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  1. I’m trying not to freak out, he just drank a tiny bit of water & I just read shouldn’t have. We’ve got to be there in half an hour. Pray forvthe surgery to go well & no issues now.
  2. If you are on concrete, a good pair of shoes is a must. Good luck.
  3. Correct, I’m thinking June-August possibly or even September.
  4. I was thinking a B&B or house rental? It would just be for a weekend, not sure when. Just dh & I would go. We can get into the museum of Science & Industry for free & would love to kayak or something like that if possible. Any suggestions on accommodations or kayaking?
  5. I got married at 20 & have been married alost 23 years. We’re enjoying that our kids are almost out of the house and we are still young. Youngest is 16, It’s not always been easy but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Keep supporting them and ignore all the other idiots
  6. I have couponed for years, it's not what it used to be, but I still like to save as much as I can. I shop sales mainly at Meijer & Kroger and get coupons from both stores. I never buy a paper, but will print from sites and also order coupons from a clipping service if there's something that we use a lot of and the coupon is a high dollar coupon. Tresemme hair coupons and Joint Juice are two that I watch for and stock up on.
  7. I get it! Some men just do not have the gift of gift giving. Dh & I both got ipads because it’s what “he†wanted. Is it nice, yes, but not something I absolutely wanted, then when he “planned†to do more shopping on Christmas eve it snowed & he didn’t bother or even order me anything last minute, yet I got him other gifts. His idea of a valentines for gift is going out to eat. 😜
  8. I love having a toaster oven, so I vote keep it.
  9. I got these: Reusable Non-Toxic Green Clean Eco Washer Laundry Balls - Environmentally Friendly All Natural Alternative Laundry Detergent, Eco Friendly and Chemical Free, 2 Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y3NR22B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_mZBqAbT86YTYX
  10. Just curious. She loves things that will save money & are goid for the environment. She’s 20 btw.
  11. It's Freedom Insurance, so not a big name, never heard of them. It's not totalled. Literally the bumper fell off & thank God thst was all. It could have been worse. There are parts missing from the bumper, the foam & whatever was holding it on, but it's back on & you can barely tell without knowing.
  12. My 18 year old is getting a code reader for his car that he's worked on the last year, plus he can use it on future vehicles. An alarm clock with usb ports, clothes, a nice lunch cooler & various stocking stuffers.
  13. She was backing out of a one way parking lot isle and a lady that was going the wrong way ripped her bumper off and cracked it. A police report was filed, The lady did not have a license or registration on her, so the police officer took her keys away until she produced them (not sure what happened there) anyway, do put dd’s bumper back on the best he could having to use bolts, We called the insurance company and an adjuster is coming tomorrow. DD’s car is an 01, so not special by any means, but needs to last her a few more years until she's done with college. The bumper is cracked and I told her she should go and get an estimate before the adjuster comes. Is that what she should do? Any other advice? She has pictures to show the adjuster as well. This is just a hassle. The adjuster is from the insurance company of the lady that hit her. Thanks.
  14. I have not read all of the responses, but I think sometimes when we make a big deal about things, the less likely the person is to change. It's just like smoking, my neighbor smokes a ton and knows she needs to quit, but everyone reminding her only makes it worse. I know my daughter weighs a little more than I did at her age, but harping to her about food does not help, so I do my best to keep my mouth shut. She's going to be 20 and needs to figure it out on her own. If he's already near adulthood, I think it's time to back off.
  15. I never forget to eat and neither do any of my teens (16-20) I wish I could, but I've never been that way, always need fuel.
  16. My 18 year old is getting a code reader for his car because he got a free non-running car that he got running and has used dh’s and it’s something that he’ll be able to use for years. In the past, I have given them (him & his younger brother, currently 16)tool sets and last year was a Dremel type tool from Sam’s Club, but a lot cheaper, they use them quite often actually. I like to get useful things that they will have for years to come.
  17. Sunday 10:30 service only. Works for us, we’ll have lunch, rest, open gifts, have chef salads & watch Die Hard, because my family thinks it’s the best Christmas movie. Monday will be stockings, prepping for dinner with our neighbors at our house and then Star Wars.
  18. My boys are 16 & 18 & just had check ups today 16 yo is 6' 1.5" & 146lbs & ds 18 yo is 5' 11.5" & 144 lbs. They are thinner kids, but that gives you an idea.
  19. Target dollar spot had socks & coozies that were Star Wars themed, but I'd be surprised if they still have any. My boys are getting levels, a t-shirt, mystery mini figures (they still love getting them) body wash, socks & a coozie.
  20. This is exactly how I do it & I also use Quicken to manage our money. We've use some type of program since we got married.
  21. If they are true celiacs, they might not eat anything you make. My bil is & I know is very strick about eating where cross contamination might occur. I cook gf for my untested daughter that has issues & am very careful, but he won't eat anything that I make. Just throwing that out there.
  22. Thankfully my dh "gets" full stockings, his mom did the same. We don't do a lot of other gifts & don't spend a lot per child, usually $75-100 each now that they're older. I don't wrap things & am always looking for clearance items to put in them. I even shared this post with them & they said they LOVE getting stockings.
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