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  1. No im sorry my 9 year old does not need phonics...my 5 year old does. Im not sure how to just "jump in" so to speak with the classical approach.
  2. Hello! I am new here! I just read the book and it makes a lot of sense to me! I am needing some help deciding on things though. I have three kids ages 1,5 and 9. My 9 year old is working on a 4th grade level and is not challenged by our current curriculum at all. We have used Abeka and currently using Moving Beyond the Page. My 5 year old just turned 5 and we have been using Hooked on Phonics to help her learn to read. My 9 year old needs a program like this. I just don't quite know where to start or how. I have never pieced together curriculum before and I am afraid I will mess things up. We have Story of the world and the work book that I had planned on using with my 5 year old for K/1 but I am thinking that I can also use that for the 9 year old? Also I want to start as soon as possible as he is really bored. 9 year old has ADHD and has been schooled at home for 2nd 3rd and now 4th grades. Ok this was kind of jumbled...I guess I just need some help! Tara
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