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  1. Ok, our youngest wants to do Disney/Universal as her senior trip. The cost is SO HIGH!!! The 5 of us went in 2008 and I spent $2000 for the 5 of us to do free dining. Because of dual credit, we are looking at January 3- 12th. I found several houses through airbnb or condos a kitchen for a little under $1,000 that had enough beds for everyone and 3 bathrooms. But then I looked at tickets....oh my goodness. A 4 day pass for Walt Disney is over $400 EACH. Right now Universal has a special which actually won't work because it isn't valid for 2019 but let us say they will do it again 379 each for 3 days with 2 bonus days for a total of 5. So the tickets alone would cost $2000 for Disney and $1900 for Universal. That is nearly $4,000 for tickets. Even if I say ok, pick 2 Disney parks we are still talking $3,000 just for tickets alone. Now our oldest would probably buy his own tickets, but still. Middle one is in grad school and can't afford that. This feels absolutely ridiculous. Am I missing something? I'm thinking we need to tell her to pick somewhere else.
  2. No, that is fine, but that is when I rescue them. We have managed to save a few birds. So that was my point. I will continue to rescue them. There are some exceptions. To me though, it is a circle of life kind of thing. They are doing what animals do. Birds will die.
  3. WHAT???? These are outside dogs and cats. We live on 50 acres and yes they are in a fence ( dogs are) but the birds fly too low into the yard, especially when they are learning to fly. Same thing with my cat.
  4. I don't know. But one thing really struck me when I went with my students to the Dallas Holocaust Museum and we saw a film that was a collection of interviews with survivors. You could tell which ones were still consumed by hate and which ones had made peace. I certainly can't judge. I cannot wrap my mind around how human beings could have treated other human beings that way. And yet, it seemed like they were letting their abusers win. They continued to affect their mind. Then others on the film or Corrie Ten Boom have somehow managed to have forgiven their guards and others who abused them. I haven't been in that situation. Not saying one is right and one is wrong. Just an observation.
  5. I guess I have been blessed. There is no one that has ever done anything to me worthy of hatred..
  6. Well my daughter and my friend found my journals from high school and college. They spent half the night reading them. Didn't know till the next day when they showed me what I wrote about my husband. I was fine with it. I mean, if I don't want them read then I need to burn them. It is the whole reason I kept them, so my children and grandchildren would know what it was like when I was growing up. My daughter hasn't left her journal out, but has left out notes and things and yes, I read her texts sometimes. But we had a rather big incident a year ago. I don't check as often as I did back then.
  7. Everything is going well here. I am deep into my master's degree. Bad thing is my school where I teach is closing, so we are scrambling about what to do for her senior year. Think she is going to just do dual credit. So we are homeschooling again, I guess. Hubby is retiring July 1. YEAH!!! He will be doing a lot of mission work and some locum tenems. He won't be gone for too long until daughter has graduated and then I can go with him. So exciting. So ready for empty nest! One more year.
  8. I don't think I am capable of hate.
  9. Didn't see it actually happen, only the aftermath, but what if our dogs or our cats are getting them????
  10. With the information OP just added, I'm thinking the writer has some blame. The writer left it out, like on a table or somewhere. I have to confess that although I do not go snooping and looking for something, when something like that is left out, in a public place, I have read it. Going through a child's dresser or to find it hidden, no. But if they leave something out... yeah, I have a few times. It was so public that someone else found it, not the intended person. I think that changes it a bit.
  11. You guys must have different rules than Texas. We have laws on the books about terroristic threats. We had a 13yo student expelled for joking about something involving guns. i know this student. I know he was joking. However, he faced criminal charges and was expelled. We had a police officer come and talk to our students about how serious it is. If this young man lived in our town, he would have been expelled and charged. I am SO SO sorry for what you are going through. I don't have any better answers than what others have suggested. Praying for you.
  12. My son graduated from college December 2017 and was hired for his first computer programming job at over 80,000 plus benefits like health insurance. He has gotten at least one raise since then. I'm flabbergasted a college grad could make so much at first. He's single paying us back for his last semester and saving a bunch of money.
  13. I did not ask my question very well. She just got her scores online from the 13th and don't see subscores. Also, she takes the SAT on the 5th. She has big musical performances this weekend. I like your ideas and I actually did those with my sons, but she doesn't want my help. Won't accept it either. I made her a schedule that she didn't follow. In my mind this is her responsibility. I'm not sure how to help her for the one on the 5th. All she says is she is stupid at math and practice won't help. Not true but she feels like I am pushing her if I suggest anything. My boys did fine.
  14. We did that when she first started several months ago. She got almost all of the Algebra correct. Like missed 2 on first 1/3, missed half of middle section and all of last section (Trig). That was the strategy she was supposed to use. I am more worried that she is saying she is stupid and cannot do math. She made a 520 on her PSAT last October....
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