  17. I have noticed a change in recent years, particularly among the younger adults here in the South. (I am a transplant from CA, but my dh grew up here.) It used to be that when we would be invited to someone's house after the morning church service, it was understood that we would be there for the afternoon, and then head back to church for the evening service. We would visit a bit while finishing touches were being put on the afternoon meal, and then we would eat, dishes would be cleared out of the way, the kids would be excused to go play, and the adults would sit around the kitchen table visiting some more, or move to another room to chat. If the weather was nice, we might head outside to visit and watch the kids play, or maybe even join in kicking the soccer ball or shooting baskets or whatever. A dessert would be offered a couple of hours after the meal. Then at the appropriate time, we would drive to church. This whole afternoon experience would last about four hours. Now, when we're invited, it is much more structured and less "friendly" feeling (for lack of a better word). The meal is served almost immediately upon arrival. And dessert (if offered) is served at the end of the meal. Full dishwashing is begun while guests are still at the table, if they are slow eaters (I am). Once the last bite is eaten, host / hostess says, "Thank you for coming", and we know it's time to leave.
  18. Bingo! This is what I tried to tell a FB friend last year when she posted about the magic of onions.
  19. Several years ago, my dh had to have his scalp stapled after a tubing accident on a river. Several weeks later, we got the ER bill, which was outrageously high. It turned out that we were being billed for a surgical procedure to drain an abscess on a certain part of male anatomy. We didn't find out about it until after the insurance company had already paid their part, so I called them and told them they had overpaid. I also told the hospital we wouldn't pay our part until it was corrected. I never heard back from either of them.
  20. It sounds like a typical Facebook post that "proves" someone's agenda.
  21. I had one a few months ago. My experience was that the tech had her eyes on the monitor pretty much the whole time after getting me set up. While she moved the probe around, she was watching the image, not looking at my body. And she was great about leaving the room while I got into the gown, and then again while I got cleaned up (wiped off the gel) and got dressed. It was only slightly uncomfortable a couple of times. It was a pressure feeling, not at all what I would call painful. I would recommend using the restroom right before starting the procedure.
  22. Grading tests and homework for Co-op classes.
  23. The only thing I have consistently is that I usually have a cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino (instant mix from Sam's Club) each morning. I have gone through phases where I had a salad pretty much every night for dinner, especially when it's hot and I don't feel like cooking. And when I was pregnant with ds1, I think I had an egg salad sandwich every work day at lunch for about two months. I am surprised at how many say they have eggs every day. At one time, there was a warning against doing that. I did enjoy a senior omelette last night for dinner at Denny's, when I had some time to kill.
  24. I don't see an option that fits my reaction: get that coworker some glasses! I was an ugly baby, was somewhat cute for a short while around 1 to 3 yo, and then hit my awkward stage, which I have not outgrown.
  25. I thought the proctor was supposed to read those directions out loud, but maybe not. I tutored a student a few years ago who also missed the fact that he could write in the test booklet. He did all of his SAT math without writing down anything other than bubbling in the answers. He scored something like 560 as a sophomore under those conditions. I never heard back what score he got after some tutoring.
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