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    This was bought three years ago. It was in ver good confition, the set includes all the calvert manuals plus two kinderfun sets of sheets. They are the pages the srudent consumes so after one set is used there will another set that you can resell. Music break cds are included, they are not in the pic. The art kit and manupulatives are avaialble for seperate purchase at amazon. They are not needed to comp,ete the program. I am asking 138 ppd . I accept paypal.


  2. Hello, I am looking for something like this. Can you please post the isbn and the author, edition of the book? I like to take a peak at it to see if it will work for us too. Thanks
  3. hello, i am looking for a resources that list, age appropriate, list of reserach subjects and essay topics? A book of writing prompts that deal with multiple subjects? Thanks
  4. i am not sure if I did the quotes right above; I just wanted to share my thoughts. If I didn't quote properly , my advanced apologies. I am still learning how to use the board. Good Luck.
  5. Hello, i am not a macbook expert, but I don't believe that you can airplay from one mac to another. The sharing option would work if you are trying to airplay to a pair of speakers. For example I can set a pair of speakers in each room and send music to the rooms I desire, but I need an airport to do that or a blue toothconnection. Currently, I can share from my mac to my tv, because I have apple tv that receives the info, say a movie, to play on the screen. The same thing with the ipad. I cannot airplay from my mac to my Ipad. I have to download the itunes info to it and sync it. I
  6. I am not sure, but you might like the following: If you teach kids to write you gotta have this book by marjorie something The Write Stuff by rae--This soundslike the one you might want Story starters by andreola Kids Write ( can' think of the author but it belons to that williamson series of kid books) I can look at the wirte stuff and if you teach kids to write book table of contents, I have to just dig the out. The other 2 I am sure off, I am in the process of trying to decide which one to purchase next. Amazon sometimes will let you take a sneak peak at the table of conten
  7. I used this program with my oldest DS about 6 years ago. My second ds is using it now and loves it. The ladies that work there are wonderful. I am glad that someone opened their heart to you. :001_smile:
  8. You are really organized. I like the character study by bf, I plan to do that over a 2 year span though, possibly 3 . I am going to be using stow and ffl after we are done with Latl blue. I never heard of bilbo plan, looks like fun. I feel ashamed....I need to replan my first grade course outline......The break between my 13 year old and my 5 was too long... :banging:
  9. http://drshormann.com/2012/02/08/differences-in-3rd-and-4th-edition-saxon-algebra-1/ I thought of jumping to the fourth edition , but I read the above blog about what is going on with the saxon curricula and I decided to stay away for fourth Ed. I also found other discussion that pulled me away from fourth. From what I gather it is not homeschool friendly, no dvd guidance and the solution manual is basically just an answer key. The more I talk, the more I am deciding to stay with Saxon and just supplement the hands on activities for the geometry.
  10. Thanks for the link this definitely looks like something he would like. Ds is looking over my shoulder and said Thanks.
  11. Off topic: I don't know if your interested but glencoe has a website for their books. On that website they have multiple choice questions, which you could use as a test. HTH
  12. It sounds like your son likes their texts, so I'm not sure why you'd want to change. :) I was trying to avoid for him to do the double geometry since the saxon alg1 and saxon alg 2 course include geometry. Then he would be left with half of advance mathematics to just cover the geometry credit or just complete the whole course to get the half of trig credit. Ds wanted a separate hands on geometry course though, well it made it an issue. I do see what your saying. thanks for the input, I am still thinking....
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