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  1. My 6th grader does spelling and will continue until he finishes highschool. In my mind you can never have enough spelling!
  2. We are currently using Teaching Textbooks 6. We use that starting in 3rd grade. For my dd in 1st grade we are using Liberty Math level A
  3. I guess i should add that we do school year round as well. Our school week is m-t and we take a week off every other month, but other than that we school all the time. The reason is that with my oldest having ADHD if we take more then a week or two off then the whole next month trying to get back into routine is not fun for anyone. I love having our stuff a few months before we are ready to start it. It saves me from having to rush to get it all put together and looked at!
  4. Our school day is from 9am until they finish. Whis is about 90 minutes for my 1st grader and up to 4 hours for my 6th grader. We also only school 4 days a week, but we school year round. They get a ton of free time
  5. Thank you for understanding. I was not trying to say money is never an object. I do try to get the best deals for our stuff..but that is only possilbe because of our tax return
  6. we are fortunate to get back a pretty decent tax return each year that we allot to our homeschooling. There is just no other way to get around it. Ask me again in a few years when my oldest is in Highschool, my middle girl in Middle school and my baby in elementry. I will probably be singing a different tune then. This is what works for us right now and for the last 7 years of homeschooling. If we did not get a good sized refund each year we would be looking into mostly free ideas. People do not go into the Army for the pay, but we do well enough.
  7. we have been buying in early spring since we have been homeschooling (1st grade for oldest) It works for us.
  8. my 11 year old just finished the last book in the Inheratence cycle. He loved those books
  9. Thank you so much! I was just so lost on moving from the easy elementry work into highschool. I cannot belive My baby will be in Highschool in 2.5 years!!! again I appreacte this so very much!
  10. The only reason I suggested that, is that my DD loves to write. She will write for hours, ODS has never liked to write. And being they are the only children I have ever taught, that is my assumption.
  11. Money is not a huge concern for schooling. At this point we allot 1000 for the school year. But enlighten please what is the homeschool buyers coop?
  12. and this is the wrong area to post this...oops
  13. I know I do not post often here, just when I need things, LOL Anyways we always buy the next years curriculum with our tax money. Our taxes have been filed and we are waiting for the money to hit our account! So I will have 2nd grader a 7th grader and a 3 year old. My big kid. We will likely stick to Teaching Textbooks. We have been using it since 3rd grade and LOVE IT. He is an advanced reader but does not like to write (common preteen boy trait?) He loves science so I am thinking biology, but without evolution attached to it. I am unsure where that leaves us for English, science and history. We have been using drive thru history this year and both the kids are loving that. I just adjust the questions for my 7 year old. Even my toddler enjoys watching the shows. I think I want to do American history for my son though. I guess I am just looking for some help here. For 9th grade we are enrolling him into Liberty Online Acadmey and that Is going to be a very intense progam for him, so I need to find things that will help us bridge the gap from where we are to there. He HATES writing and I know that will be a huge part of the LOA excpet he will be expected to type his work out. HMMMM maybe that is the key, typing out his papers instead of having him phsyically write them. Thanks for all the help!
  14. I forgot to mention he is medicated. We cannot go to another town. We are military and can only go where they will pay. We are in the biggest town as it is. We would have to go over an hour to find another big town and then Tricare wont pay for it.
  15. There is ONE place in town that will take kids on at all they are Psychologists.
  16. thank you! I really mean that. He had an eval when he was 6-7. But I do not think it was a full physc eval. I do know what whenever it is that we actually get in with the Ped phsyc here they plan on doing one. Its a 3-4 month wait to get in and we have been on the list a good 2 months now. I will look into JAG.
  17. We are using bob jones English 6. He has a love hate relationship with it. Everyother chapter is heavy on writing so he dislikes those chapters but the ones that are more grammar and less writing he loves. He isnt really "into" anything. he loves his legos, and enjoys riding his bike and what not, but there hasn't really been a subject or topic that really jumps at him. Execpt math. He could do math for hours and never complain.
  18. He did pick out his science, We are doing Exploring creation with Astronomy, he loves it! Writing...he would tell me no period.
  19. But I also have a 6 year old and 2 year old, I cannot just sit and solely teach him.
  20. Math, I do not teach. He uses Teaching text books. But both him and his sister sit at the table doing school work, with me helping one or the other from 9-1, with breaks as needed.
  21. That is a good Idea....we frequently take privilages away but if he wont have a good attitude about what NEEDS to be done, then he doesn't get to do any of the fun extras
  22. We have been working on his behaviour for oh, 11 years...he is in an out of therapy and we are currently waiting to get into a therapist since we are new to the area we are in. School is not the only area where he is defiant. He balks at doing his chores, cleaning his room, playing with his siblings. Pretty much if it is not a video game or interesting book he doesn't want to do it. He has a lousey attitude toward most everything
  23. Back story, my 11 year old has ADHD and has been homeschool his whole life except for 1st grade. He is at a 6th grade level now. He hates to do school work. He is brilliant yet frequently fails tests. We refuses to do any sort of writing (ie papers), detests English. When I sit him down with his work, he will pretend to do it and then stick his book back on the shelf. (just had to correct again right now). We really want to keep him home and do not feel that public school is even an option. Private school is too expensive, the cheapest one in our area is 400 a month. That said, we WANT him to succeed. He has the makings of someone who will go far in life. But he has no desire or self motivation. help?
  24. We have tried every trick possible. She has been writing since she was 4.
  25. My 6 year old keeps writing her b's and d's backwards. When she reads she gets any word that has a b or d in it wrong also. I am sure its mostly normal at this age (she will be 7 in Dec). Other then drilling those letters how do I get her to read and write them properly?
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