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  1. Scarlett, I'm with you. I don't get the having to cover closing costs. ( Then again, we've been in our house for 21 years.) If you are going to be responsible and buy a house, then you need to have at least 10 percent down ( perferably 20) and the closing costs. If you cannot scrape that together, then you need to save for a few more months or years until you get it. Period. Hope you find a buyer.
  2. Ok, Background: We take 40-45 people on a mission trip every year. They are from all over the country. They range in age from 14 to 75ish. About 50 percent of the team is new each year. What I want: I want a platform where the team can get information and get to know each other before we get there. I send out information on what you do on each team, what to pack, volunteers to lead devotions, etc. I want them to be free to ask questions and get answers. What I have done in the past: I had a Facebook group for many years. Problem is that maybe 20 percent of the people don't do Facebook. So I ended up sending emails AND doing Facebook. Felt redundant. I tried Google Classroom last year. Then some people did not read their emails.... Also, after the trip was over a wanted a Facebook page so they could share pictures of the trip. So what platform would you suggest for what I want to do?
  3. Both arms, though it is worse on the right. As far as making the small I'm kinda bummed and have been spending hours lying on my back trying to sleep...
  4. No, it isn't the pillow. That was my first thought, so I've used three different types of pillows. It happens no matter what pillow I use. It is my entire arm goind to sleep, not just the fingers. Today as I was taking a nap, I could feel it starting. Above my elbow ached and below my elbow started falling asleep. I could feel it in the palm of my hands, not just my fingers.
  5. Ok, I have always slept on my side with my one of my arms underneath the pillow. I will change sides throughout the night. My arms have been falling asleep. One night, I think I pinched my nerve to my rotator cuff and my arm was sore for a couple of days. But my other arm has fallen asleep as well. I'm talking completely dead when I wake up and putting it over the bed to try and get blood flow to it and it really hurts until the blood flow is back to normal. Why is this just now happening after 52 years? How do you train yourself to just sleep on your back...not sure I would stay that way when I was asleep anyway. Any thoughts?
  6. I have no idea what Pascal's Wager and the Lewis Trilemma are! That would be awesome!
  7. Hi everyone, For my seminary class, I am supposed to have 6 conversations with non-Christians. I've managed to do 4 ( one with my oldest son) over the last few weeks. I am running out of time. The last 5 people I have approached have all ended up being believers. ( I can't tell who is a believer and who isn't and I don't come into contact with many non-believers in my day to day life.) My assignment is due Thursday. I just reread the instructions and nowhere on there does it say I have to do this face to face. So... would anyone on this board be willing to have a private messaging conversation back and forth? Thank you!
  8. As I was researching and seeing what my 2,000 wedding would cost, I found this article. Funny because my wedding was in 1990. According to regular inflation my wedding would cost like 3,800 in today's dollars. However, according to this article, probably much, much more:
  9. I haven't read all of your replies, but I don't think you will find all of that for what you want. Even if we had the wedding at our church, served cake and punch ( no fee since a member and use their dishes..would pay 150 bucks each for two maids to clean for us), had a dress, flowers, photographer, etc. I'm thinking the cost would be 5-7,000 just for that. Serving a sit down meal is going to cost you 25 bucks or more a person. Alcohol is hugely expensive. I'm sorry, I do not see the point of wedding favors...this feels like kids birdthay parties (which we didn't do much either) A DJ... I think we are giving our daughter a 10,000 budget. If she wants to spend more, it will be her own money. If she wants to elope or spend less, we will give them the remainder to be used as a downpayment on a house or something useful rather than something that is one day. I don't plan to be involved other than helping her pick out the dress. My husband and I planned our entire wedding ourselves. I figure she will do the same. My wedding was exactly what we wanted. It was beautiful and perfect. It wasn't fancy. We are still married 29 years later.
  10. Is this the one you mean?
  11. Thanks Katy. My school uses Canvas. Canvas does that automatically. It has my to do list by date automatically set up when I open it for my classes. It is super nice. Right now I look and so I look at the list every morning and transfer it to my to-do lists in Evernote. It it a big thing like my research paper I put write do research, write first body section, write introduction, work on citations, etc. on each day.
  12. Like this idea as well. I will have days where certain things get my focus as well. Tuesday/Wednesday will be driving to school and attending class, visiting with my mom. School work will happen other days, but my focus might be different. Thanks for the idea.
  13. OOH.. Like her stuff. Think I will order her printable planner from Etsy and then just fill in whatever else I need. Looks good. Thank you.
  14. For the assisted living where we had my husband's grandmother, I just looked up the current costs. For A $2300 a month. For B 2600 For C $3,000 a month. In my experience most memory care patients include the diapers and such as in C.
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