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  1. What is everyone doing to teach fine arts? Music appreciation, art appreciation, drawing, painting, pastels.......any of those things! I'd love some resources so I can figure out a plan for us. I don't really want to cobble something together myself - I'd love something that is already done for me. I'd love something with DVD's or an online component (streaming - doesn't have to be a live class).
  2. Sonlight has summer book lists. I always look through those for ideas. I also made book lists for my own kids. I’ll paste the links to those below. I chose a lot of fantasy or mystery or adventure books. Many of not examples of fine literature, but they are fun. http://lextineclectic.com/2019/05/summer-reading-for-my-8-year-old-girl.html http://lextineclectic.com/2019/05/summer-reading-for-my-10-year-old-girl.html http://lextineclectic.com/2019/05/summer-reading-for-my-11-year-old-boy.html http://lextineclectic.com/2019/05/summer-reading-for-my-13-year-old-girl.html
  3. I’m going to be using Thinkwell. We’ll see how it goes. The sample looked like something my older kids would enjoy. And I got a good price on homeschool buyers co-op.
  4. I used it with a 4th and 3rd grader. They both enjoyed it. It was a great low key and low stress intro to Latin. It made Latin approachable and less intimidating. My 4th grader is slightly dyslexic and was a delayed reader and speller. It was a great slow start for us. I also used it with my oldest who was a strong reader but was more interested in spanish and had been focusing more on spanish. She enjoyed the slow start with Latin and found the program fun and simple. All my kids liked the videos. And many of them enjoyed the songs. We tried the other CAP Latin but have since switched to MP Latin which I like better. So we found SSL was a good start for us. I wrote about using it with older students here: http://lextineclectic.com/2015/11/how-i-use-song-school-latin-with-an-older-child.html
  5. I’m on my phone so it’s difficult to type...but I've used many levels of NL Science. I enjoyed it. Some of the topics felt a bit simplistic. However the instructions to have them highlight main ideas promoted good study skills. Some of the experiments are actually more demonstrations but the kit comes with everything. I’m going to drop some a blog link that has my posts about it. They might be helpful. If you have questions send me a message. I don’t do conventions for them anymore and I don’t use the program right now. But I used it for years. It is a bit time consuming for lessons and I’ve had to scale back with 7 kids. Anyway, here’s a link: http://lextineclectic.com/?s=Nancy+Larson
  6. Well I’ll reply here...we switched to Abeka. So so much better! My kids can actually identify parts of speech in a sentence. They are retaining and applying what they’ve learned. The instructions are clear and the workbook is colorful. It’s easy to use. I just read the explanation and instructions at the top of the page and then do a few sentences with them. Then they do the rest on their own. It’s not fancy or super exciting but it gets the job done and my kids don’t complain because it doesn’t take much time. FLL was not being retained. After completing up through FLL 4 I realized my kids could not edit or correct sentences and could not identify parts of speech. I was so discouraged. Abeka has tons and tons of review. My kids can do these things now!
  7. We have a maid service come. They have the ability to create a custom clean where they only clean certain rooms. If I only wanted kitchens and bathrooms they would put together a plan and create an estimate. I would think most companies would be flexible and work with you on this.
  8. I’ll jump in. I’m still figuring it all out but here’s what I have so far: Bible: The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study Math: Thinkwell Alg 1 Grammar: Abeka Grammar 2 Writing: EIW 10 History: Notgrass Adam and Us Science: BJU Physical Science Logic: Intro to Logic from Master Books Latin: MP 2nd Form Spanish: HS Spanish Academy High school 1 Lots of Literature books I’m making a list. Swim Team, Golf, Piano I think that’s most of it. We’ll do some apologetics and learn about finances also. And some geography with drawing the continents.
  9. My daughter likes the little Nora Gaydos books.
  10. Has anyone used this program? It looks interesting and the cover is so pretty (totally not a reason to choose a curriculum...I know, I know!). Any thoughts on this program and the companion - Writers in Residence?
  11. Yes (says the woman who is currently seeing one and who is seeing positive results)
  12. I would not plan any outdoor activities - even light hiking. The humidity is insane in Houston. I would sweat horribly just walking down my driveway to get the mail. I found the summers intolerable, and the bugs - mosquitoes especially - were insane. Plan indoor activities like visiting the aquarium or children’s museum. It’s been years since we lived there so I’m struggling to remember the other museums and indoor activities.
  13. Yes. That’s what I’m saying. It’s very common and has always been covered in the past. I know that the meds are not called pink bubblegum. But that’s how everyone knows them and how I remember them from childhood.
  14. I know. I was referring to the pink amoxicillin. It’s the common antibiotic for kids. They covered amoxicillin for my other daughter last month. But not for this child. It makes zero sense. It’s the most common antibiotic....
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