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  1. I did not ask my question very well. She just got her scores online from the 13th and don't see subscores. Also, she takes the SAT on the 5th. She has big musical performances this weekend. I like your ideas and I actually did those with my sons, but she doesn't want my help. Won't accept it either. I made her a schedule that she didn't follow. In my mind this is her responsibility. I'm not sure how to help her for the one on the 5th. All she says is she is stupid at math and practice won't help. Not true but she feels like I am pushing her if I suggest anything. My boys did fine.
  2. We did that when she first started several months ago. She got almost all of the Algebra correct. Like missed 2 on first 1/3, missed half of middle section and all of last section (Trig). That was the strategy she was supposed to use. I am more worried that she is saying she is stupid and cannot do math. She made a 520 on her PSAT last October....
  3. We just got her ACT scores back. She made a 16 in math...... However, she made a 34 in reading and her other scores were good and so her overall score was a 26. Actually with her 4.0 at private school and that score she still qualifies for the top academic scholarship at the college she is looking at. ( Though I have to wonder.... you just put in the overall would they justify a top academic scholarship for someone with a 16! ) Anyway, she is taking the SAT in a few weeks and will probably retake ACT. Her math score on the PSAT was a 520. She has been doing KHAN academy and book prep. She is currently in Algebra II at our school. ( I"m on this board because I homeschooled her brothers until graduation and her until high school. ) She did ok on the practice test, but she didn't time herself. She felt really rushed. She hasn't had a lot of the concepts at our school. Anyway, now I'm worried about math anxiety for the remaining tests. She sees herself as a failure. I'm not sure exactly what to say or do because I don't want her to see this as a measuring stick of her self-esteem, but I would like her to bring the score up. If it matters, she wants to major in musical theater.
  4. So she is talking to a machine? I do that all the time. My children tease me that if I was married to my laptop, we would be divorced. I don't talk that way to people. But machines make me very frustrated and I talk to them and yes, yell at them. Would I do it in a college class...probably not. However, I do talk to my computer at school. My students tease me about it all the time and yes, sometimes I'm frustrated, though I don't think I've yelled at it while students are in the room. I'm early fifties.
  5. Well, I used to say this all the time. I CHOSE to homeschool. He said ok because I was passionate. When I was worn out from homeschooling and he ( a very busy surgeon ) was not around, I did choose this. I could have put them in school and had my days free and clear. ( I could have stayed home.) Or I could have chosen to work. Also, he would leave at 5 to 6 am and get home 6 to 8 pm and then often mowed the lawn or changed the oil or did some other chore like that. I guess I could have asked for help, but since I was staying home all day to say, I want to go play with friends or watch a tv show instead of doing housework. ( Actually, just do it. He would not have cared. I didn't need his permission.) I felt like a lazy slug compared to him. So I never, ever asked for help with kids. I did Mother's Day Out and other stuff. He was always working whether at the hospital or at our house doing chores. It wasn't like he was sitting on his butt watching tv all day. But I got myself into it. I chose the bed and didn't feel like I could complain. It WAS my choice. Interesting. This is my 3rd year working and not homeschooling and it is amazing how much more equitable it is. He offers to do things all the time now. We both felt like I had much more time when I was staying home if that makes sense. Just my two cents.
  6. I paid for half of my college from scholarships and my parents paid the other half until my very last semester. My parents were getting a divorce and my sister was starting college and I needed an extra semester that I took out a small loan to help pay what some additional scholarships didn't. My husband's parents had saved and he also was in an accident that he got a settlement for. It paid for his college ( though I think his last year or two were free ride as he got some kind of Phi Beta Kappa scholarship) and med school ( med school in Texas was dirt cheap back then) For our children, we started saving for each of them when they were a few months old. At first in a UGTM, but then switched to 529's when they were invented. It paid for our oldest's four years barely. But then he had a mental health issue and lost his last semester. We paid for him to finish in an extra semester, but it was a loan. He got a good job and is well on his way to paying us back for that semester. Our middle child chose to go to a much cheaper college AND got some really good scholarships, so he only used part of his money in his 529, ( Also helped he graduated in 3 years because of all of the dual credit.) He is currently using the money to go to seminary. Our youngest is only a junior, but she should have enough to pay for Baylor or the equivalent is she gets a merit scholarship of some kind. Or she can do what middle one did and go somewhere cheaper and use the money for PA school or graduate school or something. We felt like it was our responsibility to pay for our children's college since our parents paid for ours. Plus, we were able to.
  7. Baylor cost 7,000 a year when I went. I got about 3,000 in scholarships. I earned 2000 at my summer job at 6 flags, so yeah it was affordable. Now it cost 45,000 a year and the same academic scholarship I got pays 18,000.
  8. check to make sure the top heating element is working. When this happened to me the bottom one was working but not the top. We replaced it and it was fine.
  9. In whose world? Not mine!!! They don't remember how to form letters. I even print all the time now as well unless I am writing a formal letter. Cursive is harder for me to write and hurts my hand when I do it for a long time.
  10. Mine never took notes from a textbook They just read it. Mine were pretty visual learners. In my classroom, it drives me nuts but they take notes on their chromebooks. The only way to get them to take notes by hand is for me to hand out a sort of outline and require them to write on it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not. They then share the notes. They do this in their dual credit classes as well. ( I've seen my daughters stuff and the things the friends share when she had to be absent for a sports event.) However, they all print when they take notes if I require it to be written instead of typed. They are already so incredibly slow doing that. I cannot imagine if I required them to take notes in cursive.
  11. I taught cursive and one of my children cannot read it. Part of it is once they get passed about 6th grade, they type everything. No one uses it anymore. I would still teach it just like I did before, but it just doesn't stick anymore because they don't use it.
  12. Bu they are out there.. My son was appalled on a youth trip at a high schooler who was done with school by 10am every day. I agree it isn't just homeschooling. Parents don't want to engage whether it is homeschooling or public school. Whatever keeps their kids busy and out of their hair is fine.
  13. Yes, we are in our forever home. When we moved in here at 1998, I said the next time I am moving is when my kids move me to a nursing home. I was 31 at the time. Truth is, though, if something were to happen to my husband, I don't think I would keep this place. One of the kids might want it, but if not, then I guess I would sell to a smaller place with no land. Then again, I might hire someone to take care of the land. I don't know. But this is our dream house- only because our kids grew up here, hubby and I have made it and are making it our own. Lots of love resides here. That is what makes a dream house. I've seen lots of "perfect" put together houses that are very cold. I like ours, quirks and all.
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