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  1. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 7000 messages in my inbox. Periodically, I will purge them. I do this by sorting by sender, and then click-scroll-shift-click to delete a bunch at a time. One of the worst offenders is a homeschool group I belong to that overlaps with another group, so I often receive double messages that I don't bother reading. I will sometimes go in and click on the "unsub" link to try to stop receiving messages from someone I don't want to hear from.
  2. I have wondered about this product myself. I have seen it for much less (like about $9, I think) in one of the Science supply catalogs I receive.
  3. This article very eloquently says what I have been thinking, and why I haven't changed my FB profile picture: what happened in Paris was a terrible tragedy, but those lives lost were no more tragic than so many others that are in my news feed every single day.
  4. In our state, when a young man applies for a driver's permit, driver's license or state-issued ID card, he agrees that his name will be submitted to the Selective Service when he turns 18yo. If he doesn't want to be registered with them, he must forfeit his license or ID card before his 18th birthday. It is part of what you agree to when you sign the application. I pointed this out to all three of my sons before they signed their applications, and yet all three were surprised when they received their registration card in the mail shortly after their 18th birthdays.
  5. How about a book detailing rules of Solitaire card games? Or a subscription to one of the Dell puzzle magazines? I personally love the Math and Logic Puzzles book. Check out the puzzles sections of Barnes and Noble -- both the puzzle books section and the section where they have board games and such.
  6. I use a wide variety of materials. Mathematics: A Human Endeavor by Harold Jacobs has some good ideas. I have also used some of the "math tricks" from Jacobs' Elementary Algebra textbook. I collect inexpensive puzzle and brainteaser books from bookstores. I love many of the puzzles from this site:; they have given me permission to print from their site and copy for use in my classroom as long as I give them credit. I also like this site: I subscribe to the weekly KenKen puzzle collection for teachers through this site: The Geometry textbook I use at our other Co-op has challenge problems at the end of most lessons, which I sometimes use. Martin Gardner has written several books full of interesting puzzlers. Our library has several that I borrow from. I picked up a little Brain Games puzzle booklet at Ollie's Bargain Outlet store. The usually sell for a few dollars each, but I got them for something like 79 cents each. I bought one for each of my students, and I keep them with my supplies. I can just choose a puzzle, and everyone works on the same one. It has a variety of puzzles: word, logic, math, spatial, etc.
  7. My favorite-to-teach Co-op class is one I call Thinking Out of the Box. I use a variety of brainteasers, math puzzles, word puzzles, spatial visualization puzzles, logic puzzles, etc. to get the kids to develop critical thinking skills.
  8. I have tried a few times to engage my dh's family on this issue, but it's like beating my head against a wall. One of dh's cousins just unfriended me on FB because I disagreed with a comment he made, which I felt was based on a poor interpretation of Scripture due to KJV language issues. I tried to explain my position based on the ESV version. I find the KJV to be incredibly comforting at times. Psalm 23 jumps to mind -- it's just not the same in any other translation. But there are so many other verses that I never really understood because of the KJV language.
  9. Yes. I'm not sure the director really did anything wrong, per se. I think he was talking with the doctor while ds went to imaging. But the doctor certainly should have known better! When we were in the ER with dh last Summer, they wouldn't tell me anything until dh confirmed for them that it was alright to talk to me about what was happening. The director told me the doctor asked if he was ds's father, and when he said no, he was the director of the college program, the doctor asked about the program. (It is a non-traditional, very cool program that ds is loving.) When the director told him about some of the activities they do, the doctor spoke up and said that someone with ds's condition couldn't do those things. I have no doubt that they both have ds's best interests at heart, but I think it still crossed a line. Some people with ds's condition are on very strict limitations, but his own doctor only said no contact sports like football or martial arts.
  10. The doctor and director? The director went to the hospital.
  11. How about this: A doctor in the ER shared some information about my son's medical condition with the director of the college program my son is enrolled in, without my son knowing about it or giving his permission. (Ds is 20yo.) And to top it off, the doctor painted a very different picture of my son's limitations than what his own doctor has prescribed, and now the director has said that he will be withholding ds from participating in some aspects of the program. Ds is livid, and I am trying to not be in too much of Mama Bear mode.
  12. People who don't return emails or otherwise communicate as promised. Twenty-two hours ago, he said, "I'll keep you informed" about a decision that was to be made within the half hour. I haven't heard a word. Sigh .....
  13. Arghhhh ... that's all. Majorly frustrating conference today.
  14. I've never been there. But my stepson and daughter-in-law are celebrating their 25th anniversary in Italy, and I am enjoying dear d-i-l's Facebook posts as she shares all that they are doing. I know they did a ton of planning. Except for the lost luggage at the beginning of the trip, things have gone very well.
  15. This has turned into a praise. The gal at the business office worked with me and the numbers so that I can make 10 equal payments. There will be a crunch at the end of the year, but it is doable.
  16. The guy from the gap year program my son is planning on attending this year and the financial aid office who don't communicate very well. The guy told me we could spread out the balance due after scholarships and grants over 10 months. The financial aid / business office sent a letter saying we had to set up the payments plan by September 1st. Today, I found out that the 10 months had to have started in July. So now, they want 20% like now, and another 10% by September 20th, when I was planning on just the 10% amount in September. And we found out yesterday that there is another $375 we need to pay in two weeks when we check him in. This is to cover the things that aren't included in the "all-inclusive" fees we knew about. I have been scrambling to minimize expenses and maximize income to make this work because it is so incredibly important to my son. In the long run, it will work, but I just don't know how to come up with all this money right now.
  17. Dh put the sherbet in the fridge instead of the freezer, and I didn't notice until it was completely liquefied.
  18. We have known for years that ds has a connective tissue disorder, possibly Marfan's, which my Dad had. He has an appointment with a cardiologist who specializes in this next week. But he also has frequent migraines, serious sleep issues, and tons of non-specific pain, which aren't typically identified with Marfan's.
  19. Thank you for asking about this. I had never heard of these conditions, so I took a quick look at some sites about them. My youngest son is experiencing many of these symptoms. We will be digging deeper into getting a diagnosis and treatment.
  20. We have never lived anywhere with a HOA. But my sister lives in a community where they are not permitted to do anything with their front yard -- all of the landscaping is maintained by the association. In addition, they are not permitted to change the window coverings on any of the windows that are visible from the street.
  21. Coming in a little late, but have you all seen Paul Hewitt's "60 Questions Physics Students Should Know"? You can find them on the Arbor Science website. (link removed -- just google it) His Next Time Questions are also available on the ArborSci site -- they are great, too.
  22. Actually, much of this is very subjective. It's not as black and white as many think.
  23. It does seem like it would be hard to forget, but if it's not yet a normal part of the routine, I can see it happening. I know of parents who have gotten halfway home from church before remembering the baby was in the nursery. About 25 years ago, I had a co-worker whose husband forgot that it was his turn to drop off the baby at Grandma's house for the day. Mom left for work first, and then Dad left a short while later, leaving the baby in the crib. Grandma called Mom at work to ask if the baby was sick or something. Grandma rushed over, and baby was fine -- a little hungry, and needed a clean diaper, but no permanent harm.
  24. Almost every Sunday, my grandparents would come for dinner, and they and my parents would play some card game -- usually Hearts or Pinochle, sometimes Blackjack or Poker. My Dad and I played Cribbage. Now, I mostly play those games online against the computer.
  25. Hugs to you and your family. I so admire how you are handling all of this.
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