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  1. I came on here looking for an update. Did he actually get on the plane? Have you heard from him? How are you holding up? Prayed for you again today.
  2. My middle ds recently accompanied a buddy of his on a trip to meet the buddy's birth mother. If your ds decides to go, I hope his experience is as positive as buddy's was.
  3. Our libraries (headquarters and at least some of the branches) have Teen Only areas. But the emphasis is on the seating areas, not on the bookshelves. Some of them have rather funky cafe-style seating, or other specialized social areas. My 17 yos did get "carded" in the Teen area at Headquarters the other night. He has an awesome beard and does not look like he is 17. They weren't ugly about it, just checking.
  4. I recently posted about some FREE online virtual labs that I use in my co-op Physics class. Here are the ones that are specifically related to Chemistry: (I'm not sure why the Wave on a String comes up on the Chemistry page.)
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