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  1. I used this from their website: High School Curriculum 1A covers the basics of the Spanish language, including the alphabet, pronouns, greetings, “to be” verbs, cardinal numbers, date and time, and saying “I want.” After completing this course, students should have a foundation for basic conversational proficiency and an understanding of the fundamental components of the Spanish language. High School Curriculum 1B serves as a continuation of the topics covered in 1A. In this module, students become familiar with nouns and articles, regular verbs, forming basic sentences, “to like,” “to have,” possessive pronouns, and introduction to future and past tense. This course should provide students with a basic comprehensive understanding of Spanish and provide them the knowledge needed to converse on a basic level with other beginning Spanish speakers.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. CK12 is one of the resources we were looking into for next year.
  3. Seriously???? I thought CK12 was supposed to be secular. Well, I can cross that off the list of possible Biology resources.
  4. Each child had their own laptop. I had a laptop and a projector to display what I was doing.
  5. I taught Scratch programming a few times and it was always popular.
  6. Can you let us know when you die? I'd like to attend that funeral.
  7. Anyone ever done a short sale before? In college I worked at The Gap and at the end of the summer we would have sales on all our summer apparel, including shorts. You wouldn't see them this time of year though.
  8. LOL Considering I'm from the South, I should have thought of that before making the post.
  9. Troll Press? I find using trolls is the best way to work those pecs at the gym.
  10. What a great thread! My first three thoughts were David Copperfield, the Little House series, and The Grapes of Wrath (notice a theme here?). But there are so many, many more books I want to add to the list. I have a decent balance at a wonderful used book store here in town and I think I'll easily be able to deplete the entire balance with many of the suggestions here. Now I just have to find the time to spend an afternoon there perusing the shelves (the place is like a huge maze packed floor to ceiling with books).
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