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  1. Does this look right? Logic- Mind Benders Math- Teaching Textbooks 5 History- Story of the World and Usborne Encyclopedia of World History Spelling- Spelling work out F & G Grammar- Shurley English 5 Reading- Confucius, Chinese folktales, Japanese folktales, Chinese poetry, Japanese poetry, myths of ancient Egypt, tales of pharaohs, the Bible, Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon, Esther, Ruth, Homer, Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, the Iliad and the Odyssey, Greek and Roman Myths, Aesop’s Fables, Indian folktales, African folktales, Cicero, Virgil Writing- Writing Strands Science- Biology Bible- Foreign language?
  2. Wait you mean last night was the last of season 2? NOOOOOOO
  3. they say I am Mr. Bates...my name is Lady Rosie, Marchioness of Feckenham
  4. Fort Sill. we do school year round anyways. i don't think 180 days will be an issue!
  5. I dont have to notify anyone or test...oh im gonna be in heaven!!!!!
  6. We just found out we are moving to Ok in July. Can anyone tell me the homeschool requirements? Much thanks!
  7. Wow that is perfect! Thank you so much for that link!
  8. Perfect. I will be having to purchase a lot of his reading books as our library system does not have very many classics at all so I need to cut where i can!
  9. Its the first book, sorry i wasn't aware there were other levels of the book. Its the Ancients one.
  10. Can I really use this with both my 1st grader and 5th grader? I have the book and the activity book. Would it be easy to adapt it up and down like that?
  11. My ODS is 9 and he told me the other day that he doesn't want to go to public school because he doesn't want to sit all day. And then he told me to get him more things to work on because he loves to learn!
  12. Thanks, I figured I would just utilize the library for sciency type things.
  13. Since I am working with my 5 year old now I am going to put her straight to 1st grade work come fall. How does this look? Spelling workout A, Hooked on phonics, The complete writer level 1, Singapore math 1a and 1b, Story of the world. We will hit the library for reading books and I'm unsure about science.
  14. Wow, he has really nice handwriting!
  15. I am using it with my 9 year old, the 8-10 level. We like it but it is not challenging enough for my ds at all. I think it might be good for a younger child though!
  16. We are about to start tt5 with my ds who is 9. TT4 seems to be above grade level in our school district. I have a friend whose son in the the local PS in grade 4 and he has just started to cover some of the things that tt4 had at the beginning. I guess it depends on your school district whether or not it is on level or not.
  17. My dd will be starting K soon and we will be jumping in to 1st grade math just because she has covered everything for K math in everyday life (and she loves workbooks since she thinks she is working when big brother does) You might find K math to be way to easy.
  18. Thanks for the ideas. I will check out your links!
  19. Ok my ODS we did the CAT test last may and he tested in the 98% for everything. He reads at a 12 grade level although its hard to find age appropriate books that he likes. He loves Harry Potter though. Writing- horrible I can barely read it sometimes, but his grammar is good as is his spelling. I would say they are average for a 4-5 grader. Math- kid loves math-me not so much. We use teaching textbooks and He loves it. I like it because I don't have to teach it. He has 10 more lessons of level 4 and he is averaging a 96% History- He likes but isn't strong. We haven't really spent much time on history at all Geography- Not where he should be. He doesn't know where certain countries are but he is good at googling. Science- he is above average here as well loves hands on but doesn't mind reading about it either. He needs to be challenged more then his currently is. As far as goals, just to challenge him so that he is reaching his potential. He is wicked smart but has ADHD and get distracted. We prefer christian but secular is ok so long as it doesn't directly conflict with our beliefs. Budget. Well I have already purchased TT and Shurley Grammar 5, we also have Story of the world and the Usborn Encyclopedia of world history. I would like to spend no more then an additional 1-200. We have a ton of good library's to get reading books from but we do not really have any "good" books.
  20. I guess what I am confused about is how to transition what we are working with to a more classical approach. Ds is using Moving beyond the page. It does not focus on grammar, or spelling at all. He reads 2 books every 3 weeks and has a lot of writing about them, but nothing that focuses on rules at all. It is a unit study I think, but I am not fond of the history and science portion. He uses teaching textbooks for math, which we love. And since I have never home schooled k-1 I have no idea where to start with my five year old.
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