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  1. Weather station Digital Weather Station Wireless Outdoor Sensor https://www.lowes.com/pd/Digital-Weather-Station-Wireless-Outdoor-Sensor/1000297323 Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream He got some in a United Way silent auction gift bag that he won & can't find it to buy locally, but I e-mailed the company & know where to get it.
  2. My husband likes Great Buffalo Trace Bourbon Creamer if you want to go that route.
  3. This is definitely one thing I kept & it comes out at Christmas still.
  4. Several store brand "rice Krispies" are gf, including Aldi, plus they're cheaper.
  5. Have fun. I LOVE mashed potatoes in the IP. So easy to make.
  6. You can and it will drop a little quicker, if you keep in on "keep warm" it will just take a little longer.
  7. My dh's gifts are not gift giving, buy he shows me how important I am in many other ways, we have to sometimes take their gift giving with a grain of salt.
  8. An even exchange would be your best bet, I hate returning things at Kohl's with coupons/discounts.
  9. I need mystery minifigures for stockings, I have not been able to find them locally, I only really need 4 pkgs, but shipping is $5.99, so basically I spend another $8 for free shipping. Decisions, decisions. I've got 16b, 18b & 20g year old. I ALWAYS put minifigures in their stockings. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. So in my state it says 1/2 estate to surviving spouse & 1/2 to children, so even though both names are on the house, children would still get half? This alone should get dh to get a will planned out.
  11. Right now I have- Monday-scalloped ham & potatoes Tuesday-beef tacos Wednesday-ham loaf Thursday-not sure yet Friday-homemade nuggets Saturday-chili
  12. Yes, we do not have our ducks in a row, but as dh & I may be flying in January & leaving our teens home, I feel we should get on it. We own our house & vehicles & have no debt, but don't have a lot of extra either, so it needs to be done cheaply. Our children are ~20, 18 & 161/2, what do we do as far as guardiansship for our 16 1/2 year old? Does a will state that kind of stuff? I'm clueless. Do dh & I each need a will?
  13. I like the idea of trying to put it in the dishwasher, or get new plates.
  14. We just had an Ulta open up, I've never been to one.
  15. Dh has mentioned one before & it would be a good gift for my kids & I to get him.
  16. What are your favorite things to give older teens that they can put up and use once they have a family? Or a house of their own.
  17. I think they are pretty easy. Just follow directions & you'll be fine.
  18. We will be flying, so I won't have access to a car.
  19. Thanks. We'll definitely be together at night. This is an ADA (Americans with Disabilities) conference & there's not much going on & really the information isn't that exciting, so by evening they're ready to unwind.
  20. Ok, I have a chance to go to Orlando for a few days in January with dh while he's on a business trip. We'll be staying at B Resort & Spa on Disney properties. Any advice on being an extra on a trip. He'll obviously be busy during the day. I'll be by myself & can take a shuttle to Disney Springs. (Really any Disney park, but not going there by myself. I could see if in-laws wanted to come see me/do something for a day. They'll be about 1 hr 45 min away. Not sure about bugging them? I could do a few spa things, but have a small budget. Any tips for trips similar to this?
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