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  1. If he's interested in the hardware side, you can do something my son did here. He asked for donations of laptops and desktops that people weren't using or were broken. He spent time figuring out what needed to be done to them to get them working and then fixed and/or updated them. He then reached out to a group that works with refugees that pulled together a group of teens to receive the computers. He spent three afternoons holding classes to teach them how to use the computers and the internet. He had eight teens attend the class who then received their own computers. The project taught him
  2. I used this from their website: High School Curriculum 1A covers the basics of the Spanish language, including the alphabet, pronouns, greetings, “to be” verbs, cardinal numbers, date and time, and saying “I want.” After completing this course, students should have a foundation for basic conversational proficiency and an understanding of the fundamental components of the Spanish language. High School Curriculum 1B serves as a continuation of the topics covered in 1A. In this module, students become familiar with nouns and articles, regular verbs, forming basic sentences, “to like,” “
  3. Thanks for the clarification. CK12 is one of the resources we were looking into for next year.
  4. Seriously???? I thought CK12 was supposed to be secular. Well, I can cross that off the list of possible Biology resources.
  5. Each child had their own laptop. I had a laptop and a projector to display what I was doing.
  6. Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant.
  7. If you want something for your computer, Audacity is free and good.
  8. Jessamonk, you should be fine with watching TWSS over the summer. It's nice to have them to refer back to, but with all the support on thier website and the Yahoo group, you should be able to get any questions answered.
  9. We've used K-2 Ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley and 3-5 Zoology. The kids enjoy the links and activities. My son still remembers quite a bit about Ancient Egypt and we used that two years ago. If you have the time and energy, you could certainly plan out your lessons and find the links yourself, but I think it's worth it (especially when there's a sale) to pay someone else to do it.
  10. JAG is for younger kids (4th and 5th) and AG is for older (6th+).
  11. I taught Scratch programming a few times and it was always popular.
  12. I really enjoyed No Time On My Hands by Grace Snyder.
  13. I just bought IEW yesterday to use with my son. He's just starting level 8 of Barton. I don't think she says you have to start IEW right after level 4, but rather that's the earliest she'd recommend it. We've used WWE for the last year and a half and I feel he just isn't progressing. I'm hoping the IEW approach works better for him. On a Barton group I'm on, several people there have used it with success.
  14. If you don't feel comfortable or safe, then by all means transfer packs. You can pay a small fee ($10 perhaps?) to the district to transfer, but you might need to pay that new pack's dues again. (The pack dues are separate from the district ones.) My sons are both in cub scouts and my husband is the cub master. While there certainly are some personality issues, there's nothing like what you described in our pack.
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